No More Waiting

Say Yes to the Dream That's in Your Soul


No More Waiting

Say Yes to the Dream That's in Your Soul


Hey lovely lady!!

If you’re craving a life of freedom,

earning a fabulous living on your own terms,

and being valued for your amazing natural gifts...


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I’m Liivi Hess, a Success Coach for YOU -

the savvy, inspired, chic lady who is ready to create a freedom lifestyle business as an iconic online coach, consultant, healer or leader. 

You want to see the big, beautiful world while running your awesome biz,

rather than wasting away in a cubicle grinding away at a soul-sucking job.

And you’re READY to do what it takes to get there - you just need the right support and guidance!

I get where you’re at and what you’re going through.

You know there is more out there for you and you feel an enormous inner drive to make it happen.

But figuring it all out on your own has got you overwhelmed and burnt out. You’re consumed by self-doubt and confusion about what exactly you should create, and want to be sure that your efforts are worth the time.

in 2015, I was there!! I was running on that hamster wheel in a 9 to 5 office job that had me feeling undervalued and stuck.

I was able to turn all that around in just 3 months! I started earning more than my corporate income from my own business as a writer/blogger for popular health sites, and left the office behind forever!

I knew this message needed to be shared with other women with big, shiny dreams. I launched my coaching business from my laptop while traveling in the U.S., Mexico and Central America, and created over 6 figures in 6 months, and more than $215k in a year.

Now I travel with my biz in my bag and create from wherever I want! The balcony, the beach, a sidewalk cafe, the campground, on the plane or in our RV while my boyfriend is driving. :)

Our latest stage is that we're settling in a beautiful resort town in the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand, with the goal of creating a sustainable lifestyle property and building up a real estate portfolio. It's all about having the freedom and abundance to do what feels aligned and exciting for YOU.

I’m here to show you how to CREATE THE SUCCESS YOU DESIRE - and FAST.

I'm all about creating a business with confidence, purpose and flow.

Building a location-free business from your passions & skills doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to take a long time!

I know that right now you might be unclear on your offering, your message or your purpose.

Maybe you’re not even sure what kind of business you want to build. That’s ok!

Either way, I know that it doesn’t need to take a year or more to create success.

How do I know that? Because I’ve been there, and I’ve done it.

You CAN create the life of your dreams.

Know that you already have unique and valuable gifts. In fact, your ideal clients are out there waiting for what you have to share. By creating a program or an offering, you are setting up both yourself and your clients for success. 

My mission is to support you in building that beautiful,

shiny biz and life in the next few months.

Get the support you need to make your dream life a reality!

Are you ready to…

Discover your incredible natural gifts & turn them into a freedom lifestyle business?

Move full-speed ahead with a sure sense of purpose?

Get super clear on your desires & attract wealth into your life?

Have a stunning brand, website & social media message that's just too good to ignore?

Create a business that is a huge win-win for both yourself & your clients?

Have a community full of awesome clients & customers from all around the world?

Completely upgrade your mindset & life in a short period of time?

Finally have the support & guidance you need to make this happen for yourself??

Lose the feeling of fear & lack forever and truly ENJOY your life??



Follow along with my travels!! In 2015 we explored Canada, the U.S. and Mexico! We spent early 2016 in Central America, and the summer in the States and Canada again, then Asia. 

Now we're in the process of settling back in New Zealand. It's all sunshine for this happy lady!!

Current location: new zealand


Giving Back

Your investment whenever you work with me supports a selection of carefully-chosen organizations which are protecting our beautiful Earth's natural places and creatures. A minimum of 10 trees is planted in the name of each of my 1:1 clients, to symbolize their growing, blossoming business!