Here's a peek into my manifesting journal.

Sometimes uber-positive isn’t the way to go -- meaning you shouldn't just PLASTER your mind with affirmations that are sugary-sweet. 

You won’t believe it anyway and it won’t work.

Subtle wording makes a big difference to you being able to feel and buy into something -- so try using some of what I call "gradual change manifesting statements". 

They are more forgiving, allowing you to open your mind and heart gently to what you want, instead of shocking the system and just shutting it down.

This is how you can quit wasting time on fake "mindset work" that doesn't actually get you anywhere... and start actually shifting toward more of what you want.

  • I'm figuring out what I really want to do
  • I'm opening to guidance
  • I love that I can choose exactly what I want to do with my life!
  • I'm enjoying the process and releasing so that the next steps can come to me
  • I trust everything is unfolding in due time exactly as it's meant to
  • Every day I connect more strongly, openly, deeply, lovingly, expressively with who I really am, what I have to say, what I'm here to do, what makes me happy, expressed and fulfilled
  • I'm inviting in internal and external guidance on my true message / mission / purpose
  • I'm allowing myself to blossom and learn and try things and trust and relax and receive
  • I am relaxing, releasing, enjoying the process and trust that I am taken care of and everything is unfolding exactly as it's meant to
  • I am open to my highest purpose and joy and expression

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