My new superpowered 4-month dream biz accelerator is coming mid-March!

Just a few months from now,

you could be sitting in a sidewalk cafe chatting with a high-profile client halfway across the world.

You could be buzzing with energy from living your true purpose and fulfilling your greatest desires.

You could have a clear message, a killer brand, a raving following and a thriving bank account balance. 

Picture yourself in that place. How does it feel??

Are you torn between excitement and fear right now??

I totally get that.

Maybe you've dabbled in developing your business, or maybe you're not even sure what your business will be about. But I know you're hearing that whisper that your life is meant to be something GREAT. Am I right??

I have a secret to share with you: you already have all the wisdom, knowledge and experience that you need.

There is a badass business queen inside of you ready to be unleashed! You just need to find the BRIDGE from here to there.

I was feeling that whisper and that drive for a long time, but when I made the decision to trust in myself and I had the right support, I made the leap FAST.

For me, that BRIDGE was my personal success coach.

I stopped searching and flailing and spinning my wheels.

I went from stretching my dollars and hating life in a job where I felt immensely undervalued and uninspired, to leaving it all behind for full-time travel and a laptop lifestyle in just 3 months, and creating a 5-figure coaching business in just a few short weeks. (details here!)

If this is making your heart beat faster and you're thinking YES... Read on lady!

I'm here to help you leap into that Shiny Life, fast!!

What is a Shiny Life??

A life where you have time for the things that matter to you

A life where you feel juicy, valued, wise, abundant and irresistible

A life where waking up every day feels incredible because it is another chance to make a KILLER living serving other women and improving the world through a ripple effect

A life where you don't have to think about every dollar you spend, and where the embarrassing and heart breaking phrase"I can't afford it" becomes an enthusiastic "yes I'd love to!"

A life where the world is literally your oyster and your travel dreams and yearnings for freedom and new experiences don't have to be "someday" or put on the back burner anymore

A life where you don't have to ask permission or feel guilty about doing things that light you up (i.e. Travel or take time off when you please, not when your boss says you're allowed!)

A life where you can have it all, on your own terms. Hot and deep relationship, meaningful work, beautiful home, connection with yourself, time for family and friends

A life where you feel like you are the best version of yourself, and can give the best of yourself to your family, partner, kids, work

A life where you feel appreciated, seen and heard as the unique, beautiful, inspired and wise woman that you are

A life where the vibration of your dreams and desires matches the vibration of what you are putting out into the world and your everyday reality [WOW]

A life where you feel like you've "made it", like you're no longer in transition or waiting for something or seeking something different

If you're SO done with waiting for your Shiny Life, let's do this together!

I KNOW that it is possible for you.

How do I know that? Because I did it, and I'm not special, lucky or privileged.

I just dared to dream big, and take massive inspired action with the right support and guidance in place.

Liivi laughing portrait.jpg

Are you ready to:

Finally have all the moving parts you ACTUALLY NEED for your business come together elegantly & effortlessly? (with no extra fiddling or overwhelm!) 

Have a brand that looks and feels like the digital version of your beautiful soul?

Discover your worth and monetize the natural gifts and wisdom that you ALREADY HAVE?

Make insane mindset shifts that take you from lost to laser focused, and allow you to magnetize money like crazy??

Expose and unlearn the false beliefs that are keeping you stuck so that you can go full steam ahead?

Commit to doing what it takes to make this happen for yourself, fast?

Show up in a big way and step into that powerful woman who you've been craving to become?

Squash all of the uncertainty that makes you go in circles, procrastinate and self-sabotage?

Drop the fears, the backstory and the baggage and create an amazing life for yourself?

Have a raving following of amazing people who adore you?

Earn an incredible living doing something that you LOVE?!!

Discover that your massive, amazing dreams actually ARE possible, and you know how to make them reality?

Wake up each day knowing that you're making BIG MOVES in life?


1:1 coaching is a highly individualized process (that’s why it’s so powerful!), so we may or may not cover the topics listed below, depending on your needs and where you’re at. That means there are no set modules to confine you or hold you back. You get what you need, when you need it!


Mindset hacks to use your current job or situation as a vehicle to the life and biz of your dreams.

Identifying fears, limiting beliefs, false expectations, ingrained patterns that you don’t even know you have but which are crippling your growth and progression.

Retraining that crazy, sabotaging inner voice.

Discovering the woman you want to be and creating clear steps to become her sooner.

Coming out of your shell as an irresistible woman - to yourself, people around you and your ideal clients.

Creating space for elegance and freedom, and saying no to overwhelm and busy-ness.

Saying an enthusiastic YES to things you really desire, and an assertive and confident NO to things you do not desire!

The habits of a champion

Create a nutrition plan that supports your body and mind to become the woman you want to be, since transformation cannot happen if you are not energized, fuelled and feeling great. The wrong food can sabotage your mental state and level of motivation. This can also be a big time-suck, so let’s get this figured out and on autopilot so you can focus on growing your business.

Addressing chronic health conditions with natural remedies so you can start feeling great, get these out of the way and focus on building your business.

Make movement, sleep and self-care an effortless and easy non-negotiable part of your daily life.

Consciously creating the lifestyle that fulfills all of your desires and makes you feel balanced, expansive and fabulous.

Identifying and shedding things that are keeping you stuck and no longer serving you.


Identifying your unique talents, gifts and skills which you are probably blind to. Taking these things and packaging them into an irresistible offering that lights you up from inside.

Packaging your expertise into something super-valuable and desirable to your ideal clients, which they truly need and are eager to pay for.

Having a clear and meaningful message which you feel super confident about promoting and sharing.

Speak to your specific ideal soul buyer in a way that cuts through the noise and has them really hear you!

Distilling your valuable wisdom & life experience into an awesome range of products, services and programs that make BANK!

Create a signature program from your soul that strengthens your brand and stands out in your industry. Something you love so much you never feel like you have to "sell" it!


Exploring your true, big shiny desires and creating the mindset that will make them a reality.

Stop resisting debt and financial struggle and start attracting limitless wealth. Feel like you've MADE IT in life!!

Losing the fear & lack mentality FOREVER.

Never say "sorry I can't afford it" again!! Eliminate that phrase from your vocabulary forever and become the woman who really does have it all!! Living luxe guilt-free?? Yes please!!

Becoming the woman who goes shopping and chooses from the menu according to what she ACTUALLY DESIRES instead of LOOKING AT THE PRICE FIRST!!

Create the life where you can say "yes!" to everything you do want and "no thanks!" to things that do not serve you. Having the abundance to live the way you want, and never feeling guilty about it.


Stop teaching, giving advice and selling to your clients and start transforming their lives.

Find the people who need you and who are already waiting to buy your services, and magnetize them in an engaging and authentic way.

Grow a tribe of adoring followers and keep them engaged with a steady stream of high-value content.

Create powerful relationships and trust right off the bat.

Uplevel your services and products to provide a life-changing experience and have your clients raving about you.

Snag my list of questions that really go deep to create shifts and progress.

Always know what to say to your clients.



Brainstorming the perfect name for your business and claiming your digital real estate.

Creating gorgeous branding which communicates your vibe authentically and makes your work irresistible to your ideal clients.

Align your personal style, brand, copy and marketing message so that it all looks and feels like YOU, and speaks to your clients on a deeper level.

My go-to systems to get all the technical bits figured out quickly and out of the way! (like payment integration, a mobile site, and email subscriptions)

Becoming visible to your ideal clients with a gorgeous website, and set up sales structures that usher in clients.

Getting your brand and message out there on the KEY social media platforms where your clients are hanging out.

My strategies for making high-impact social media posts and teleclasses that attract followers and clients like bees to honey, without spending hours a day or having a huge budget.


How to make the time to build your business on the side of a full-time job, plus the clarity & strategies to make it happen quickly.

Make an achievable and clear plan to launch from your current situation into your dream lifestyle.

Seeing the things that are holding you back and making them go poof – these are easier to see from a distance.

Release and stop wasting time on things that are keeping you overwhelmed or aren’t working.

Creating a daily business model and routine that feels free, easy, authentic and FUN to you!

Set money-making action priorities so you always know what to do first and stop floundering, second-guessing and wasting time.

Prioritizing the action items that will get you on the fastest path to cash and freedom.

Leverage your time and repurpose the content you create so that you're positioned as an expert effortlessly.

Managing your day and action items in a way that GETS you time rather than taking it away.

How to travel and run a business while fully enjoying both.



SYStems, Monetizing & growth

Access your innate wisdom so that you can continue to create value for your clients and growth for your business.

Expand your pool of email contacts and dominate the world of email marketing.

Confidently create and sell high-level group programs, masterminds & intensives. (with all the systems in place!)

Roll your content into passive income structures that ensure continuous paydays.

Always feel like a classy Queen in sharing, promoting and selling your high-value services (no ick factor, ever!!!)

Run teleclasses, webinars and trainings that showcase your expertise and serve your community.

Automate payment & processes.

Put a scheduler into place so you're never playing email tag and have boundaries around your time.

Set up an automated funnel to keep your business growing even when you're not working.

Never feel overwhelmed or spend hours fiddling with the techy parts again!


Optional Upgrade: 

BIZ IN A BOX Done-for-you Tech & Branding

While you focus on your mindset, message and marketing, I will create your stunning brand and website, and set up the technical back-end of your business! I will teach you how to use everything (through screen-share tech lessons) and hand it all over to you, so you're ready to be completely in control as Queen of your empire. You will know how to access and edit everything to make any changes you might need in the future.

See "What's Included" below for all the juicy details!

For the woman who wants support, guidance and accountability, and loves to handle the tech stuff on her own:


1-on-1, 90 day intensive transformational business coaching experience,  to create your dream income & lifestyle

Pay in full $3000


Make one payment of $1500 followed by 2 payments of $1000

For the woman who wants coaching PLUS gorgeous done-for-you branding & tech services to get your biz out there fast:


1-on-1, 90 day intensive transformational business coaching PLUS done-for-you branding & tech services

Pay in full $4500


Make one payment of $2000 followed by 2 payments of $1500

*all pricing is in USD

*after the application process you will receive a payment link with your chosen plan

Liivi, I was born ready!

If you're an ultra-intuitive, decisive person like me, and you know that you resonate with me strongly and must work 1:1 with me, use the button below to reserve your 1:1 coaching spot immediately!

The buy-now buttons reflect the $500 discounts until midnight January 31st!



  • a stunning and intuitive mobile-responsive website
  • business email all set up
  • your email list and autoresponder all set up
  • e-commerce and payment all set up
  • social media accounts linked up to your site
  • integrated sales funnel
  • live screen-share tech classes to hand everything over to you


This branding & tech package does not include copywriting. You will be responsible for writing the text for your website, email list and social media accounts. I will support you and provide feedback in creating the content needed to fill everything in.




  • initial complimentary 30 minute clarity call, so we can get to know each other and get super clear on your goals, needs and desires
  • one 90-minute kick-off call to blast through blocks, set timelines and create a success mindset
  • A beautiful signature welcome packet that will fire you up for the months ahead!!
  • 12 x weekly 45-minute coaching sessions (held over Skype) where we will create, strategize and dominate. The perfect mix of hand-holding and butt-kicking to keep you on track with your goals
  • deep-dive workbooks to facilitate your inspiration, personal development and creation of your business
  • checklists, questionnaires and done-for-you scripts to get you there faster
  • awesome personalized gifts and resources that will blow your mind and skyrocket your success
  • email between sessions so that you always have the support and answers you need



(included in the upgraded Biz in a Box package)

  • A gorgeous one-of-a-kind logo and watermark
  • 10x branded images to share on social media (plus templates for future use)
  • branded banners for your FB profile, page and group
  • a branded PDF of your first freebie offering


(included in both packages)

  • Recordings of all coaching sessions so you can refer back anytime
  • Personalized daily action plan to market & grow your biz
  • An incredible VIP 1:1 half-day business creation & strategy intensive with Liivi! (online, or meet me at a chic venue in Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle or Vancouver in Spring 2016!) 

Let's cut the BS and create your dream success FAST.


You don't need a VA, a branded webinar platform and a customer relationship management system in order to be a successful coach. 

It doesn't matter a rats ass how many emails you have in your auto responder, whether you have a formal business plan, or how many people you have in your Facebook group. 

All these bits and pieces just serve to overwhelm you, trip you up and make you feel inadequate. 

I don't have any of the above, and only a small FB group, and I've made consistent $12k and $13k months as a sought-after coach with raving fans and a super-fun travel lifestyle. A.K.A., living the dream, LITERALLY.

Don't let the nitty gritty shit that people tell you you need keep you from singing your song, being seen and serving the people who need you!!! 

If you're ready to line up what you ACTUALLY NEED to make 5-figures a month as a coach without all the extra bullshit, let's talk. 

This program is for you if…

  • you are SO over waiting for your awesome shiny life and are ready to claim it NOW
  • you have or want to create a heart-centered online coaching, consulting or creative business that deeply serves others
  • you’re ready to step into your power, become that woman and do what it takes
  • you're done with excuses, second-guessing and things that have previously held you back
  • you're ready to step out there and be seen as an expert
  • you know that 1:1 hand-holding and butt-kicking is exactly what you need to get there
  • you're ready to invest time, money and effort in yourself and your success to create your dream life and business
  • you desire to dive into personal development, mindset and lifestyle change to become a powerful & fulfilled woman
  • you’re ready to be recognized for your natural gifts and to earn an amazing living


  • you want to dump all the things that are holding you back or no longer serving you
  • you're ready to shed the overwhelm, busy-ness and repetitive patterns that are keeping you from moving forward
  • you're yearning for your online presence to be up and running but can't quite get all the bits pulled together
  • you're busy and would love for the tech and visual side of your biz to be ticking away tidily behind the scenes while you go about your day! Arrive home and check your inbox for an email with your beautiful branding taking shape!
  • you're craving a website, social media presence and brand that is a digital version of your beautiful soul
  • you would love to work with ONE professional to create your expansion and develop your vision, rather than juggling different consultants and coaches
  • you are READY for a big, shiny life as a freedom lifestyle online entrepreneur and you want a BIZ IN A BOX handed to you!

Why should you work with me?

Whatever your dream business is, I can speak your language! I've worked in marketing, fashion retail, publishing, project management and events. As an entrepreneur I've owned businesses in interior design, jewelry design, freelance writing and health coaching. 

I'm trained as a doula, which entails coaching women through "impossible feats" and times of transition where mindset is a make or break factor. (I guess giving birth to a human is a lot like birthing a business!)

We are connecting today for a reason!

If you’re still here with me, I know that you are drawn to the movement I’ve created. I am soulfully committed to personally propelling each one of my clients to the success they desire and deserve. 

I know how it feels to dread Monday mornings and feel like your job is making you physically ill. I was there! I didn’t want to delay a joyful, abundant life until traditional retirement after spending my best years in a soul-sucking job where my talent, value and voice went mostly unrecognized. 

I felt that pain and that drive to do something BIG, but I just couldn’t figure out how to translate it into something clear and real to put out into the world. I spun my wheels for almost 2 years before I finally invested in myself and began working with my personal success coach. That 1:1 support was literally the bridge from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and action.

I went from stuck, drained and uninspired to traveling and working from my laptop in 3 months!! I went on to launch my coaching program in November 2015, and have had consistent $12-13k months since! If you know that 1:1 support is what you need to make this happen for you, I’m ready to be your hand-holding, butt-kicking catalyst to success. You will receive all of my secrets (the same ones I used to blast from 9to5 to shiny life in just 90 days!), and all of my heartfelt, no-holds-barred intuition and honesty to support you in getting to where you want to be.

That means I'm not just going to throw a bunch of overwhelming worksheets and checklists at you. This isn't some theoretical content-packed thing which you will have to implement later (or never...). I'm going to actually take you through this process, sequentially, in baby steps! I'm ready to get right in there with you, working out the kinks and driving you to dominate each and every roadblock that pops up on the way! I have high expectations of you, because I KNOW you can do this!! No excuses until we get you there!!

In the end, I'm not here to sell you anything or convince you of anything.

You are your own best expert and know exactly what you need. If you're ready, let's do this together.

Love from my incredible clients and community!

You are a sweet wonderful woman!!!! It is SO wonderful to talk with you!!! I feel like Im talking to myself from the future! I can't express how much I appreciate what you do, and how you're helping others, and how you've already helped me. Thank you, you've already helped me tremendously! I 1000000% am ready and rearin' to go, it's time for me to take biz into my own hands and rock out a life I truly love. Thank you for your dedication toward helping others improve their lives. How beautiful.

- Lauren S., Lifestyle blogger

Liivi has been a pleasure to work with on the creation of my blog and transitioning my business online. She’s full of joyful, creative energy and it’s one positive ride from planning to completion. She translated what I envisioned in my mind's eye into a beautiful platform, and was there for me every step of the way with personalized guidance and a smile.
Liivi works at lightning speed to churn out eye-popping options for your graphics and your website. Her digital know-how meets her personal mantra of following your dreams to create something truly beautiful. Thank you Liivi for helping me to get my own dreams off the ground! 

       - Heather M., Naturopath and Writer

I’m so excited to have an action plan!  You were wonderful to talk with, and I'd definitely recommend others to you! Thank you! - Steph J., Photographer & Graphic designer

I feel like I am finally speaking my truth to the universe. I keep saying I want to help others to step into their shine and stop hiding in the background. THANK YOU Liivi for this challenge! Im discovering a lot about myself! - M. J., Events consultant

Since beginning to work with Liivi a few weeks ago, I have approximately 9128739 times more clarity, direction, and momentum in my business ;) Exaggeration? I suppose, but I'm pretty darn excited! For the last year, I've absorbed every freebie out there on how to be a successful businesswoman and while I got a few basics down, I was definitely feelingl like I was just flailing around hoping something big would happen. Now I feel like I'm on a solid path that's picking up speed right before my eyes: my Facebook group is growing steadily, I'm WAY more visible to WAY more people, I'm learning how to monetize several areas of my business, AND I just signed up my first 3-month client. I knew hiring Liivi would be a good idea but watching it all unfold has been really, really magical. I can't believe we have 9 weeks left together, I could very well be taking over the world by then!


*SPECIAL SHINY NOTE: When I spoke with Rande at our following session, she had already booked ANOTHER 3-month client, AND was about to book a third one! Within the first month of working together!

What happens next?

Take your time to explore the program details and listen to your heart! You are your own best expert and you know exactly what you need.

If you know for sure that you must work 1:1 with me, and want to talk with me to make the decision confidently, I'm pleased to invite you to a complimentary 30min clarity & strategy session.

During the call we will get to know each other and discuss where you want to go with your life and business! You'll gain tons of clarity and inspiration. We will determine if this is a great fit for both of us!

Once you're enrolled in the 1:1 coaching package, you will receive a signature welcome packet and client contract. We will schedule our initial 90-minute kickoff session and the subsequent weekly coaching sessions. GET READY FOR BIG BREAKTHROUGHS & TONS OF MOMENTUM!!


Your life is happening now! Like actually RIGHT NOW!! This is it!! 

Are you going to stay where you are, waiting for 'real life' to start, or are you going to be the woman who makes this happen??

Are you ready to take that courageous leap and create your awesome shiny life and business in the next few months?

For the woman who wants coaching PLUS gorgeous done-for-you branding & tech services to get your biz out there fast:


1-on-1, 90 day intensive transformational business coaching PLUS done-for-you branding & tech services

Pay in full $4500


Make one payment of $2000 followed by 2 payments of $1500

For the woman who wants support, guidance and accountability, and loves to handle the tech stuff on her own:


1-on-1, 90 day intensive transformational business coaching experience,  to create your dream income & lifestyle

Pay in full $3000


Make one payment of $1500 followed by 2 payments of $1000

*all pricing is in USD

*after the application process you will receive a payment link with your chosen plan

Liivi, I was born ready!


This is your one life, gorgeous!! If not now, when?

Let's make your dream life happen together, starting today!!

I understand that by signing up for and purchasing a 1:1 coaching package that I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.