You’ve got BIG DREAMS girl, of course you do, that’s why you’re here, duh!!

And depending how far you’ve come with actually ALLOWING YOURSELF to want those things, you may have even started with some strategic “manifesting”.

You’ve probably heard that a great way to CREATE the results you want is to WRITE THEM DOWN DAILY.

And while that’s totally true…you could write a wish list every day for years or decades and never get it — if you don’t do this OVERLOOKED STEP.

The thing is, you might think you want something SUPER FIERCELY (let’s say it’s a new home). You might even actually legitimately WANT the new home, more than you’ve ever wanted anything else.

But you’re not able to manifest or receive it because, while you’re devotedly writing down your wishes every day, your subconscious mind is sending out just-as-strong if not stronger signals for THE OPPOSITE.

Consciously you’re thinking and writing “By February 2018 we’re living in a beautiful new home in the perfect neighborhood with space for the whole family and a beautiful garden” etc etc…

Subconsciously your mind is saying “How the F am I going to make that money… We can’t afford those mortgage payments… Is it greedy to want a bigger house, we could just make do… That garden will need lots of maintenance, who’s going to do that, I don’t have the time!” etc etc…

The net effect is that the conflicting subconscious messages skew your positive intentions, like a scrambler on a radio signal, and they don't go through. Boo!!

So the OVERLOOKED STEP of manifesting is this: Don't just blindly plow onward and then be disappointed when your desire doesn’t happen.

LISTEN TO and DEAL WITH those subconscious fears so that you can fully clear the path to create and receive what you want.

So the process goes like this:

  • Get a piece of paper (sideways works best), draw 3 columns. In the first column write down your desires, in the second column write down fears worries and concerns that come up for each one, and then in the third column write your responses to the fears.
  • Desires >> Fears >> Responses
  • Be really thorough and don’t censor yourself with those fears.

What then??

You might realize they’re completely irrational and they don’t matter to you at all, and expressing them has somehow made them go poof!

You might play out the fear, asking “ok then what” until you get to the ultimate worst case scenario and seeing how you would deal with it. This shines the light on the thoughts you’ve been avoiding and takes away that subconscious resistance. You see that you would easily be able to survive or respond to the feared scenarios that have been bubbling beneath the surface and confoundingly keeping your desires away.

Or you might use energetic techniques to work through the fear, such as tapping, which helps re-wire your body’s stress response to negate fears.

If you want a full walkthrough of my manifesting processes, that I’ve used to create:

  • an escape plan from my old office-bound life
  • amazing new career opportunities, and building my own dream lifestyle biz to over a quarter-mill in 18 months
  • full-time travel for a year and a half, running my business from 12 countries 
  • a beautiful home in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand
  • a healthy active pregnancy
  • freedom to travel and shop as I please

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Well, I hope this had shed some light on what you might be overlooking in your manifesting practices! Or even if you knew this before, you may have forgotten or stopped doing it. I definitely had to remind myself about this vital step recently as I've been working through a funk.

Onward and upward! Enjoy! And I'd love to hear about your manifesting adventures here in our Wealthy Wild Women community.