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Here's what some of my clients & community have said...



Since beginning to work with Liivi a few weeks ago, I have approximately 9128739 times more clarity, direction, and momentum in my business. Exaggeration? I suppose, but I'm pretty darn excited! For the last year, I've absorbed every freebie out there on how to be a successful businesswoman and while I got a few basics down, I was definitely feeling like I was just flailing around hoping something big would happen.

Now I feel like I'm on a solid path that's picking up speed right before my eyes: my Facebook group is growing steadily, I'm WAY more visible to WAY more people, I'm learning how to monetize several areas of my business, AND I just signed up my first 3-month client. I knew hiring Liivi would be a good idea but watching it all unfold has been really, really magical. I can't believe we have 9 weeks left together, I could very well be taking over the world by then!

- Rande Moss, Intuitive Eating Coach

Liivi is not only an uplifting mindset coach but a source of online business how-to’s and strategies that have helped move me forward in the past couple of weeks. As I develop my coaching business I find having mentors and coaches to light the way is incredibly valuable and Liivi has been one of those very people for me. I intend to keep our coaching relationship thriving because I’m totally inspired and creating content like crazy as I watch my business grow. Thanks Liivi. Lucky to have you in my corner girl! <3 

- Lindsay Weisenthal, Transformational Business Coach

Liivi, Thank you so much for working with me personally and in your Mastermind group. I am grateful for all the great tips you have given me, as well as all the nice bonuses. You motivated me to get things moving in my coaching business and I appreciate your flexibility, patience, support, honesty and wisdom.  You are a brilliant woman, and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

- Mihaela Nan, Intuitive Empowerment Coach

Liivi Hess is a just simply put an amazing human being. I truly enjoy her & how I was drawn to Liivi's coaching style was because of her earthy vibe and natural low key style.

I really love her insightful ideas, and fresh way of thinking... She is able to take me from mentally overwhelmed and cluttered to streamlined and in back into my state of ease in my business.

She has this unique way of tweaking your mindset and can come up with clever answers to what seems like complicated ideas.... love this natural beauty! Thank you for everything Liivi!

- Angela Neufeld, Creative Business Strategist

Since being a part of the Hello Shiny Life Mastermind, my business has come leaps and bounds.  After working with Liivi I have more clarity around my ideal client, I have developed my offerings and have a much clearer vision of where my business is heading.  

Liivi is a ray of sunshine when you are in the state of overwhelm and stuck on how to move forward. Her mindset and money mojo advice is second to none and she has a special talent in sharing her message. I would highly recommend Liivi to anyone wanting to up level their business or just getting started, she is worth her weight in gold, and I cannot wait to work with her in the Freedom Biz Accelerator. xxxxx

- Jasmine Kratz, Wellness Coach

Working with Liivi is like working with a personalized biz-focused mirror that is running at turbo speed.

For every small thought, idea and feeling I shared about moving my business forward she was able to jump in with an accessible action plan, ridiculously on-point branding words and so much motivation to make me hustle!

She always heard me & agreed when I spoke about wanting every piece of my business & branding to be real, authentic and heart-centered. Liivi is a rockstar and worth the investment many times over!

- Deanna Deacon, Integrative Wellness Coach

I’ve loved my time with Liivi! Not only has she helped out my business and mindset, but almost more importantly my own well-being. Liivi is 100% her authentic self and it truly inspires me to be me and not a carbon copy of anyone else. I love how she can give me business advice without trying to change who I am or my brand identity.

During our brainstorming sessions she really digs in deep to pull the answers out of me! She has such a way with words. Everything she teaches is so duplicable and she breaks it down into steps that are easily digestible.

I was a little nervous to make the initial investment, but am so glad I did! I am super excited to continue working with Liivi!

- Kayla McWills, Online Business Strategist

Liivi embodies an incredible combo of mindset & manifesting magic and nuts & bolts how-to when it comes to setting yourself up for success in your online business.

Literally my first session with her completely shifted my mindset around money and skyrocketed me from a scarcity mindset to an abundance one!

She has also patiently guided me through setting up my website, navigating mailchimp, and launching my first freebie within a couple weeks (something I had previously been stuck on for months).

And did I mention Liivi is totally no nonsense? She lovingly calls me on not living up to my potential, tells me when something doesn't match my brand, and then guides me in exactly the direction I need to go!

I would encourage anyone to work with her in a heartbeat.

- Moriah Helms, Conscious Relationship Guide

When I was looking for a business coach it was important to me to find someone that had the same values that I have.

I was instantly drawn to Liivi for her love of adventure, her hard work ethic, and of course, her commitment to creating an amazing service for her clients.

Though I cringed at the original investment I was going to have to make I can honestly say after 3 sessions it was already totally worth it.

I’ve loved having a guide in creating my business and learning from someone who has done a killer job in her own business. She is an excellent mix of positive and practical.

I walk out of each session with a plan and the mindset that I am going to change the world. <3

- Katherine Melot, Chiropractor, Wellness & Happiness Coach

And this stunning email from a visionary woman who recently enrolled!!

I've been devouring your content this week, and I feel like there's already been a huge shift in everything. 

It feels like a breath of fresh air to be working with someone who has a very similar mission / vision / vibe, and the way you explain the overall strategy finally has my brain grasping the bigger picture, instead of just trying to binge on a million details.
I felt a little envious of you over the months ("how did she DO THAT, and why am I still struggling??"), but, now, I honestly feel a huge sense of gratitude that I can learn from you and walk in your footsteps.
I started tearing up during the building of my pinterest vision board because I finally felt that this was going to happen for me, which was the first time I really felt it since I started this process.
Just wanted to drop you a huge 'thank you'. Your content makes sense to my brain (where so much other content overwhelms me), and signing up to receive your support was a huge shift in my path.

For once, I'm SO excited instead of SO terrified / stressed / overwhelmed.

I've been so freaking jazzed for DAYS. I cannot wait to learn from you! I seriously haven't felt this kind of shift in a long time, and can't wait to see where my business is in a few months' time. The program ends just before my birthday, and my gift to myself will be a 5-figure month!
I can't contain my excitement and joy about moving forward!"