In August last year, Will and I wrapped up a year and a half of travel (12 countries, some in our retro RV and some backpacking!) and arrived back in his home country of New Zealand, where we planned to settle down.

We really wanted to buy a lifestyle property to turn into a luxury homestead retreat, but weren't sure exactly where, and we needed to get some financing sorted out, so we decided to stay with family in the mean time.

Time continued to pass, we sort of wore out our welcome, but we still didn't know what we wanted to do next.

I'm not quite sure what were waiting for - a moment of clarity? The clouds to part and the perfect SOMETHING to fall into our laps?

But we kept not committing to anything - we wanted to keep our options open and regarded signing a long-term lease at a transitional rental property to be a definite no-no. At the same time we also weren't getting any clearer on where or how we wanted to buy.

We had too many options (one complication of being an entirely location-free entrepreneur!) and ended up in "analysis paralysis".

We ended up in various temporary situations - staying with friends as we checked out other areas of the country, working for room & board at an artisan gin distillery, camping over the holidays (it's summer in New Zealand at Christmas time!), renting casually from an acquaintance, and then finally staying with family again.

This whole time I was getting increasingly more anxious and dissatisfied. I really needed my own space, considering we'd been traveling for the 1.5 years prior, and let's face it we hadn't really stopped traveling yet! We hadn't unpacked our bags since June 2015!!

(I realize at one point full-time travel was my absolute and utter dream, and I'm super grateful!!!... but at one point I started getting REALLY bloody tired of living out of bags, never having our own space, and never staying anywhere longer than a few days or weeks at a time)

So finally I put my foot down and said I can't do this anymore! We're signing a lease! We can sort out the buying thing while we're living in a lovely rental, and take our time and figure out what we really want to do. We can't stay in people's spare rooms anymore. We have to make a move and commit to something.

And guess what, we found a place that we absolutely love in a stunning resort town in the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand, and we move in next week! Will we still buy property? Absolutely -- but this is our first step. We will have a home base, and unpack our bags for once, and meet people and establish a community and gain experience. And the right next step will show up in due course!

The message here is that sometimes the perfect solution doesn't reveal itself to you. It doesn't fall in your lap. You can't just wait and hope for something to happen.

YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEP. You just have to start with SOMETHING.

I had a very similar experience with my business - humming and hawing and dabbling in different options for 5+ years, never really committing to anything. Always hoping that the right moment of clarity would strike and somehow the perfect decision would just happen, without any risk or experimentation or evolution. Well guess what, it didn't. I had to stick my neck out and start with SOMETHING.

I ended up (on a mentor's advice) just COMMITTING to 60 days straight of blogging, without allowing myself to question or change my tune anymore. I produced 42 articles in 60 days, and things started to really shift for me. I leveraged the content I created into a writing and affiliate marketing business which allowed me to quit my corporate job and travel, and then leveraged that success and lifestyle into a multi-6-figure coaching business. 

When you start with SOMETHING, other things will start to open up for you! 

You can't just stay inside and hide and think "what if" and question every single thing and hope that it will somehow get clear for you. You have to put some skin in the game and take one step forward.

Even if you can't see all the steps (which no one ever can!), just take ONE step, and the next one will appear, then the next one and the next one.

Even if you're not exactly sure what you want, and that's what's keeping you paralyzed -- know that if you pick one thing and commit to that for now, it's not the be-all-and-end-all.

Your desires will always be shifting, you're always going to be wanting bigger and greater, as who you are as a person, and your beliefs and abilities, expand. So just choose one thing now, and move toward that. It's never going to be set in stone, and you're never going to be "done". 

And how do you know what the right thing to "just start with NOW" is exactly? There's no way to know. That's the magic of the universe baby!!

We can't precisely map out every cause and effect that every action we take will have. We just have to set an intention, and step forward in faith. Staying positive and persistent and open. It's always awkward before it's elegant -- just keep following the feel-good, and following through!

So, it's time to get BOLD!! What will YOU just get started with??

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