Have you ever put a ton of work into something and it just never really... takes off?

Let me tell you the story of one of my entrepreneurial projects that, at first, disappointed and failed me, and then TOTALLY CAME TO LIFE as a complete surprise months later.

SPOILER ALERT: This is what unexpected magic can happen if you stop PUSHING & FORCING, and take the time to align your THINKING and your MINDSET! (and here's how)

So, prior to finding THIS, Hello Shiny Life, my real soul-aligned business, I was constantly brainstorming, buying domains and starting up new things. Coming up with names, designing logos and product offerings...and then doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it to actually get the idea out there.

I did a lot of fun and cool things (like an interior design blog and sold room makeover packages, which I did all over London where we were living at the time, and designing jewelry which was on the verge of getting picked up by hip boutiques in Toronto), all of which didn't flop or anything, but I always stopped because I just lost the fire and never felt compelled to really follow through.

All this time as I was experimenting and thinking each time THIS IS THE ONE!, and then quickly moving on... I was working jobs that I hated and getting more and more DESPERATE and URGENT to actually find/create success on my own terms.

But I didn't know how and I was trying "everything" and just feeling like more and more of a crazy person and a failure because I couldn't follow through on anything.

THE FIRST TURNING POINT was when I finally decided to commit to SOMETHING. I wrote for 60 days straight on my natural and ancestral health blog. And then leveraged that body of work into freelance writing and journalism gigs, which allowed me to quit my corporate job and go traveling full time! Woohoo!

Except... after that the blog just sort of sat there! And, even though I had broken through to one level of my BIG DREAM LIFE, I was still making just a modest amount of money and knew I wanted to create even MORE freedom with greater cash flow.

When I built the blog I had spent tons of time finding all of these affiliate products (physical & info) that I thought were great, and tying them into blog posts and making little banners for them etc. But even though I had these cool freelance gigs that were funding my lifestyle, none of that blog work had ever directly amounted to anything. 


This was when I realized I had created a totally AWESOME freedom lifestyle and I needed to take my message BIGGER because I knew there were tons of other people wanting to do this, and I had the skills and vision to guide them through the process. I started taking myself seriously and took my ideas about conscious living to the next level, applying them to MONEY, SUCCESS, and MYSELF AS AN ENTREPRENEUR.

IN SHORT --- I invested in a mentor and discovered the power of MONEY MINDSET and WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS WORK.

Guess what, suddenly lots of those old affiliate links I had put on the blog MANY months earlier, all of a sudden started making money! Literally unexpected payments showing up in my bank account (HELLO DREAM!)

  • It was literally my ENERGY and BELIEF and VIBE that made this happen, I hadn't touched that blog for ages.
  • And I ended up making tens of thousands that year just from random unexpected traffic to those old links.

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Like my old blog randomly coming to life, you never know what can happen! You might surprise yourself! See you inside!


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