HOW ARE YOU SPENDING THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (and how do you WANT to spend them)

HOW ARE YOU SPENDING THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (and how do you WANT to spend them)

HOW ARE YOU SPENDING THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (and how do you WANT to spend them)

(((And before you say “well that’s nice for some” - STOP, because you DO ultimately have the choice and the power to make a change.)))

Most people’s priorities and values probably look something like: 

spend time with family, eat good food, look after yourself, spend time outside, travel and spend time in beautiful places, do hobbies… 

and somewhere near the bottom of the list is: do work that feels like work, ie the work that you just have to do to “get by” and sort of settled into because of necessity or just how life seemed to go

But if you compare their priorities vs the proportions of how they spend their time, THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH COMPLETELY OPPOSITE.

A typical lifestyle these days looks like: inordinate amounts of time spent working (not to mention the time spent getting to and from work, and time thinking/stressing about work), and everything else just sort of gets crammed in, in depressingly tiny quantities, and inadequate quality. Like just a few weeks of frantic holiday-ing a year, and guilt-ridden “me-time” once a month if you’re lucky, and the minimal “quality time" spent with the people you care about MOST actually feels FORCED because your brain is elsewhere, lamenting or stressing about whatever.

And that’s what we’ve been taught and trained to expect and accept, and we’ve just gone along with it.

Well, I’ve dared to believe that something different is possible, and have demanded that and done the work to create it. 

IMG_0947 2.JPG

The way I spend my days is pretty much in line with my priorities! And the time I spend “working” is sort of just “chronicling” the rest of my life, because that’s what it’s my job to do.

BUT — the typical way of life is what you have to do to be “responsible"

And you have to be responsible to be successful.


BUT — if two of the main measures or indicators of success are money and happiness…

And you can get MORE of BOTH of those with my way...

Then —

Why not short circuit the system. Pattern interrupt!!

Come unlearn other stories and false beliefs, revamp your mindset, your energy, and your LIFE…

How I pay my rent with a passive income stream

How I pay my rent with a passive income stream

If you've been interested in doTERRA but cringe at the thought of "hassling" friends and family to build your business...

We've created a (mostly passive) income stream from doTERRA using ONLY our blog and social media, which pays our rent and more! 🤩🤑

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.29.57 PM.png

We do things very differently from most network marketers!! We have not approached, sold to, or convinced a single person - all of our team members come from online, from people who willingly join with no stress, effort or pressure from us. Then if they are keen we teach them our fully-online approach so they can make income too, with complete integrity and no ick factor.

Also, this is only ONE of our many income streams... it's kind of like a bonus or an icing on the cake. Our lives are in no way fully devoted to this, we're not evangelists! It just provides a steady trickle of income which has helped us through times when we're not creating a whole lot of active income (like when traveling, or when we had our baby Isla!)

I think this is the ideal way to do network marketing, and a smart way to add an income stream to your business or lifestyle, with a super cool natural high-vibe product to boot.

Although I will still never actively sell to anyone, I think it's my duty to share that this is an option, which anyone can do, from scratch.

If you're interested in joining us and learning from us, check out some details here or send me a message.




If you're here, you're obviously a multi-talented creative woman. Maybe you write, or knit, maybe you create beautiful recipes, maybe you build or carve things, or plan events... whatever it is.

Making your passion and your craft into your BUSINESS is such an amazing thing to decide to do for yourself - HOWEVER there's also a major dangerous TRAP you can fall into.

Recently I noticed I was funneling or FORCING all of my creativity into being JUST for my business.

I wasn't "allowed" to do anything else fun or creative unless it was making graphics, coming up with content ideas, writing inspirational pieces, etc...

It burnt me out and I felt like the spring had run dry. I learned from my reading meanderings and was told by a few different spiritual practitioners that I was basically SWEATSHOPPING my inner child, my creativity... which has the exact opposite effect that you'll hope it has.

IN OTHER WORDS -- sitting in front of your screen hammering yourself to come up with something clever, unique, creative, inspiring, meaningful...

It's NOT going to work.

So -- you have to let yourself make and do and play just for FUN as well.

Like, allow yourself time to do something that is NOT connected to money-making! GASP! I know!! How will you EVER catch up and get everything DONE??

Well, if you give yourself (and your inner child) space for this you'll find the juice flows a lot easier when it IS time to write that daily post or whatever it is. In fact great ideas will probably just come to you randomly and you'll be needing to scribble them down before they escape you.

Lately I’ve made fun tassel earrings, ordered other jewelry-making supplies, set up my electric piano & ordered some music books, made an herbal salve, done some coloring, and made some stone chakra healing bracelets.

It's 100% crucial that you allow yourself time and space for this, NO GUILT ALLOWED.

Choose one action step and SHARE BELOW!! Will you go out and buy some supplies? Set up a creation area? Book some time?

Do you already do this for yourself? How do you find it affects your satisfaction, productivity and happiness? 

How to ask the universe for what you want

How to ask the universe for what you want


I've spent a lot of time focusing on what I lack (or think that I lack).
Wishing I was more like ___ whoever.

This is something that comes up again and again.

And each time I have to remind myself that EVERYTHING is within my reach and within my power.

If I find myself moping around feeling stuck and wishing I had more creative ideas coming to me...


I can ASK for alignment, clarity, inspiration, opportunities, divine downloads, intuitive connection, clairvoyance.

I can ASK for the way I want to feel (inspired and on fire!)

If I'm feeling disconnected with my message or my audience and wondering why I'm not seeing the results I wanted --

I can ASK for the people I want to work with, and the response to my work.

I can ASK to express my unique gifts.

I can ASK to be uber valuable and in demand.

If I'm feeling jealous and discouraged when I see what another entrepreneur has achieved --

I can ASK for my audience to grow by tens of thousands this year.

I can ASK for my stuff to go viral.

I can ASK for massive book deals.

And the list goes on.

You just have to flip that mental switch from "woe is me", feeling that you're downtrodden and "without" and stuck and incapable...

...To HOLD ON A SECOND I have the divine power to ask for and create and experience WHATEVER I want.

It's SO MUCH EASIER to do that when you know who you really are, know what you really want, and what your gifts are in this lifetime.

I know that the right people (the most incredible, creative, READY TO ROCK talented women) will see this.

I’ve just been guided to open up 3 spots for a VERY exciting 1:1 transformation for the month of August.

We will hone RIGHT IN on your truest divine gifts, your hottest immediate action steps, and the deepest belief in your worth & value which will EXPLODE your attraction factor and create instant results.

This is the deepest, highest, most freaking awesome way to connect and we will be creating BOOM instant breakthroughs and you will not recognize yourself come September.

  • 5x 1:1 sessions
  • Recordings
  • Intuitive downloads, ideas, journaling exercises, meditations, inspiration and no-excuses butt-kicking sent to you between sessions to LOCK IN your quantum leap
  • Detailed trainings, inspiring masterclasses and resources laser-prescribed from each session (although you’ll get ACCESS to all my Transformational Treasure Box goodies, you will NOT need to wade through tons of content, because when you’re ALIGNED you have ALL the answers, just like SNAP)
  • 30 days of email coaching support including written help with your sales pages, content, promos etc. to dial up the attraction factor
  • Personal audio/video/written feedback on your brand, content, website, sales page
  • Private mastermind: You’ll get connected with the other 2 ladies for mastermind support and you’ll become an inseparable posse who RISE TOGETHER — we will mastermind together on a private FB messenger thread that will be life-shifting AF

Enroll here, 3 spots only. GO.

(When you enroll you'll receive pre-work to get started on NOW!!)

So -- quit looking for what's wrong, and start CREATING what's RIGHT!

Lovingly and fearlessly,

Liivi xx

PS - And if a more bite-size package feels right for you right now, check out the IGNITE intensives.

​​​​​​​Your breakthrough WON’T come from finally figuring out what's wrong with you

​​​​​​​Your breakthrough WON’T come from finally figuring out what's wrong with you

Here’s how to stay stuck & frustrated. Most likely, chances are, you're doing it!

Here's a hint:

Your breakthrough WON’T come from finally figuring out what's wrong with you.

How much time have you spent trying to figure out what you're missing, lacking, doing wrong??

And because of that constant circling and searching, ou're feeling confused, tired, unproductive and not having any FUN at all. (not to mention not creating results)

The truth is, if you want to break through in terms of your art, your creation, your lifestyle, your productivity, your mindset, your belief, your purpose, the people you attract, your income, and how you FEEL every single day...

You do NOT need to know what the "problem" is first.


Because what you look for you’ll find.

Because then you’re self-identifying as having "A PROBLEM" which creates exactly the wrong effect on the mindset and the direction you WANT to be moving in.

Because you simply don’t need to know what it is or to put a label on it in order to fix it!!

We just loooove to look for …

- our ‘blocks’ - against creativity, money, whatever

- the right thing to focus on and the right thing to do next

- the gaps in our message

- what’s wrong with our sales pages or other bits & pieces

- what we're missing in our self care

- where we’re not really reaching our audience

- where our ‘target market’ is wrong 

- what's the “right price” to make pricing comfortable for others

- why we're tired, burnt out, not inspired

- what’s out of alignment

- what else we need to know

- what we need to be keeping up with

- what MORE we need to be DOING

It's likely you've been spending MORE TIME looking for the gaps and problems with all of the above, than actually doing anything that feels inspiring, that expresses your art or your purpose, that serves your people, or that brings you income.


You don't need to tear the old house apart bit by bit, and find all the issues, and renovate every room.


(the house = your life, your reality, your daily experience!)

I know that the right people (the most incredible, creative, READY TO ROCK talented women) will see this.

I’ve just been guided to open up 3 spots for a VERY exciting 1:1 transformation for the month of August.

We will one RIGHT IN on your truest divine gifts, your hottest immediate action steps, and the deepest belief in your worth & value which will EXPLODE your attraction factor and create instant results.

This is the deepest, highest, most freaking awesome way to connect and we will be creating BOOM instant breakthroughs and you will not recognize yourself come September.

:: 5x 1:1 sessions

:: Recordings

:: Intuitive downloads, ideas, journaling exercises, meditations, inspiration and no-excuses butt-kicking sent to you between sessions to LOCK IN your quantum leap

:: Detailed trainings, inspiring masterclasses and resources laser-prescribed from each session (although you’ll get ACCESS to all my Transformational Treasure Box goodies, you will NOT need to wade through tons of content, because when you’re ALIGNED you have ALL the answers, just like SNAP)

:: 30 days of email coaching support including written help with your sales pages, content, promos etc. to dial up the attraction factor

:: Personal audio/video/written feedback on your brand, content, website, sales page

:: Private mastermind: You’ll get connected with the other 2 ladies for mastermind support and you’ll become an inseparable posse who RISE TOGETHER — we will mastermind together on a private FB messenger thread that will be life-shifting AF

Enroll here, 3 spots only. GO.

(When you enroll you'll receive pre-work to get started on NOW!!)

So -- quit looking for what's wrong, and start CREATING what's RIGHT!

Lovingly and fearlessly,

Liivi xx



EMOTIONS ARE BEYOND WORDS...and the value of allowing them to run their course (and how to do it).

This morning something happened which brought up an utter shitstorm of conflicting and confusing feelings. There was a knock on the door and I ran down in my PJs innocently thinking it was our grocery delivery. 

The courier had placed 2 boxes on the doormat and I picked them up thinking nothing of it. The top one was essential oils, and the bottom one was an emotional grenade waiting to explode. It was a box from my mom in Canada, with the customs form filled out as "baby blanket self-made". 

A few facts that you should know to understand the situation... 

1. I'm 8 days overdue with my first baby. 

2. My mom is mentally unwell, we haven't been in touch for pretty much a year since she inflicted some pretty crazy behaviors on my immediate and extended family. 

3. I've been on an extensive personal journey of healing and finding my emotional and energetic independence, and self-worth, as a woman, after realizing all the (unconscious on her part) emotional manipulation I was subject to from her as a kid and teen.

4. I've reached a (what I think is) healthy point where I don't hold a grudge, I've accepted everything and moved on, and I don't wish to be in contact and don't feel an obligation to.

5. I didn't know that she had my address.

6. This is a somewhat fragile time as I'm already dealing with supporting my own physical, energetic, emotional wellbeing through the end of pregnancy.

So -- when I picked up the box and saw who it was from and the label, I started breathing hard, and wasn't sure what to do. I put the box down on the front hall bench and went upstairs and just started weeping in Will's arms. Full-out vocalized weeping/bawling for me is pretty rare. I mean I have a little teary cry now and then often enough, but to actually bawl...

I didn't know what I was feeling, or why... I wanted to put it into words and a few conflicting thoughts sort of tumbled out...but mostly I tried to just let everything release. 


If something happens in life and you feel an impulse in your body, follow it.

Weeping, laughing, moving in some way, burrowing under the covers. Whatever.

You don't have to put a label on how you feel. You don't have to explain it to yourself, or to anyone else. You don't have to justify it.

You don't have to decide whether your feelings are right or wrong, or if they offend anyone, or if you're allowed to feel them, or if they are good or bad.

Emotions come from a more basic place than our analyzing, meaning-making, judging, labeling human mind.

You don't have to calm them or move on from them or fix them. 

In fact, trying to do that creates EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE effect of what you want. 

(And unfortunately that's what our prevailing model of school / parenting trains us to do, with the default response to tears being "don't cry, it's ok" which we believe is soothing but in fact it also invalidates the emotions we're feeling)

Instead of soothing, ignoring or shutting down -- you have to let the emotion run its course. 

I like to compare it to the oil in an oil lamp. If you blow out the flame, the oil sits there and festers (ie pushing down emotions you don't want to feel).

If you let the oil burn out (by fully GOING INTO the discomfort of the emotion and letting it run), it's gone, and not left behind to have any ongoing effects.

So this morning, the fact that I allowed myself to fully cry it out, letting it come, moving through with my breath... even though the tears came back 3 or 4 different times over the following few hours (and probably will again). But I feel so light, buoyant, and simultaneously grounded now. Letting those feelings burn out allowed space for my natural joy to bubble back up and not keep me in a fog or a funk for the rest of the day (or longer).

On a side note I've also made a point of gradually explaining to Will that tears don't need to be fixed. They just need to come and it's ok. I'm trying to make this space for myself to express in my relationship, because I've noticed that I feel self-conscious when I cry (again as a result of the whole "don't cry it's ok" thing we're all told, and believing that if you're crying, something is "wrong" and must be fixed) and sometimes have held things in because of that.

Yes tears and strong emotions are messy and scary sometimes. And they are also beautiful and healthy and natural and are exactly what we need to properly deal with what we feel (ALL emotions are valid!) and move forward.

I haven't decided what to do with the package yet. I don't want to invite unbalanced energy into our home or into our beautiful new innocent baby who will soon be here in the world with Will and I as his caretakers for the beginning of his life.

Although on the other hand I feel like maybe I should fully open up to whatever is, and know that I can accept and transform any feeling into love. 

But finally I also feel that there is no obligation for me to receive what others want to give me. I'm not available for a relationship with certain people not because they need to be punished, but simply because I believe that the idea of family obligation isn't an absolute, and that I can make decisions about who I interact with. It doesn't have to be a broken relationship, it can just be nothing, neutral.

Anyway, be gentle and loving with your emotional self, being sensitive is bold and badass. And the freedom you'll feel from allowing this will gradually change your life.




I'm tired of seeing women sharing their achievements with this element of "surprise" and using this almost-apologetic gratitude to make others more comfortable with witnessing it.

Like "OMG, I'm sooo grateful that this happened, and then this too, wow, I can't believe this is my life, how did this happen?? Teeheehee, I'm so lucky and blessed and privileged and honored!!"

I'm not saying we shouldn't appreciate everything good we have and receive and create (OF COURSE we should appreciate the F out of it, all the time!!) but there's a difference between only being allowed to express it via this gushing-gratitude type of message...and truly owning it, without apology.

What about saying "YES I DID CREATE THESE RESULTS and this life, and I know exactly how I did it and I invested the energy and the PUSH and worked through the fears, doubts, blocks, and OF COURSE THIS IS NOW MY LIFE." #owningit!!!

The other thing that's annoying is using achievement or results as a veiled sales tool. LET'S COME OUT WITH IT! YES WE ARE SELLING STUFF. That's how we support ourselves and our families, and share our gifts and allow others to experience them. There is nothing wrong with that! Loud and proud!

The more we own it and are ok with sharing it, the more we communicate that there is ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. It's not shameful to HAVE. We all want abundance in all areas, can we show each other how we ROCK IT and therefore open the doors for others to follow in our path?

I KNOW you want the same results that I've created, or at least a similar level of BELIEF, POWER, CHOICE, FREEDOM, so that you can create your own version.

And thus I'm taking it upon myself to shamelessly share my results and freedom here, to inspire you, and show you what's possible, and transfer the YES to you!!

((Even though, as I write this, I'm feeling the shame and guilt come up! What will they think of me, showing off and flaunting and repeating myself over and over? I've told these stories so many times! What will people who DON'T have this think? Some people aren't ready to hear it, they want to stay in victim mode and make excuses about why it's never possible for them! And what about people who are MORE successful (by whatever measure) who read this, will they think I'm an unjustifiedly arrogant idiot?))

But whatever, yup, I'm doing it anyway.


I've gone from a full-on desperate unhappy office worker, counting pennies and hating life, to...

:: Creating multiple income streams online, some automated some not, to keep money coming in and maintain flexibility

:: Just under a quarter-mill cash received, in 18 months

:: Experiencing multi 5 figure months, weeks and weekends

:: Funding 15 months of travel to 12 countries, NOT on a shoestring, actually enjoying ourselves and being free and spontaneous

:: Being able to move to my country of choice (New Zealand!) with my business running seamlessly

:: Providing my partner an income and platform to grow his passions and interests, and allowing him to be at home with me and baby shmoopy who will be born any day now!

:: Being invited to participate in multiple online summits and being interviewed (aka feeling super cool and being recognized as an expert and leader)

:: Launching and selling 1:1 coaching, a membership community, mastermind groups and passive income products

:: Having the freedom to experiment in my business and adjust and change course to do what feels good (no being stuck with one thing that get tedious or uninspiring)

:: Doing fancy photoshoots and traveling to high-profile events with industry experts (although now I'm VERY happy to just chill at home for awhile, it's ok for desires to change!)

:: Investing in all the courses and books that I want #learningjunkie always learning!!

:: Working with women everywhere, and growing an audience of thousands

:: Travel around the world to celebrate special events with family

:: Live my life the way I want as I've been growing a human these past 9 months (no shlepping to work! I don't know how people do it!)

>> Importantly, underneath all of these "tangible" results, becoming someone who is self-aware, awakened to my own emotions and eternal being and truth and wisdom, in touch with the universe, tapping into my power, and constantly stepping closer to full alignment and flow and potential! (THIS is the best part, the underlying magic, that NEVER gets old and which always leads to the next magical step in life!)

And yes I'm SUPER STOKED and it is amazing to have created this, and sometimes I look around and think HOLY F!! But most of the time I think "OF COURSE I CREATED THIS". On some level I always knew it was possible and it was coming. There was no other way, in fact. And I feel that way still now about everything else that is coming, even though it feels far away and I have no idea how to get there. IT'S MINE AND IT'S INEVITABLE.

Now, as a closing thought -- sharing success without shame or apology does NOT have to be about huge big crazy stuff!! It's just about boldly stepping to another level that might challenge the norm for others. And yes it might invite confusion, criticism, or any number of other uncomfortable responses. It can be as simple as "I'm not drinking for 6 months because I love and respect my body". Or (this one is topical) "I had a GREAT birth experience, it was beautiful and no I'm not traumatized".

Basically we are breaking the trend of relating through suffering and fear and hardship and struggle...and instead making it ok to relate to each other through ideas, expansion, joy, love, possibility.

NOTICE YOURSELF this week - are you censoring from sharing your successes?

Joining in on the complaint and pity party because it's more comfortable for everyone?

Immediately "apologizing", justifying or downplaying in some way when someone recognizes something good, admirable, powerful about you?



PS - if you want to OWN IT, right now, like this week, I mean all of it, your energy, your power, your vision, your accomplishments... GET IN THE 7 DAY SUCCESS BREAKTHROUGH.




How often do painful moments from the past, stop you from taking joyful, inspired and aligned action now?

And how much are these wounds totally FUNKING UP your power and attraction energy to get to the next level, even if you REALLY want it and believe you’re ready?

Like the time you told everyone you were launching your best business idea ever, but 6 weeks later it was side-lined once again and you had to explain...

Or when you invested in a course you swore would be the magic ticket, but didn’t take any action and felt disappointed in yourself and embarrassed about wasting the money...

Or when you put something out there to the public or on social media, got no response, and, mortified, promptly retreated back into your shell...

The problem is that as humans we’re programmed to make our past experiences translate into MEANING. It’s how our brain keeps us SAFE.

We don’t want to experience that pain, discomfort, embarrassment again… so even though the past is long-gone, we carry around the programmed patterns and responses.

We make our past results mean something about ourselves. We assign not only meaning but IDENTITY to them.

“Because I didn’t make any sales of that package, that means I suck and am not good at what I do”

or maybe “No one understands what I’m trying to say”

or it must mean “There’s too much competition in my market and I don’t stand out”

or “I don’t know the right trick yet and I’m missing something and can’t figure it out”.

I have to say, I pretty much thought and believed ALL of these things when I first wanted to turn my expertise into a coaching business!!

That’s the problem, we observe what is “real" and think that what we see in the external world is true, that it's the limit, that we have to play within those lines, that that’s “life”.

THE TRUTH IS we are energetic beings and 99.9% of reality is unseen.

We just have this shitty paradigm at the moment where we have to “see it to believe it” and that’s the end of it. But is it the end?? I choose to play by different rules.

Why do we live by the 0.01% of the universe that we can actually perceive? With our limited senses and filtered perceptions? You KNOW there is more to you, and more out there for you.

We can choose to become aware of the programmed patterns and responses and emotions. If you can see them, observe them, and choose to respond differently, you literally become a different person.

You quantum leap onto a different timeline where your experiences don’t repeat themselves but you can actually CREATE what you want.

You can build your future based on your desires, not on what you currently believe is true about yourself or your past results. What has gone before doesn’t have to MEAN anything about you, or your abilities, or your path.

And you don’t have to go through some long process to get to that different dimension. All it takes is to see those patterns, and in observing them, they are dissolved. In the present moment and in the infinite possibilities of the future, wanting and believing something makes it real.

You want enquiries flowing in every day?
You want to have multi-5-figure months?
You want to feel on fire and magnetic in your own skin?
You want to be an admired leading expert in your field?

If you want it, and you’re not pulling up that tired old evidence of why you can’t be, then IT IS, YOU ARE, NOW.

The truth is you already have access to EVERYTHING you want now, if you can detach from the 0.01% of visible reality and those ingrained past stories and rules.

You can’t always see these things yourself, and you can spend years looking for them, chasing the missing piece.

Join me for an IGNITE intensive to shine the light on the unseen vows, rules, identities you’re tied up in.

I can intuitively see your energetic state, where your BS is currently lording itself over you…and how to flip it and reverse it (as Missy Elliott would say).

It's a bite-sized, low-priced, rapid-impact new way to work with me.

IGNITE Intensives are open and you can now GET IN AND SNAG YOUR SPOT.

Your Life & Biz Overhaul Intensive will help you bust through that agonizing, procrastinating, humming and hawing place you're sitting in now, and:

:: Map out your income streams
:: Become bigger than your BS and get out of your own way
:: Believe everything you want is possible for you, like for real
:: Know what you’re doing every day and that the momentum is BUILDING
:: Snap out of the defeating mindset and discover your magic
:: Have a game plan that feels powerful & exciting
:: Get your actions into integrity with what you really want
:: Turn your everyday life's stories, passions & interests into an endless stream of magnetic content that sells your offers
:: Dial up the impact of everything you write, say and do

This is the most accessible yet deep-dive, rapid-action, awesome-sauce thing I've ever offered and I KNOW that it will change your life.

CHECK OUT ALL THE DETAILS RIGHT NOW and book in because the spots are extremely limited and won't last long!!

Excitement!! Can't wait to see YOUR session booked on my private clients-only calendar!




For me, making conscious informed choices and creating my life experience exactly as I want it to be is a very HOLISTIC thing -- it's not just about business, not just health, not just lifestyle, not just money, not just spirituality... it's absolutely all of those things and pregnancy is obviously an important part!

Being able to raise a family with unapologetic, joyful freedom and abundance, in alignment with our unconventional earth-connected values, is one of the CORE motivators for why I've created my business -- and that possibility, that choice, is something that is so important for me to share with other women who also have their own bigger vision and don't want to settle for the norm.

A really important part of this journey for me has been to purposely create robust physical and emotional health so I could handle pregnancy, birth and recovery like a boss, and set baby up with the best start possible.

I believe that if you create a good foundation with nutrition, education, mindset work and the right support environment, then you have that much better of a chance of having the pregnancy & birth experience that you want. That way, it's not leaving it up to "luck", or "good genes", or some other element of chance. It's purposely setting up the body and mind for success.

I've been completely bold and stubborn AF in saying how I want things to go and not letting any element of this become negotiable.

So for me/us that looks like absolutely prioritizing nutrient-dense clean food and home cooking (to the point of spending what some might say is a ridiculous amount of money for 2 people, and an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, feeding ourselves the best we know how)...

It looks like reading and referencing probably at least 20 books about healthy fertility, holistic midwifery, safe natural childbirth, conscious parenting, and such topics...

Researching countless articles on what supportive practices are harmful or beneficial, like herbs, essential oils, teas, supplements, self-care rituals, exercises, etc...

Completing doula training, antenatal classes, hypnobirthing classes, and going to lengths to find a midwife who resonates with our research-based non-interventionist philosophy (aka, a woman's body knows what it's doing so respect it and let birth happen)...

Deciding on home birth even though we live a 3.5-hour drive from the nearest hospital and have been subtly and not-so-subtly told by people who care about us that it's a stupid idea...

And finally spending many hours journaling, visualizing, meditating and collecting inspirational stuff on Pinterest to cultivate a mental state of complete trust and surrender.

(of course I'm not in denial that my soul path / the universe may have different plans that I don't know about, and things might not go "to plan" -- it's ok, you don't need to warn me :) but while acknowledging that, I'll continue to strongly keep my sights on what I want, proceed with the assumption it will go that way, and then surrender to the flow of what is)

Here are some of the specific things I'm doing (some of them I've been doing for months) to take great care of myself and create the most wonderful, peaceful, safe experience:

:: eating 6 dates a day during the last weeks of pregnancy (many women swear by it)

:: using an organic skin-nourishing oil to prevent stretch marks and prepare the perineum area

:: applying 12 sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium spray daily (prevents cramps like nobody's business, and I reckon sets up muscles for strong effective performance)

:: drinking a whole pot of Preggo Tea each day, after leaving it to infuse for at least 8 hours overnight (a blend I made with organic raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, peppermint, dandelion leaf - this blend supports effective uterine muscle power, prevents hemorrhage, and does about 268 other good things)

:: sleeping 8.5-9.5 hours a night (thank you freedom business for allowing me to do this!)

:: drinking homemade bone broth a few times a week

:: sitting on a large swiss ball to strengthen my core and align my pelvis

:: doing a bit of casual yoga each day being sure to incorporate cat-cow, child's pose, and breathing exercises

:: wearing orange glasses every night to increase my melatonin production (which supports good sleep, balanced hormones, and the best healing & recovery possible for the body)

:: taking supplements like prenatal DHA, vitamin D3, kelp, a zinc blend, a high quality probiotic, food-based vitamin C (and no I don't take folic acid or iron!!!!!)

:: drinking water that has been filtered, re-mineralized, alkalized, hexagonalized, energized by our Waters 500 Bio filter

:: going for walks nearly every day

:: wearing natural fiber clothing as much as possible

:: using no conventional commercial cleaning or bathing products (just clean, crunchy homemade stuff)

:: cooking in cast iron, ceramic, glass and using stainless or wood utensils (trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible)

:: eating a ton of fats like avocado, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, nuts and seeds, free range eggs, olive oil

:: finally, choosing not to have any ultrasound scans, doppler, cervical/vaginal checks, or invasive testing (just one set of initial blood tests, and then peeing on a stick, manual palpation and listening with a pinnard at each midwife appt). And of course NO drugs will be entering my or baby's body during labor/birth!!!

I guess the point is, if something is important to you, or you WISH you could have some outcome (in any part of your life), don't stop at any lengths to get it / create it!!

Don't leave it up to chance, don't settle for something less than what aligns with your values and best potential.

Do what it takes to educate and prepare yourself, and support your body, mind and energy to create the result you want. Doggedly and non-negotiably, to the end, amen.

I hope this is in some way useful or inspiring to you, and feel free to pop into our Wealthy Wild Women community to share some of your practices that help you create the health / lifestyle outcomes that you want :)


Round the World Trips Whenever You Want (F YEAH)

Round the World Trips Whenever You Want (F YEAH)


A little while ago I booked my second trip around the world for 2017.

Will and I are going to the UK for his brother’s wedding, and afterwards spending 4+ weeks galavanting around the Mediterranean (Greek Islands, Croatia) as a family holiday and to celebrate his dad’s 60th.

We will have our little 8-week old baby in tow! (currently 37.5 weeks along, still cozy in my tummy)

A couple months ago I flew to Canada as a surprise for my own dad’s 60th bday.

It’s no small feat to be able to be able to see the people you love and go to important events, when you’ve chosen to live in the farthest corner of the world (New Zealand)!

And honestly I used to worry about this a lot, a few years ago when I was working full-time corporate while DREAMING and PUSHING to become a successful entrepreneur. 

TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR (and now I've upgraded to just WHENEVER I WANT) was a non-negotiable I set way back then to be able to see family around the world, especially to celebrate special times. And just to be able to live as global citizens and travel whenever the inspiration strikes.

(ABOVE: me with my 3 sisters and Dad at his surprise 60th bday party! How cute is my dad!)

So, not only did I dare to ask for the finances I need to be globally mobile, but also the time and location flexibility. My business comes along in my laptop bag, and much of it is / can be automated when I need or want to.

I’m super grateful that this is now our reality (and has been for the last couple years while we’ve been running our location-free businesses from 12+ countries!)

But I also think, DUH, OF COURSE this is my reality!

I mean, I asked for this. Even before I really knew about conscious creating and wealth consciousness and all that stuff, deep down I believed I could create it somehow and if I wanted it I could have it.

(EVEN THOUGH I HAD NO IDEA HOW it was going to happen)

What about you?? - what’s the BIG non-negotiable you want in your life, that you maybe hardly believe is possible? But you KNOW you’re meant for it?

It’s up to you to raise your standards, create that vision for your life, and the energy and the balls it takes to get there.

You just have to be bold enough to ASK.

I’ve distilled the process I use to get clear, ask for, and receive everything that I want into a CRASH COURSE and daily, weekly and monthly manifesting rituals (with easy templates).

That's my passion, my purpose and my zone of genius [First Name], to create PRACTICAL TOOLS that walk you through a transformation process, and make that quantum leap a no-brainer. Like you don't even know it's happening, but your power is ignited and your energy is shifted forever.

I know that MONEY is one of the areas where you're craving a shift, a reality swap, a quantum leap...

To create that FREEDOM and travel round the world whenever you want! And all those other shimmering desires that live in your heart! You have them for a reason!

And I wanted to let you know that the Money Magnet Crash Course & Manifesting Journal is NOW AVAILABLE.
It's a really cool bundle of laser-focused trainings and practical resources, specifically designed to get you out of your OWN WAY, and let money IN.

You can use the journal and templates again and again, and continue to learn bigger and deeper concepts as you absorb the content, so let’s just say it’s worth multiple multiple times your investment.

Grab your copy now (with instant lifetime access including future upgrades as the program keeps getting better and better) 

Here's what's inside...

You can complete the trainings & wrap your head around everything in 1-2 hours, and start implementing right away (then dive deeper & continue evolving as you implement)

  • Intro Training Video How to use the package for the best results
  • Money Magnet Crash Course Video including specific exercises
  • Ideal Income Planner to train yourself to start expecting MORE out of life!
  • Rapid Manifesting Template to keep your attraction energy focused & flowing
  • Daily Money Magnet JournalFill in just 1 quick page a day for BIG SHIFTS.
  • Money Magnet Affirmations to re-program your money mindset & receive MORE.
  • Money Magnet Affirmation Card Set Beautifully designed and ready to post anywhere
  • Emotional States for Manifesting Cheat Sheet to create mega manifestation energy daily

Plus 3 exciting bonus resources which you can discover here.

You can definitely do this!! Get access now, and put aside just 1-2 hours to get out of your own way with the Money Magnet Crash Course. Then start implementing your new powerful money energy immediately with the manifesting templates and Journal. GO!


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Your Quantum Leap Action Plan

Your Quantum Leap Action Plan

I’ve been listening to my community and it’s clear that a lot of very talented women with big dreams and huge potential... are wasting a lot of time, delaying their dream unnecessarily.

Do you feel like that's you?

Often it's easy for me to see where an energy adjustment or a few strategy tweaks, or even just getting clear and making some decisions with the help of a sounding board, could be the way through that painful haze and delay and waiting period.


Over the weekend I was on fire creating something exciting from a stroke of inspiration. It's a bite-sized, low-priced, rapid-impact new way to work with me.

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Your intensive will help you bust through that agonizing place you're sitting in now, and:

  • Get out of your own way
  • Believe everything you want is possible for you, like for real
  • Know what you’re doing every day
  • Snap out of the defeating mindset and discover your magic & power
  • Have a game plan
  • Map out your income streams
  • Turn your life into content
  • Dial up the impact of everything you write, say and do

CHECK OUT ALL THE DETAILS RIGHT NOW and book in because the spots are extremely limited and won't last long!!



How Subconscious Festering Fears are Blocking Your Success, and What to Do About it

How Subconscious Festering Fears are Blocking Your Success, and What to Do About it

Pushing down your fears, or pretending you don't have any, is a HUGE SUCCESS BLOCKER

If you're not seeing massive consistent results at mind-blowing levels, guaranteed you have subconscious fears that are festering RIGHT NOW.

The problem is even though you're stating and "focusing on what you want" the unaddressed fears are like an opposing radio signal that comes and SCRAMBLES the positive signal you think you're sending.

Watch the video training to see how you can work around this...and also get inspired to discover YOUR deep fears by hearing me share mine!

If the frame above isn't working for you, watch the video here on the FB page.

So, as discussed in the video, we've got fears, but what to do with them? (beyond the basics I explained above!)

:: Day 1 of the 7 Day Success Breakthrough teaches you 5 energetic shifting techniques that you can use to go AROUND the rational brain and get those fear patterns out of your subconscious mind and energetic body.

:: Day 2 teaches you how to choose and reinstall powerful positive patterns that SUPPORT instead of undermine what you want.

In case you haven't heard of it, the 7 Day Success Breakthrough is a really cool process I created to help ambitious creative entrepreneurs (LIKE YOU) get un-stuck and create massive momentum.

It makes re-calibrating and maintaining your unstoppable success mindset a total no-brainer.

(which makes everything else, like the strategy part, the showing up and doing the work part, and the receiving great income for your work part, WAY EASIER)

It's a rapid 7-day uplevel that will totally change your game. You'll emerge out of the other end of the week feeling like a confident, aligned, powerful queen, creating and attracting what you want left right and center.

And you can use the inspiring audios and specially-designed journaling workbooks again and again for maintenance and as a mindset reset, as you reach for bigger goals. (aka, your investment serves you forever!!)

Get in now and get started! See you inside! 


When you just don't feel like it... [PLUS preggo photoshoot sneak peek]

When you just don't feel like it... [PLUS preggo photoshoot sneak peek]


In case you didn't know, I'm just about 9 months preggo with a big ol' muscley baby who regularly punches me in the liver and needles my cervix with its tiny baby fingers. (a very weird thing to have happen from the INSIDE...)

But I've been wanting to do a photoshoot, to celebrate pregnancy, to use for my brand message (sacred feminine + big success!), and for upcoming books I have planned.

This morning, I wanted to do nothing more than surrender to the blob and stay in my sweats and slippers. It's cold here and I didn't want to put on the cute outfits I'd planned. Really I could hardly conjure a smile. Partially the cold weather, and partially because the end of pregnancy is getting a bit emotionally rocky and I'm just kind of over it.

BUT -- the weather was looking good (well, cold, but at least clear and sunny) and I'd bought fresh flowers which aren't going to last much longer. AND -- I'm gradually getting to true whale status and probably REALLY won't want to be eternally captured in photos for that much longer.

So there was the inner battle.

"I reeeeeally don't feel like it"
"Yeah but when else are you gonna do it, you really SHOULD just get off your butt, have a shower and do the photos"

Do you have these inner battles often, when you want to show up and do the work?

Like maybe even on a daily basis?

I think it's a really common experience for us boundary-pushing creative visionaries, because we're always looking to the next level and challenging ourselves. 

Here's what to do when you just don't feel like it...

Ask yourself:

:: Do I value the result? Will I be disappointed if I don't get the result? If you REALLY desire the end result, but can't be bothered taking the action... there's your decision made! If the desire is strong enough, you'll do it no matter what.

:: Is taking this action necessary for my message and mission?For example, even though I could've just said f*** it I'm not doing's important to me that my brand is known for women celebrating themselves, getting out of their comfort zone, creating powerful feminine success etc... so these photos were a MUST.

:: Am I walking my talk? Think about the ideal version of you, the one that is the face of your art, your creation, your brand. Would SHE do it? If you want to really embody that best version of yourself and in fact feel like you ARE her, like you're becoming that person you really want to be, make the decision from that place.

:: Would letting myself off the hook actually feel GOOD?Sometimes we think we need to rest or take time off or have a nap or eat the chips or whatever... but you have to ask yourself (and answer honestly), is it the kind of "self care" that actually makes you feel GOOD, or in fact makes you feel like crap? Sometimes showing up and doing the work gives you MORE energy than resting, and is in fact what you needed. (In the end I did feel pretty energized and creatively expressed after today's photoshoot!)

:: Is there a way I can do it that feels more aligned? Your resistance COULD be legitimately because you're "shoulding" yourself into something that isn't really aligned with your desires / path / zone of genius / current priorities. A slight adjustment might allow you to actually get out of the funk and feel good about your next steps. For example, I was originally talking to a number of pro photographers about doing my preggo shoot, and I was going to do an overnight trip to a shoot location. This wasn't feeling exciting... so I pivoted the plans, and got my partner Will to do the photos instead, and we did them at home / around home, instead of doing a big trip. That felt more aligned with where my energy and priorities are at now.

In the end... if you're committed, to your message, your self-expression, your mission... you might hum and haw for a bit but in the end you'll schlep across a poop-covered field when you're 9 months pregnant wearing a silk gown and carrying flowers, in hardly-above-freezing weather.

I asked Will to take this all-too-real behind the scenes photo just for you :)

Yup, that's a giant poo.

Here are a couple (un-touched!) sneak peek photos...

Aren't they fun?? We got some really varied shots!

So -- the important point here is that you need to be able to KNOW what's really aligned and important. When it's better to say "F*** it" and chill out... or when you should show up and push through.

I have the perfect tool that you can use to tune into your inner voice that tells you what's important and what's not... to find your inexhaustible inner power... to keep that unshakeable confidence and determination FLOWING... not to mention, shape your work intentionally so it fits with your life.

This is all part of what we do in the 7 Day Success Breakthrough.

In case you haven't heard about the 7 Day Success Breakthrough... I've created a really special tool that makes re-calibrating and maintaining your unstoppable success mindset a total no-brainer.

It's a rapid 7-day uplevel that will totally change your game. You'll emerge out of the other end of the week feeling like a confident, aligned, powerful queen, creating and attracting what you want left right and center.

And you can use the inspiring audios and specially-designed journaling workbooks again and again for maintenance and as a mindset reset, as you reach for bigger goals. (aka, your investment serves you forever!!)

Get in now and get started! See you inside!





So, yesterday I sent out an email titled "Are you stuck in a poor person's mindset?" including a quote from Steve Siebold's EXCELLENT book called How Rich People Think. The email was meant as an inspiring call-to-action for my audience (who are self-nominated ambitious entrepreneurs wanting to create a passion-driven freedom lifestyle business) to consider their own thought patterns and whether they are helping them move toward their big goals.

It was really interesting to receive a reply from a woman who felt that she needed to say that my email was "very disappointing" and indeed practically "offensive" to those who are "legitimately poor and underprivileged" and that we shouldn't "deny the existence of poverty", and there are so many "institutional barriers" for these people. She even went so far as to paste a link to an article on "Why Bootstrapping is Difficult" (apparently -- well, no one said it was easy?!), and how apparently we need to constantly acknowledge that there really are those who are truly poor, even in our first-world nations.

I get it, on a theoretical level, yes there are those who have really rough lives. Of course people all have different life experiences and they are all valid, it just depends what identities and persisting personal stories we choose to draw from them -- and in that we have a choice.
And to some extent I get it personally too. I come from a family of immigrants who arrived in North America with nothing, just a gaggle of hungry young war-traumatized kids. I'm not special or privileged, at least no more than most others in our (quite "lucky" as far as things go) first-world situation. I've been largely on my own since 17, I made the investment for an education myself and am still paying off student loans. I worked 3 minimum-wage jobs at once to get by as a new graduate from university (which meant that I often worked 9am-5pm, then 8pm-5am, then 9am-5pm again, then 6pm-12am...etc. Read: exhaustion, for very little gain)

When I moved to the UK with very little, I did the same, temping for multiple different agencies in fully menial jobs, despite the fact that I had a university education, and patching together a living, sleeping on a broken futon on the floor at Will's brother's place for free, for a number of months. 
But it was an adventure! It was hard at times, yup! But I made what I wanted of my life and I'm glad I did it. And obviously things could have been a lot worse!! I'm not trying to make myself seem like "the most hard-done-by person"!!...but...

BUT!!!!!!!! --- We all have our "hard times" that we've gone through (again, very subjective), it's not a badge of honor, and we don't need to carry these stories around letting the wounds continue to fester. Nor do we need to have a "battle record" or a "rags-to-riches" struggle story to justify where we're at now. It's not a competition. It doesn't make you more worthy of success if you came from rock-bottom.

(Although many of us feel like it does, and unfortunately we've been trained to think that way by a scarcity and guilt-based society... however there is no TRUTH in these concepts)

We also don't need to grovel or apologize or make amends if we do come from a "privileged" background (again whatever you consider that to mean). It's not a crime and we don't need to be repentant about it for the rest of our lives.

What if we just get over caring about what we are perceived as, and about labeling ourselves or others, and get on with living our lives as creatively, flexibly, productively and lovingly as possible?

Stating that you want to behave or live differently from some other segment of society shouldn't be perceived as automatically offensive. It doesn't mean you think worse of someone, you're just acknowledging that you don't want your life experience to be the same as theirs. There is nothing wrong in that. You can still be kind and compassionate and loving, yet want different things in life than another person. Either because they aren't ready yet, and that's ok, or because you simply don't have the same priorities and values and you'll never be headed in the same direction (and obv that's ok too).

And for people who feel they are "defenders of the poor", saying that people must have "awareness and understanding" of those who are (supposedly) so mired and swamped in the misfortune of the conditions they haven't asked for and that it's somehow evil or insensitive or uncouth to suggest that in fact ANYONE has the power to change their life conditions.... I REALLY don't see how insisting that there are certain people who are 'so stuck' where they are, and labelling them as the "truly unfortunate and downtrodden ones" for whom things are "so difficult"... could EVER be of service to them???? I mean really, why is it a noble act to DEFEND the conditions of these people, and to continue to label them as such? I think it's downright RUDE and inconsiderate and can't ever help anyone. I'm not saying that we shouldn't be kind and compassionate, again. But playing down to how "really truly badly off" someone has it can't POSSIBLY help them, and in fact I think is incredibly anthropocentric and arrogant. To label people as something 'separate' which then casts them into a pool which should be 'pitied' by the fortunate 'others'.

(if our goal was to help others, and if a group of people were ready to be and wanted to be helped -- those who receive assistance from others must STRETCH OUT THEIR HAND AS WELL after all, we can't force our "kindness" or "charity" on people -- because then wouldn't we be like missionaries or something? And I definitely don't believe in that, demeaning traditional religions and ways of life and "helping" them by imposing our "better ways")

Another thought: who qualifies as being 'poor enough', 'unprivileged ENOUGH', to be 'blessed' by the 'saintly pity' of the 'defenders of the poor'? What are the qualifications? Isn't this entirely subjective? And who are we to label others as such?

I've traveled in Central America, Rural Asia, Africa, and seen what us westerners might classify as “real poverty”. But who are we to say that our way of life is more correct or more desirable. A lot of those people I saw couldn’t be happier with their (presumably) simpler way of life, more connected to the land, less fraught with human-invented worries and pressures. and if you’ve seen the BBC documentaries “Human Planet” it’s amazing to see the level of intuition, connection, joy, fulfillment that people have who are very “impoverished” indeed, like groups who live in a forest with nothing but loincloths. Should we pity them? Again, who are we to say that our way of life is more correct or more desirable. It’s interesting to consider that, perhaps it's only in areas where our western way of life has been imposed as the “ideal”, and all the people aspire to cram themselves / be crammed into this one way of living, (but maybe it's at odds with what is previously established in a land), that the “disparity” becomes perceived and that “poverty” appears.

Wherever someone is from, by insisting that someone is “stuck in poverty”, you’re saying they are lesser, they are not as resourceful as what literally characterizes the human race. Our resourcefulness is what has let us survive as a species, even though we are just soft mushy things with no teeth or claws, it’s our resourcefulness and stamina and creative thinking and problem solving. How dare you take that away from people by insisting they are stuck in what we term “poverty”.

To be honest, I think unfortunately that one reader completely missed the point of my message. (which is ok, obviously no one's work can reach or appeal to everyone, and that's reality!) But I wanted to consider and express what the point really was, as much for myself as for anyone else reading this.

The point of my email (and Steve Siebold’s book) was NOT to separate the “poor” from the “rich” (which by the way I think is just a point of perspective anyway — it’s fully possible for someone to FEEL or VIEW THEMSELVES AS or LIVE AS IF THEY ARE very poor or very rich indeed, regardless of the amount of possessions or money that they have). 

The point is to show that ANYONE can “THINK RICH” and therefore create different results or experiences in their lives, whatever exactly that might look like for them. We ALL have the powerful tool of thought, belief and choice at our disposal, even if our resources may seem limited. I believe there are always small shifts that can be made, and incomprehensibly unforeseeably magical gifts that can come to us if we believe it is possible, open ourselves up, simply ASK the universe, and follow the breadcrumbs with faith.

The point is putting these empowering thought habits and tools and choices in the hands of anyone who cares to read the book, or engage with my work. It’s exactly the opposite of labeling, separation and closing doors, and rather inviting in ABSOLUTELY ANYONE who is deciding to make a change, chooses to believe a better life is possible for them, and wants to make the minuscule effort to spend a few bucks on their iBooks account or maybe 50 cents at a used bookstore or garage sale, or sit on the floor at the bookshop or go to the library and read books for free.

What do you think? Is it necessary to sing woe-is-me songs about ourselves, or others, because it's somehow compassionate or noble, or something? Shouldn't we focus on (even despite the difficulties) the GENERAL AMAZING THRIVING AND GOODNESS AND LOVE in our world and how POSSIBLE things are, even tiny tiny things at a time that eventually add up? And how actually RICH we all are simply because we're here on this RICH amazing earth that offers us so much? I mean really!!!! If you remove modern, western perceptions of "poverty" and what a person "should have", because it's "fair", and because people should live up to a certain condition that our industrialized society has deemed to be "correct"?

Since when does telling shitty stories, about yourself, or others, and how "legitimately really hard things are", EVER, EVER, SERVE ANYONE, or produce ANYTHING good?

And finally, if I'm targeted for daring to see every person on earth as powerful and capable, and for standing up for what’s possible for women (and people in general), and for inviting them to stand up for themselves despite any past story they may have experienced... If I refuse to put people in a box and acknowledge that "yes, they are the truly downtrodden ones"... If I am criticized or ridiculed for pointing out how much GOODNESS is out there available for everyone if we choose to see it, and how ANYONE can choose to create ANYTHING in their lives no matter how “adverse” the circumstances might seem…

...then please, target away!!! Because I believe that message is worth standing up for.

Stop BS-ing yourself with affirmations that don't work

Stop BS-ing yourself with affirmations that don't work

Here's a peek into my manifesting journal.

Sometimes uber-positive isn’t the way to go -- meaning you shouldn't just PLASTER your mind with affirmations that are sugary-sweet. 

You won’t believe it anyway and it won’t work.

Subtle wording makes a big difference to you being able to feel and buy into something -- so try using some of what I call "gradual change manifesting statements". 

They are more forgiving, allowing you to open your mind and heart gently to what you want, instead of shocking the system and just shutting it down.

This is how you can quit wasting time on fake "mindset work" that doesn't actually get you anywhere... and start actually shifting toward more of what you want.

  • I'm figuring out what I really want to do
  • I'm opening to guidance
  • I love that I can choose exactly what I want to do with my life!
  • I'm enjoying the process and releasing so that the next steps can come to me
  • I trust everything is unfolding in due time exactly as it's meant to
  • Every day I connect more strongly, openly, deeply, lovingly, expressively with who I really am, what I have to say, what I'm here to do, what makes me happy, expressed and fulfilled
  • I'm inviting in internal and external guidance on my true message / mission / purpose
  • I'm allowing myself to blossom and learn and try things and trust and relax and receive
  • I am relaxing, releasing, enjoying the process and trust that I am taken care of and everything is unfolding exactly as it's meant to
  • I am open to my highest purpose and joy and expression

Wanna learn more about my manifestation practices that actually work and can create REAL RESULTS in your wealth and success experience WITHIN DAYS or even just HOURS?

Go to the Money Magnet Journal & Crash Course NOW.

Awakening Unexpected Sources of Money

Awakening Unexpected Sources of Money

Have you ever put a ton of work into something and it just never really... takes off?

Let me tell you the story of one of my entrepreneurial projects that, at first, disappointed and failed me, and then TOTALLY CAME TO LIFE as a complete surprise months later.

SPOILER ALERT: This is what unexpected magic can happen if you stop PUSHING & FORCING, and take the time to align your THINKING and your MINDSET! (and here's how)

So, prior to finding THIS, Hello Shiny Life, my real soul-aligned business, I was constantly brainstorming, buying domains and starting up new things. Coming up with names, designing logos and product offerings...and then doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it to actually get the idea out there.

I did a lot of fun and cool things (like an interior design blog and sold room makeover packages, which I did all over London where we were living at the time, and designing jewelry which was on the verge of getting picked up by hip boutiques in Toronto), all of which didn't flop or anything, but I always stopped because I just lost the fire and never felt compelled to really follow through.

All this time as I was experimenting and thinking each time THIS IS THE ONE!, and then quickly moving on... I was working jobs that I hated and getting more and more DESPERATE and URGENT to actually find/create success on my own terms.

But I didn't know how and I was trying "everything" and just feeling like more and more of a crazy person and a failure because I couldn't follow through on anything.

THE FIRST TURNING POINT was when I finally decided to commit to SOMETHING. I wrote for 60 days straight on my natural and ancestral health blog. And then leveraged that body of work into freelance writing and journalism gigs, which allowed me to quit my corporate job and go traveling full time! Woohoo!

Except... after that the blog just sort of sat there! And, even though I had broken through to one level of my BIG DREAM LIFE, I was still making just a modest amount of money and knew I wanted to create even MORE freedom with greater cash flow.

When I built the blog I had spent tons of time finding all of these affiliate products (physical & info) that I thought were great, and tying them into blog posts and making little banners for them etc. But even though I had these cool freelance gigs that were funding my lifestyle, none of that blog work had ever directly amounted to anything. 


This was when I realized I had created a totally AWESOME freedom lifestyle and I needed to take my message BIGGER because I knew there were tons of other people wanting to do this, and I had the skills and vision to guide them through the process. I started taking myself seriously and took my ideas about conscious living to the next level, applying them to MONEY, SUCCESS, and MYSELF AS AN ENTREPRENEUR.

IN SHORT --- I invested in a mentor and discovered the power of MONEY MINDSET and WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS WORK.

Guess what, suddenly lots of those old affiliate links I had put on the blog MANY months earlier, all of a sudden started making money! Literally unexpected payments showing up in my bank account (HELLO DREAM!)

  • It was literally my ENERGY and BELIEF and VIBE that made this happen, I hadn't touched that blog for ages.
  • And I ended up making tens of thousands that year just from random unexpected traffic to those old links.

So - wanna learn how to do exactly that same process that can wake up sources of money you had never even though of, bring new income opportunities and shift your money energy FAST?

The Money Magnet Journal bundle is designed to do just that. I put in everything I know about rebooting your money vibe, to take you from zero to hero.

With a Crash Course training, daily weekly and monthly money ritual templates, and many more breakthrough tools, seriously people, GET IT NOW.

Sara from my community has jumped in and is already seeing results! So awesome!!

Full lifetime access to the training, tools and templates that you can use NOW to create rapid shifts, plus continue using again and again every day week and month, is available for a complete no-brainer price.

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The overlooked step that kills manifesting

The overlooked step that kills manifesting

You’ve got BIG DREAMS girl, of course you do, that’s why you’re here, duh!!

And depending how far you’ve come with actually ALLOWING YOURSELF to want those things, you may have even started with some strategic “manifesting”.

You’ve probably heard that a great way to CREATE the results you want is to WRITE THEM DOWN DAILY.

And while that’s totally true…you could write a wish list every day for years or decades and never get it — if you don’t do this OVERLOOKED STEP.

The thing is, you might think you want something SUPER FIERCELY (let’s say it’s a new home). You might even actually legitimately WANT the new home, more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.

But you’re not able to manifest or receive it because, while you’re devotedly writing down your wishes every day, your subconscious mind is sending out just-as-strong if not stronger signals for THE OPPOSITE.

Consciously you’re thinking and writing “By February 2018 we’re living in a beautiful new home in the perfect neighborhood with space for the whole family and a beautiful garden” etc etc…

Subconsciously your mind is saying “How the F am I going to make that money… We can’t afford those mortgage payments… Is it greedy to want a bigger house, we could just make do… That garden will need lots of maintenance, who’s going to do that, I don’t have the time!” etc etc…

The net effect is that the conflicting subconscious messages skew your positive intentions, like a scrambler on a radio signal, and they don't go through. Boo!!

So the OVERLOOKED STEP of manifesting is this: Don't just blindly plow onward and then be disappointed when your desire doesn’t happen.

LISTEN TO and DEAL WITH those subconscious fears so that you can fully clear the path to create and receive what you want.

So the process goes like this:

  • Get a piece of paper (sideways works best), draw 3 columns. In the first column write down your desires, in the second column write down fears worries and concerns that come up for each one, and then in the third column write your responses to the fears.
  • Desires >> Fears >> Responses
  • Be really thorough and don’t censor yourself with those fears.

What then??

You might realize they’re completely irrational and they don’t matter to you at all, and expressing them has somehow made them go poof!

You might play out the fear, asking “ok then what” until you get to the ultimate worst case scenario and seeing how you would deal with it. This shines the light on the thoughts you’ve been avoiding and takes away that subconscious resistance. You see that you would easily be able to survive or respond to the feared scenarios that have been bubbling beneath the surface and confoundingly keeping your desires away.

Or you might use energetic techniques to work through the fear, such as tapping, which helps re-wire your body’s stress response to negate fears.

If you want a full walkthrough of my manifesting processes, that I’ve used to create:

  • an escape plan from my old office-bound life
  • amazing new career opportunities, and building my own dream lifestyle biz to over a quarter-mill in 18 months
  • full-time travel for a year and a half, running my business from 12 countries 
  • a beautiful home in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand
  • a healthy active pregnancy
  • freedom to travel and shop as I please

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Well, I hope this had shed some light on what you might be overlooking in your manifesting practices! Or even if you knew this before, you may have forgotten or stopped doing it. I definitely had to remind myself about this vital step recently as I've been working through a funk.

Onward and upward! Enjoy! And I'd love to hear about your manifesting adventures here in our Wealthy Wild Women community.

Thoughts on pregnancy & personal growth for awakened women

Thoughts on pregnancy & personal growth for awakened women

This is week 31 for our first baby!

Click to watch a video of my bump jumping :)

Being a highly thinking and deeply feeling person, there has been a lot of interesting emotional stuff going on. I thought I would share some of my juicy feminine unfolding thoughts during this time...

Pregnancy, like any other time of change, can be a personal growth process, or in the unexamined life can be just another challenging fear-based experience and chance to stay a victim, where you take on everything from others, believe everything you hear, and don't choose to discover and blaze your own path.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your experience if you've been there, or just on this concept in general.

I really believe in the power of women, as spiritual goddess beings of divine creation, as smart and awake human beings with curious minds and the ability to make conscious choices, and as primal animal bodies that have been giving forth and blossoming naturally since the beginning of time.

Pregnancy definitely can allow you to experience yourself in all 3 of these ways.

It's an important page in the book of the modern awakened woman who wants it all (and creates it on purpose!).

Here are some of the personal growth elements you get the chance to do, if you choose:

- draw boundaries with family
- get to know and love your body, be forgiving
- let go and surrender
- take really good care of yourself
- learn about natural health like nutrition, remedies, etc
- slow down
- consider your values, philosophy (i.e. do you research beforehand, what do you align with) 
- advocate for yourself, communicate your needs
- consider your spiritual views (who is baby, where do they come from, soul vs body…) 
- get a handle on priorities and organizing
- consider your money mindset
- moving from a girl to a woman (what does this mean?) 
- let go of inhibitions
- explore your sexuality
- learn about and experience yourself as a primal animal being


See you there,


A Little Mind Trick to Feel Rich & Attract More

A Little Mind Trick to Feel Rich & Attract More

I spent a lot of time on the toilet as a kid. Not because I had some unfortunate illness or anything, but because we were ALWAYS running out of toilet paper, and our habit was to sit on the toilet and yell "PAPER!!!" until one of the other 5 family members heard you and brought you either some toilet paper from one of the other bathrooms, or a little bit of paper towel or old christmas napkins or whatever they could find.

For whatever reason, even though we were a big busy family of 6, we were always running out of things. You'd think maybe someone would have thought of buying up a big stash of TP once a month instead of always running to the shop every few days while someone was yelling "PAPER". 

You know what actually, I know the reason.

The reason is that our family money story is programmed with total scarcity. A subconscious compulsion or limitation that only allowed us to buy what we needed at that moment or in the very short future.

Even though clearly our large family household was going to continue to need essentials like toilet paper for many years to come, the scarcity mentality kept us in just-getting-by mode. 

It's like an automatic clenching or resisting or holding back from some unexpected disaster, like running out of money. A sub-current that says "stay small, don't overspend, just get what you need to get by for now, and deal with it".

And even though I realize the toilet thing is a silly example, I honestly think it's one poignant example of a concept that trickles through the whole belief system of the family, determining all sorts of other things like stress levels, decisions, and ultimately life experiences.

The automatic just-getting-by mode persisted in my own life throughout becoming an independent adult, until I learned about the whole money story and family money programming concept, and decided to do the work to shift it.

Now I purposely engage in different behaviors that help me feel safe, free and abundant in small ways, so that I can attract more safety, freedom and abundance into my life.

So here's an example of a small habit that can help you feel that little bit more wealthy. That energy sets you up to receive MORE.

  • When you're shopping at the supermarket, purposely buy MORE THAN ONE of a few of your staple items. Toilet paper is a great example (lol), or packs of rice crackers, tablets of good dark chocolate, or cans of wild-caught salmon.
  • Those are some of the items I do this exercise with, because those are things we buy often or might even run out of mid-week and have to run to the shop for again. 
  • Then when you finish one pack, you see another one right behind it in the cupboard. 

This simple habit sets you up for more affluent living in a few ways:

  • Spending that little bit of extra money on your shopping energetically shows that you trust you have enough money to buy more than you immediately need.
  • You get a subconscious feeling of being rich and safe when you finish one pack and see that you have back-up; everything isn't always RUNNING OUT. This lets you relax just that little bit, and this vibe can filter through to other things in your life.
  • This could extend to a freedom of generosity in other situations, like when friends pop over and yes you DO have another pack of crackers to be able to serve an impromptu cheese board! And then being a gracious host makes you feel fancy and really good about yourself, and again that vibe filters throughout your day / week.

See what I mean?

The idea with this little habit is to stop clenching and relax into your natural well-being and affluence.

Does this resonate with you? Will you try this little habit? Or do you have other shifts or hacks that can help you feel more wealthy and free in your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts here in our free private Wealthy Wild Women community.

With love,

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PARALYZED? How to know what to do FIRST.

PARALYZED? How to know what to do FIRST.

In August last year, Will and I wrapped up a year and a half of travel (12 countries, some in our retro RV and some backpacking!) and arrived back in his home country of New Zealand, where we planned to settle down.

We really wanted to buy a lifestyle property to turn into a luxury homestead retreat, but weren't sure exactly where, and we needed to get some financing sorted out, so we decided to stay with family in the mean time.

Time continued to pass, we sort of wore out our welcome, but we still didn't know what we wanted to do next.

I'm not quite sure what were waiting for - a moment of clarity? The clouds to part and the perfect SOMETHING to fall into our laps?

But we kept not committing to anything - we wanted to keep our options open and regarded signing a long-term lease at a transitional rental property to be a definite no-no. At the same time we also weren't getting any clearer on where or how we wanted to buy.

We had too many options (one complication of being an entirely location-free entrepreneur!) and ended up in "analysis paralysis".

We ended up in various temporary situations - staying with friends as we checked out other areas of the country, working for room & board at an artisan gin distillery, camping over the holidays (it's summer in New Zealand at Christmas time!), renting casually from an acquaintance, and then finally staying with family again.

This whole time I was getting increasingly more anxious and dissatisfied. I really needed my own space, considering we'd been traveling for the 1.5 years prior, and let's face it we hadn't really stopped traveling yet! We hadn't unpacked our bags since June 2015!!

(I realize at one point full-time travel was my absolute and utter dream, and I'm super grateful!!!... but at one point I started getting REALLY bloody tired of living out of bags, never having our own space, and never staying anywhere longer than a few days or weeks at a time)

So finally I put my foot down and said I can't do this anymore! We're signing a lease! We can sort out the buying thing while we're living in a lovely rental, and take our time and figure out what we really want to do. We can't stay in people's spare rooms anymore. We have to make a move and commit to something.

And guess what, we found a place that we absolutely love in a stunning resort town in the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand, and we move in next week! Will we still buy property? Absolutely -- but this is our first step. We will have a home base, and unpack our bags for once, and meet people and establish a community and gain experience. And the right next step will show up in due course!

The message here is that sometimes the perfect solution doesn't reveal itself to you. It doesn't fall in your lap. You can't just wait and hope for something to happen.

YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. You just have to start with SOMETHING.

I had a very similar experience with my business - humming and hawing and dabbling in different options for 5+ years, never really committing to anything. Always hoping that the right moment of clarity would strike and somehow the perfect decision would just happen, without any risk or experimentation or evolution. Well guess what, it didn't. I had to stick my neck out and start with SOMETHING.

I ended up (on a mentor's advice) just COMMITTING to 60 days straight of blogging, without allowing myself to question or change my tune anymore. I produced 42 articles in 60 days, and things started to really shift for me. I leveraged the content I created into a writing and affiliate marketing business which allowed me to quit my corporate job and travel, and then leveraged that success and lifestyle into a multi-6-figure coaching business. 

When you start with SOMETHING, other things will start to open up for you! 

You can't just stay inside and hide and think "what if" and question every single thing and hope that it will somehow get clear for you. You have to put some skin in the game and take one step forward.

Even if you can't see all the steps (which no one ever can!), just take ONE step, and the next one will appear, then the next one and the next one.

Even if you're not exactly sure what you want, and that's what's keeping you paralyzed -- know that if you pick one thing and commit to that for now, it's not the be-all-and-end-all.

Your desires will always be shifting, you're always going to be wanting bigger and greater, as who you are as a person, and your beliefs and abilities, expand. So just choose one thing now, and move toward that. It's never going to be set in stone, and you're never going to be "done". 

And how do you know what the right thing to "just start with NOW" is exactly? There's no way to know. That's the magic of the universe baby!!

We can't precisely map out every cause and effect that every action we take will have. We just have to set an intention, and step forward in faith. Staying positive and persistent and open. It's always awkward before it's elegant -- just keep following the feel-good, and following through!

So, it's time to get BOLD!! What will YOU just get started with??

I'd love to hear from you, in our free private Hello Shiny Life community! I make it a priority to personally connect with each and every one!

See you there,