I spent a lot of time on the toilet as a kid. Not because I had some unfortunate illness or anything, but because we were ALWAYS running out of toilet paper, and our habit was to sit on the toilet and yell "PAPER!!!" until one of the other 5 family members heard you and brought you either some toilet paper from one of the other bathrooms, or a little bit of paper towel or old christmas napkins or whatever they could find.

For whatever reason, even though we were a big busy family of 6, we were always running out of things. You'd think maybe someone would have thought of buying up a big stash of TP once a month instead of always running to the shop every few days while someone was yelling "PAPER". 

You know what actually, I know the reason.

The reason is that our family money story is programmed with total scarcity. A subconscious compulsion or limitation that only allowed us to buy what we needed at that moment or in the very short future.

Even though clearly our large family household was going to continue to need essentials like toilet paper for many years to come, the scarcity mentality kept us in just-getting-by mode. 

It's like an automatic clenching or resisting or holding back from some unexpected disaster, like running out of money. A sub-current that says "stay small, don't overspend, just get what you need to get by for now, and deal with it".

And even though I realize the toilet thing is a silly example, I honestly think it's one poignant example of a concept that trickles through the whole belief system of the family, determining all sorts of other things like stress levels, decisions, and ultimately life experiences.

The automatic just-getting-by mode persisted in my own life throughout becoming an independent adult, until I learned about the whole money story and family money programming concept, and decided to do the work to shift it.

Now I purposely engage in different behaviors that help me feel safe, free and abundant in small ways, so that I can attract more safety, freedom and abundance into my life.

So here's an example of a small habit that can help you feel that little bit more wealthy. That energy sets you up to receive MORE.

  • When you're shopping at the supermarket, purposely buy MORE THAN ONE of a few of your staple items. Toilet paper is a great example (lol), or packs of rice crackers, tablets of good dark chocolate, or cans of wild-caught salmon.
  • Those are some of the items I do this exercise with, because those are things we buy often or might even run out of mid-week and have to run to the shop for again. 
  • Then when you finish one pack, you see another one right behind it in the cupboard. 

This simple habit sets you up for more affluent living in a few ways:

  • Spending that little bit of extra money on your shopping energetically shows that you trust you have enough money to buy more than you immediately need.
  • You get a subconscious feeling of being rich and safe when you finish one pack and see that you have back-up; everything isn't always RUNNING OUT. This lets you relax just that little bit, and this vibe can filter through to other things in your life.
  • This could extend to a freedom of generosity in other situations, like when friends pop over and yes you DO have another pack of crackers to be able to serve an impromptu cheese board! And then being a gracious host makes you feel fancy and really good about yourself, and again that vibe filters throughout your day / week.

See what I mean?

The idea with this little habit is to stop clenching and relax into your natural well-being and affluence.

Does this resonate with you? Will you try this little habit? Or do you have other shifts or hacks that can help you feel more wealthy and free in your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts here in our free private Wealthy Wild Women community.

With love,

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