You see a lot of the stuff around the place about YOUR "WHY", and how you're supposed to have lofty visions of "stepping into your power" and "fulfilling your purpose" and "helping millions" and "creating a global impact", etc etc.

Does it sometimes make you feel like:

  • You're not fancy / spiritual / "deep" enough to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Your actual motivations and desires are selfish, simple and shallow
  • Your "WHY" isn't big enough or strong enough to PROVE that you really want it, and to justify your drive to keep going

I've totally felt that way at times, and I wanted to be real with you about the SIMPLE, TRUE reasons behind why I started my business.

Yes, I'm excited to blaze a path for other women, and be a role model, and I've totally discovered the magic of feeling fulfilled and connected to my purpose.

But the original and basic motivations for starting a location-free passion-driven business were really NOT THAT FANCY.


I got really F-ing sick of begging for holiday days

I used to HATE having to fill out a form and justify the reason I wanted a few days off, and having to explain it to my boss and hope that he would sign the form to approve my request. I would get SO SWEATY and stress about it and put it off for weeks beforehand. SO NOT SEXY!!

Like, a capable, creative, powerful, free-spirited woman like me just freaking SHRIVELS under those kind of limiting conditions. Have you felt the same way in jobs??

And then when my holiday days would actually come, it was so guilt-ridden being able to leave the office - I would feel like I'd have to stay late on the last day before my holiday started to somehow show that I was being a "good little employee" and had everything under control for the time I'd be away. When in actual fact I just wanted to run out the door early, screaming SEE YA AND GOOD RIDDANCE MOTHAF***ERS!!! :)

And actually coming back from holidays was hell as well - people asking "how was it" as if they actually cared, and then the guilt trip from the boss, and all the BS catch-up work...EUGH!! it almost wasn’t worth it to even go.

And the thing how the people in the office who don’t use their days are considered amazing, and they're the model employees, and the people like me who would take ALL MY DAYS EVERY SINGLE YEAR and even beg for some extra ones because of "family reasons" or some other made-up thing because I JUST NEEDED to be able to travel and ESCAPE more often -- people like that are totally looked down upon and considered second-rate, non-trustworthy, frivolous employees. F THAT, I say!!!!!

I wanted to have a choice around how I raise my future family

Considering all the heart-breaking horror stories I'd heard about maternity leave, and all this rubbish about how you HAVE TO CHOOSE between career and family, you can't have both, and if you do then you DEFINITELY can't have things like a hot relationship, a fit body, a social life or other passions on top of that - what are you freakin CRAZY!!

I was like sorry but actually this is ONE LIFETIME and I kinda want all of those things??

I did NOT want to be any of the 3 common types of woman you see in our society these days:
--- the harried, frazzled high-powered type-A masculinized corporate mom who "does it all"
--- the "kept woman" who sacrifices her dreams to take care of the house and kids while the husband does all the providing (and she ultimately ends up this messed-up unfulfilled martyr who wishes she would've done life differently)
--- the "free spirit" who ditches societal norms (I dig that part) and lives on scraped-together pennies and good vibes (I DON'T dig that part)

I was like, pretty sure I don't WANT to be told by someone that I have to go back to work at a certain time after having a baby? Or that I have to spend my already severely limited holiday days on staying home when my kid is sick?? F THAT!!

And yes I DO want to be able to spend a random Wednesday making finger puppets or splashing at the beach, instead of shipping my wee ones off to some germ-infested daycare. (or if I do ship them off, it's because I chose to, so I could have time for my own pursuits and passions, and NOT because I was forced to just so I could spend 9+ hours a day at a job!)

I wanted the flexibility to run my own ship, make my own decisions, pursue my passions AND create a great income to contribute to our family (and maintain my independence)...

While slowly but surely building up my life so I can actually HAVE IT ALL. (Yes, I'm a crazy big-dreaming greedy bitch!! And I love it!! Don't you wanna be one too??)

I didn't want to wait forever to have a fulfilling "important" job, or a good income

I didn't wanna burn the years of my life away (my glorious youth!) climbing some crappy arbitrary ladder trying to gain someone else's approval before I could finally make some decent money, and do something that feels important in the world.

I had heard of this thing called "6-FIGURES", which was like the untouchable amazing atmospheric level at that time, and I was like, I think I want that! (Little did I know I would blast past and double it in just a year - whaaaat!!)

SO -- all this goes to say that you're allowed to want what you want.

Your desires are 100% valid. And I know they're rising up and burning in your heart and you almost can't take it anymore!!

I know you're ready, and I want to help you make the magic happen! Click here to learn more about life-changing success programs & coaching.