This is week 31 for our first baby!

Click to watch a video of my bump jumping :)

Being a highly thinking and deeply feeling person, there has been a lot of interesting emotional stuff going on. I thought I would share some of my juicy feminine unfolding thoughts during this time...

Pregnancy, like any other time of change, can be a personal growth process, or in the unexamined life can be just another challenging fear-based experience and chance to stay a victim, where you take on everything from others, believe everything you hear, and don't choose to discover and blaze your own path.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on your experience if you've been there, or just on this concept in general.

I really believe in the power of women, as spiritual goddess beings of divine creation, as smart and awake human beings with curious minds and the ability to make conscious choices, and as primal animal bodies that have been giving forth and blossoming naturally since the beginning of time.

Pregnancy definitely can allow you to experience yourself in all 3 of these ways.

It's an important page in the book of the modern awakened woman who wants it all (and creates it on purpose!).

Here are some of the personal growth elements you get the chance to do, if you choose:

- draw boundaries with family
- get to know and love your body, be forgiving
- let go and surrender
- take really good care of yourself
- learn about natural health like nutrition, remedies, etc
- slow down
- consider your values, philosophy (i.e. do you research beforehand, what do you align with) 
- advocate for yourself, communicate your needs
- consider your spiritual views (who is baby, where do they come from, soul vs body…) 
- get a handle on priorities and organizing
- consider your money mindset
- moving from a girl to a woman (what does this mean?) 
- let go of inhibitions
- explore your sexuality
- learn about and experience yourself as a primal animal being


See you there,