A little while ago I booked my second trip around the world for 2017.

Will and I are going to the UK for his brother’s wedding, and afterwards spending 4+ weeks galavanting around the Mediterranean (Greek Islands, Croatia) as a family holiday and to celebrate his dad’s 60th.

We will have our little 8-week old baby in tow! (currently 37.5 weeks along, still cozy in my tummy)

A couple months ago I flew to Canada as a surprise for my own dad’s 60th bday.

It’s no small feat to be able to be able to see the people you love and go to important events, when you’ve chosen to live in the farthest corner of the world (New Zealand)!

And honestly I used to worry about this a lot, a few years ago when I was working full-time corporate while DREAMING and PUSHING to become a successful entrepreneur. 

TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR (and now I've upgraded to just WHENEVER I WANT) was a non-negotiable I set way back then to be able to see family around the world, especially to celebrate special times. And just to be able to live as global citizens and travel whenever the inspiration strikes.

(ABOVE: me with my 3 sisters and Dad at his surprise 60th bday party! How cute is my dad!)

So, not only did I dare to ask for the finances I need to be globally mobile, but also the time and location flexibility. My business comes along in my laptop bag, and much of it is / can be automated when I need or want to.

I’m super grateful that this is now our reality (and has been for the last couple years while we’ve been running our location-free businesses from 12+ countries!)

But I also think, DUH, OF COURSE this is my reality!

I mean, I asked for this. Even before I really knew about conscious creating and wealth consciousness and all that stuff, deep down I believed I could create it somehow and if I wanted it I could have it.

(EVEN THOUGH I HAD NO IDEA HOW it was going to happen)

What about you?? - what’s the BIG non-negotiable you want in your life, that you maybe hardly believe is possible? But you KNOW you’re meant for it?

It’s up to you to raise your standards, create that vision for your life, and the energy and the balls it takes to get there.

You just have to be bold enough to ASK.

I’ve distilled the process I use to get clear, ask for, and receive everything that I want into a CRASH COURSE and daily, weekly and monthly manifesting rituals (with easy templates).

That's my passion, my purpose and my zone of genius [First Name], to create PRACTICAL TOOLS that walk you through a transformation process, and make that quantum leap a no-brainer. Like you don't even know it's happening, but your power is ignited and your energy is shifted forever.

I know that MONEY is one of the areas where you're craving a shift, a reality swap, a quantum leap...

To create that FREEDOM and travel round the world whenever you want! And all those other shimmering desires that live in your heart! You have them for a reason!

And I wanted to let you know that the Money Magnet Crash Course & Manifesting Journal is NOW AVAILABLE.
It's a really cool bundle of laser-focused trainings and practical resources, specifically designed to get you out of your OWN WAY, and let money IN.

You can use the journal and templates again and again, and continue to learn bigger and deeper concepts as you absorb the content, so let’s just say it’s worth multiple multiple times your investment.

Grab your copy now (with instant lifetime access including future upgrades as the program keeps getting better and better) 

Here's what's inside...

You can complete the trainings & wrap your head around everything in 1-2 hours, and start implementing right away (then dive deeper & continue evolving as you implement)

  • Intro Training Video How to use the package for the best results
  • Money Magnet Crash Course Video including specific exercises
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  • Daily Money Magnet JournalFill in just 1 quick page a day for BIG SHIFTS.
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Plus 3 exciting bonus resources which you can discover here.

You can definitely do this!! Get access now, and put aside just 1-2 hours to get out of your own way with the Money Magnet Crash Course. Then start implementing your new powerful money energy immediately with the manifesting templates and Journal. GO!


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