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MY STORY & the #wealthywildwomen movement


MY STORY & the #wealthywildwomen movement


You don't have to wait for your awesome life. Let's create it NOW!!

Hi! I'm Liivi and I am a freedom lifestyle business success coach for unconventional entrepreneurs with a big vision.

I work with service providers (like coaches, healers, practitioners, teachers, leaders, creatives, VAs, consultants, etc) who want to position themselves as premium experts, and make a great living online, helping others and doing what they love.

I specialize in bringing personal development, success psychology, spirituality & the law of attraction, and smart online business strategy all together into a potent mix that allows YOU to really transform as a person, find your place as a successful entrepreneur, design and create your conscious lifestyle, and find immense fulfillment in doing work that’s aligned with your purpose.

My mission is to help you see that everything you want is possible for you, and to provide you with tools to find the self-worth, belief, abundance mentality and smart strategy to create that totally amazing life, whatever it looks like for you.

You're an inspired, authentic, soulful young woman with big dreams to own a fulfilling and liberating online biz.

the 9 to 5 and running on that corporate hamster wheel is not even remotely an option for you. i totally get it.

You're sick of being stuck, overwhelmed and spinning your wheels,

and you're ready for that beautiful shiny life you've been dreaming of.

A life where you have:

a gorgeous enviable brand,

a raving international following who benefit from your gifts and wisdom,

a calendar filled with trips to exotic places,

money worries have faded into the distant past,

and everything feels like it's fallen into place.

You deserve to be living that dream, and - guess what?? - you already have what it takes to make it happen.

You don't need another course, more certifications, or a couple more years of savings from your corporate job. 

I'm here to show you how you can have it NOW. it doesn't have to be hard!

I know because I've done it.

In 2015, I went from zero dollars, with overwhelm and anxiety through the roof... quitting my job and traveling full time, while working from my laptop as an expert blogger & writer, in just 90 days.

I went on to launch my coaching program in November, and made $12,407 in December! Then $13,889 in January, $11,423 in February, and $16,142 in March!

overall, in 6 months i created well over 6-figures, and in 12 months over $215k, helping women all over the world blaze their paths.

I stopped telling myself I needed to wait for this or that before I could get started. I combined my seemingly disparate trainings and certifications and realized that, even though "on paper" they seemed all over the place, I had actually been following my passions all along, and if I would stop giving myself such a hard time and overcomplicating things, everything actually made perfect sense.

If you take off the "official titles" of the things I had pursued, you'll see that...

  • Interior design = style, branding, creative communication, graphic presentation, bringing a client's vision to life, communicating abstract concepts and selling ideas clearly, bringing elements together into a cohesive whole
  • Health coaching = taking control of your life, living consciously on purpose, personal development and new habits, transformation 
  • Doula = coaching women with vision through a huge seemingly impossible challenge where mindset is key (turns out birthing a business has a lot of parallels with birthing a baby!)

And it all comes perfectly together under my role as an - inspirational - transformational - coach and writer!

I've also said a big YES to improving myself and CREATING myself as the person I want to be, working with many incredible experts and mentors along the way.

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition holistic wellness & conscious lifestyle coach certification
  • Ariel Frey 1:1 mentorship
  • Cassie Howard 1:1 mentorship
  • Amy Humphries 1:1 mentorship
  • Jessica Caver Lindholm 1:1 Visionary Mentorship and mastermind retreats
  • Kat Loterzo in-person mastermind day in LA, and ongoing mastermind membership
  • Kat Loterzo's Build Your Cult Tribe and 7-Figure Mindset Formula trainings
  • Emily Williams in-person mastermind day in NYC and ongoing mastermind membership
  • I Heart Money wealth transformation course
  • Christian Mickelsen energetic transformation and sales expert training
  • Melissa Pharr's Underearner to Unforgettable
  • Kim Anami feminine sensuality & embodiment
  • Bethany Webster women's spiritual healing
  • Brendon Burchard high performance and marketing training ongoing membership
  • Sarah Prout manifestation training
  • Resilient's 30-day Negativity Detox training
  • Susannah Conway's The Sacred Alone spiritual journaling training
  • B-School 2017 (in progress)
  • Desire Map Facilitator (in progress)
  • Fire-Starter Sessions Facilitator (in progress)
  • Kai Ashley Uplevel Your Success healing through EFT training (in progress)
  • Kendra E Thornbury Medicine of Money training (in progress)

When you work with me, you get my unique recipe of ALL of these incredible countless books and resources I've consumed and distilled down for you - all through the lens of my vision for you, my own story and experience, my perspective, communication style and sense of humor :)

I would love to help YOU clarify your unique magic and your path forward, and be part of YOUR success story this year!

bringing your dream to life doesn't have to take a long time.

Here's proof that you can COMPLETELY change your life in less than a year! 

I know it's frustrating when you see big numbers and big success, and wonder how the heck that person got started. Well, here's a detailed timeline of how I made the shift from wantrepreneur to "overnight success" :)

the beginning: My 2015-2016 in a nutshell

January: Floating anxiously through life, yearning for more freedom, commuting in frigid temperatures and snow with my bike to save on transit, walking to the cheap grocery store and canceling my phone to scrimp the $40 a month. (READ: no money! Even though I had a professional job and life looked good on paper)

February: Finally decided to stop wasting time with shiny object syndrome, and committed to building my blog. Worked my butt off writing content alongside my 9to5 job.

March: Spent a lot of time hiding in the bathroom at work looking at my Pinterest boards with images of travel and freedom. Bank accounts all in negative $. Struggling to get momentum with the blog and wondering if I’ll ever make any money.

April: Huge mindset shift - DECIDED that this would be “my last office job EVER”. Stopped resisting my circumstances and invited money into my life. Got 2 freelance writing positions and blog started to take off.

May: Finally feeling like I’m going from surviving to thriving. Got a promotion and a raise in my 9to5, but even more stoked that I was able to grow my own biz as fast as I please, not on someone else’s schedule! Will and I both committed to leaving our 9to5s at the end of June and going on the road!

June: Online income matched corporate income. Over $16k saved in my travel fund, in less than 3 months. “Liivi has left the building” on June 30th, and never looked back!

July: OMG, it's really happening!! AND I have money to pay for it!! Packed up our condo and moved into our hilarious 1980s RV. Had a series of going away parties with friends and family. Drove from Toronto through all the provinces to British Columbia. Running my biz from the road was sometimes challenging, since campgrounds often don’t have wifi!

August: Explored from BC down through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah. So many amazing national parks! The RV is struggling to keep up with the mileage, but we make it happen :)

September: More Utah, Nevada, and Arizona! Working from my laptop on the road and bringing in the dollars so I’m not eating into my savings while we’re traveling. How awesome!

October: Realize that I want to create a bigger movement with my freedom business expertise and help other women do the same. I start working with my success coach and create Hello Shiny Life. USA travels finish up in Arizona, we put the RV in storage in Phoenix and fly to Mexico City. 

November: Launch the Goodbye Cubicle, Hello Shiny Life 1:1 coaching program to guide women with creating their own online freedom lifestyle business as a coach, consultant or blogger. Traveling around Mexico, living by the beach in gorgeous Puerto Escondido for a few weeks. Perfect laptop lifestyle!

December: First 5-figure month! I committed myself whole-heartedly to a wealth consciousness mindset, and set $10,335 as my Desire Number for the month (which was a real stretch considering I only made around $3.5k monthly in my corporate job). I ended up manifesting $12,407! (Spoiler alert, I created over $115k in 6 months!)

Seriously blew my own mind in 2015 and completely buzzing on the rewards of sharing this magic and possibility with other big dreamers. In 2016 we spent the spring in Central America, then summer back in the USA and Canada, then traveled Asia for a couple months, and are now in the process of settling in New Zealand. 

What an INCREDIBLE year of travel, impact and success!

Within less than a year of launching (with clear commitment and persistence, after several years of dabbling and humming and hawing)... I built a following of thousands, sold out my 1:1 coaching practice and launched two successful group mastermind programs. I’ve had 5-star photoshoots, been interviewed multiple times, and traveled across continents to attend exclusive high-level trainings in world-class cities with well-known mentors. I've met other incredible driven entrepreneurs from around the world, who I now mastermind and collaborate with. And this all happened while living out of a suitcase galavanting around 12 different countries!

When people say things like "you're so lucky!", I love to point out that all of this was NO ACCIDENT, and I very intentionally created and constructed all of it, on purpose, from the ground up, all on my own.


Know that there's nothing "different" about you vs me, or any of the bossladies you admire. I'm not special, or lucky, or uber-smart (although I AM pretty freaking cool ;) ... I don't "know people", and I certainly wasn't given "handouts" or shortcuts...

The only thing I did was finally realize and admit that:

  • I couldn't get clarity and navigate the action steps to my dream freedom business on my own (I had tried for over 5 years and had little to show for it) -- I needed someone outside my crazy brain to help me! Not just to clarify my message and strategy, but also see where my MINDSET & BELIEFS weren't serving me, and help me reprogram them (this is exactly what I now do with my clients!)
  • My fear wasn't of spending the money to get professional business help. My fear was of MYSELF... fear that I wasn't good enough, or fear that I couldn't follow through.
  • I realized that all my fears weren't fears of anything REAL, but in fact just fears of uncomfortable feelings, and that I had nothing to lose but my own fulfillment and joy...and more days of my life.

I realized that waiting to have the perfect idea or perfect plan before getting feedback and dedicated help from an expert was the dumbest idea ever. 

As I waited and waited, the pain and disconnect between my desires and potential, and my external reality, kept building and building.

It's just about deciding you want it bad enough! One year (or less!) from now, you could be here! 

I'm here to help. For breakthrough personal development, clarity, confidence and marketing strategy... check out my content and programs for ambitious creative women, and let's get started.

Most recently...

  • Will and I have recently settled back in New Zealand (his home country) where we've chosen to live in a beautiful resort town in the Southern Lakes. We plan to invest in real estate and create our dream home, a resort-inspired sustainable permaculture lifestyle homestead, that is as earthy as it is luxurious.
  • We're expecting our first baby in July 2017, and are simultaneously growing our conscious lifestyle brands online so that we can create the home and lifestyle we want, and be there to raise our family with love, spaciousness, peace and intention — all while making a massive purpose-driven income! 
  • The future looks like a multi-7-figure lifestyle business empire — both online and offline, writing books, courses and programs, speaking internationally, creating lifestyle retreats and resorts, a media company and lifestyle product line, raising a family the way we want to, and jet setting to enjoy time in homes around the world. Sounds good right!!

Read even more about my story here

If you're a coach, creative, healer, practitioner, consultant or blogger -- and have a dream to work from your laptop anywhere in the world, there is a reason why we are connecting today!

Take a deep breath, you're exactly where you should be.

So how did I go from a struggling, disillusioned office worker, to a thriving online entrepreneur with a passion-driven business?

I'm going to level with you and be completely transparent. I want to share everything with you, to show you that you can do it too!!

Here is a deeper dive into my story:

I started my career as an interior designer but transitioned into training as an integrative health coach when I discovered a serious passion for personal development and conscious living. I wanted to serve people in a life-changing, emotional, intuitive way. 

I felt stuck in the low pay and slow career progression on someone else's timeline. I also yearned for more freedom - the heavy workload and no time for play structure of a 9 to 5 life never felt good to me!

Training as an interior designer and then as a health coach was a crazy far out move for me, coming from a family of straight-laced doctor/lawyer/engineer types.

Have you ever felt ashamed of your dreams because of other people's expectations, or fear that you would look stupid if you didn't succeed? I've been there!

That's why I worked my dang butt off to build my health coaching practice while working full time as a designer so I could prove myself.

Then what happened? Cue crickets.

I thought if I built it they would come. I thought if I finally figured out the perfect niche and did everything right, everything would snap into place - so I spent months learning everything I thought I needed to know and making a beautiful website and graphics. I went to countless webinars and bought products on online business, plus more domains than I care to admit. I listened to business trainings during the commute to my office job every single day.

I was drowning in student debt and hardly making a living wage at my soul-sucking job. Desperation was practically seeping out of my pores and I was resisting my situation so hard that it was all I ever thought about.

Yet I didn't have a clear message, clear desires or goals, or a clear offering in my business. I had no momentum and felt disgusted with my life.

Can you relate to any of the following:

- spending weeks months or years spinning your wheels feeling lost in desperation and overwhelm, feeling like a crazy person who can't stop talking about your plans, which never seem to come together and everyone is losing faith in you (including YOU?)

- feeling crippled by fear that your business won't succeed and that you'll be stuck in your job forever?

- sensing an overwhelming calling that you're meant to do something great, but just can't see how to bridge the gap from here to there? (and therefore keep delaying your dream life, and waiting for that day when "real life" will finally start?)

- having to borrow money from friends or family to make your basic payments? (seemingly regardless of how much income you earn, and even though you're "supposed to be a real grownup!")

- spending every moment of the day wishing you were somewhere else? (this could take the form of hiding in the bathroom at the office a lot, or spending WAY too much time on Pinterest!!)

- having anxiety at the checkout because your card might decline - even though you're a "professional" and your life looks "good on paper"?


Check, check and check. I get you lady! I was there, and it wasn't pretty.

I want to share with you how I shifted gears and went from broke, frustrated and flailing... quitting my job, working my biz and traveling full time in just 3 months.

PLUS creating a wildly successful passion-driven business that made multi-6-figures in its first year!

Remember how I said I was resisting being an underpaid undervalued 9 to 5er with every fiber of my being, yet was waging a major inner battle of confusion and fear when it came to growing my business?

Well it turns out that what you resist, persists. Put another way, what you focus on, grows. I was keeping myself in that trapped position by resisting it so hard!

Then, about a year into my last office job, I made a major mindset shift. I promised myself that this would be "my last office job ever". I made it a non negotiable that I was never going to go back to that limiting, uninspiring, soul-crushing lifestyle again.

And by focusing on my aspirations rather than letting distaste for my job and financial situation sap all of my power and energy, I was able to make that dream a reality, and fast!

I put myself out there as an expert and literally invited money into my life. Within a two week period, the universe dropped a bunch of "found money" into my lap, plus some amazing work opportunities with high profile clients. Soon after, I had equaled my corporate salary with my business as an expert blogger, writer and marketer.

I knew I had to share this breakthrough process with countless other women out there who were stuck in the same unknowing self-sabotage loop, and I realized my skills and passions come together perfectly as a personal development & success coach.

The rest is history... and my inspiration, self-expression, opportunities and income continue to grow!

Since then, I dumped the office job and have joyfully embraced a super fun lifestyle of full time travel while working from my laptop in all sorts of awesome locations, and being able to choose where we want to live.

I majorly up-leveled myself, my mindset and my biz by investing in myself, deciding to succeed no matter what, and saying YES to my big dream.

I went from flailing, alone and lost to feeling supported, confident and expansive. I went from massive self-doubt to truly believing anything is possible, and continue to create my dream lifestyle.


I want you to know that your big awesome visionary life is possible for you too.

Not soon, not next year, but NOW - if you choose to claim it.

Things can get crazy when you're slaving away on your own and your vision is clouded by inner doubts, expectations and being too darn close to it all. Having support and accountability from someone on the outside who has been there was the #1 best thing I've ever done for myself and for my business.

I know how hard it is trying to go it alone. You can waste months or years with fear and indecision - which keeps delaying that shiny life you are craving.

I see the amazing woman inside of you ready to blossom into your power.

I gained a lot of wisdom, insight and experience from my journey. I'm offering this to you now, packaged up with a bow, so that you can claim your ideal, fulfilling and free lifestyle SO much faster, without the mistakes, the second guessing and the heartache.

Are you tired of waiting for life to finally get awesome?

Stop wasting away in that cubicle while your shiny life is waiting for you out in the sunshine.


You don't have to do this alone.


Creating your passion-driven freedom lifestyle business doesn't have to be hard, and it doesn't have to take a long time.

You can do this with confidence, purpose and flow.



The unofficial bit: 7 random REAL things about me

  •  I'm a paleo / ancestral nutrition and holistic lifestyle fanatic, although I'll never say no to ice cream
  • Although I'm a pretty cautious and wussy person, I love to challenge myself and show myself that I can be a badass. I've been bungee jumping, sky diving, whitewater and blackwater rafting, surfing, river surfing, caving, scuba diving, axe-throwing, snowmobiling, dogsledding, ice fishing, cross country skiing in Norway, glacier trekking in New Zealand, downhill skiing in the Alps, and even spent a night on a volcano in Guatemala!
  • I did royal conservatory grade 8 exams in piano and singing (the top level before you become a teacher)
  • I'm from Cambridge, Ontario (near Toronto) but my family background and my name is Estonian
  • I'm the oldest of 4 girls. My name means "sand", and my sisters' names mean "wind", "pearl" and "sea"
  • I moved to New Zealand for 2 years by myself when I was 21 (and found my LOVE there - his name is Will!)
  • Since then, Will and I moved from NZ to the UK together when we'd only been dating for 7 months! We've since visited 25+ countries. We lived in London for 2 years, Canada for 4 years, then traveled North America, Central America and Asia for a year and a half! We've recently moved back to New Zealand where we plan to start our dream sustainable luxury homestead and eco-retreat!
  • Will and I are expecting our first baby in July 2017, shortly after my 30th b-day!

the #wealthywildwomen movement

the #wealthywildwomen movement

Wealthy Wild Women are a new wave of ambitious, creative, millennial women who balance relentless drive and vision with heartfelt presence, spirituality and a commitment to boldly radiating a loving vibration in the world.

The Wealthy Wild Women Manifesto


If you want it, you get it. You don't wait, you create it.

take full responsibility for your life and your success.

No being a victim. You are powerful and you create your reality.

Being selfish is the only way to live. It always starts with you. Let's be unapologetic about this and stop pretending it's not about you!

We make big money and are proud of it. There's no shame in creating freedom and abundance!

Commit to always learning and growing.

Be open, loving and positive. Leave others to do as they do. Focus on yourself and don't waste energy commenting on or trying to control others' behavior.

Show up fully and always see the best in things & people.

Say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no.

Be honest (lovingly).

Honor yourself & others.

Make space for sensitivity and emotion without shame.

Love the process and the journey. Find the pleasure in the adventure and the moments. Life is magical NOW if you choose.

Balance big vision with being here, now, today.

Join the free Wealthy Wild Women mastermind!


The Wealthy Wild Women Logo

the earth & universe

  • The circles represent you as an individual emerging into your larger potential with an expanding perception and consciousness.
  • The dots represent universal energy and the truth that we are all nothing and everything at once.
  • We can all have infinite power and a ripple effect on the world and indeed the whole universe with our individual actions (like the flutter of a hummingbird's wings) which stir the vibrations of everything to the farthest reaches of reality.

the hummingbird

  • Hummingbirds are always seeking the sweetest nectar, so they remind us to look for the goodness in life and the beauty in each day with love and enthusiasm. They tell us the sweetest nectar and greatest joy lies within.
  • Wings flutter in a figure-8 pattern symbolizing the eternity, continuity and infinity of each of us as a spiritual being.
  • Migrating up to 3000 miles, hummingbirds encourage us to adopt persistence, resilience and tenacity in pursuing our dreams.

Why work with me

Why work with me

I don't claim to be an ultimate expert or have all the answers. I'm just showing up with what I have, to be a contributor to the conversation. I want to help blaze the path for this new wave of awakened 'thinking' people, and the world in general as we return to rebalancing and honoring both the divine feminine and masculine, and shift toward love instead of fear.

I'm a seeker and communicator here to share what I discover, in the hopes that it helps you:

  • get clear on what you want (think bigger, dare to admit what you really want, and allow yourself to ask for more!)
  • get out of your own way
  • become the best version of yourself
  • and intentionally create what you want in life.

I believe in possibility-based thinking and total abundance and empowerment for everyone who chooses to believe and boldly pursue something more.

I communicate from the cross-roads between a hippie goddess and a practical-minded millennial, between modern science and timeless spirituality. From my perspective, quantum physics has essentially proven everything the ancients always knew about how the universe works and how powerful we are within it. The magic is true (OMG!), now we just need to learn how to use it.

I'm also here to share my experiences on the journey, and try to be as present, aware and transparent as possible. I lead in my own way by being willing to be different and unconventional, not backing down from stirring the pot, and not staying comfortable. By sharing my stories I challenge others to step up for themselves, their passions and beliefs, and do so too.

When I work with clients...

  • I understand where you’re coming from - I am an empath, intuitive and healer. My clients feel completely safe, supported and free to be themselves with me. I meet you where you are, hold space for you to rise, and unapologetically ignite a rapid ascension and alignment with your greatest vision. Plus, I am super friendly, loving, hilarious, and don’t take anything too seriously! :)
  • I do business differently - my approach isn’t about competition and discipline but rather about divine alignment, feminine creation power, flow and expansion. I won’t tell you to “be more realistic or practical” or “do what the market wants”. F THAT! My approach actually FEELS GOOD and lights you up in a way you’ve never known.
  • I have a divine gift for bringing out the clarity and meaning in your presence and message, to help you shape it into a unique and irresistible brand and offering that fully reflects you and your gifts, and makes you feel super excited to be YOU!!
  • I see all the opportunities open to you, the possibilities within your challenges, the open doors behind your blind spots
  • Rather than influencing you to become a cookie cutter copy of someone else, I guide you to blossom as YOURSELF. 
  • I completely believe that anything is possible. Within a few minutes of speaking with someone I begin to receive visions of their talents and potential. I can already see you shining at the peak of your greatest life. I hold that vision for you and help you discover, evolve and ascend toward it.
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Any woman can live a Shiny Life!!

Hashtag your photos whenever you're doing something fierce, fabulous and free.

Check out my instagram, @helloshinylife for juicy travel visuals and serious inspiration. grab a screen shot of your faves and use them as phone wallpaper!