In case you didn't know, I'm just about 9 months preggo with a big ol' muscley baby who regularly punches me in the liver and needles my cervix with its tiny baby fingers. (a very weird thing to have happen from the INSIDE...)

But I've been wanting to do a photoshoot, to celebrate pregnancy, to use for my brand message (sacred feminine + big success!), and for upcoming books I have planned.

This morning, I wanted to do nothing more than surrender to the blob and stay in my sweats and slippers. It's cold here and I didn't want to put on the cute outfits I'd planned. Really I could hardly conjure a smile. Partially the cold weather, and partially because the end of pregnancy is getting a bit emotionally rocky and I'm just kind of over it.

BUT -- the weather was looking good (well, cold, but at least clear and sunny) and I'd bought fresh flowers which aren't going to last much longer. AND -- I'm gradually getting to true whale status and probably REALLY won't want to be eternally captured in photos for that much longer.

So there was the inner battle.

"I reeeeeally don't feel like it"
"Yeah but when else are you gonna do it, you really SHOULD just get off your butt, have a shower and do the photos"

Do you have these inner battles often, when you want to show up and do the work?

Like maybe even on a daily basis?

I think it's a really common experience for us boundary-pushing creative visionaries, because we're always looking to the next level and challenging ourselves. 

Here's what to do when you just don't feel like it...

Ask yourself:

:: Do I value the result? Will I be disappointed if I don't get the result? If you REALLY desire the end result, but can't be bothered taking the action... there's your decision made! If the desire is strong enough, you'll do it no matter what.

:: Is taking this action necessary for my message and mission?For example, even though I could've just said f*** it I'm not doing's important to me that my brand is known for women celebrating themselves, getting out of their comfort zone, creating powerful feminine success etc... so these photos were a MUST.

:: Am I walking my talk? Think about the ideal version of you, the one that is the face of your art, your creation, your brand. Would SHE do it? If you want to really embody that best version of yourself and in fact feel like you ARE her, like you're becoming that person you really want to be, make the decision from that place.

:: Would letting myself off the hook actually feel GOOD?Sometimes we think we need to rest or take time off or have a nap or eat the chips or whatever... but you have to ask yourself (and answer honestly), is it the kind of "self care" that actually makes you feel GOOD, or in fact makes you feel like crap? Sometimes showing up and doing the work gives you MORE energy than resting, and is in fact what you needed. (In the end I did feel pretty energized and creatively expressed after today's photoshoot!)

:: Is there a way I can do it that feels more aligned? Your resistance COULD be legitimately because you're "shoulding" yourself into something that isn't really aligned with your desires / path / zone of genius / current priorities. A slight adjustment might allow you to actually get out of the funk and feel good about your next steps. For example, I was originally talking to a number of pro photographers about doing my preggo shoot, and I was going to do an overnight trip to a shoot location. This wasn't feeling exciting... so I pivoted the plans, and got my partner Will to do the photos instead, and we did them at home / around home, instead of doing a big trip. That felt more aligned with where my energy and priorities are at now.

In the end... if you're committed, to your message, your self-expression, your mission... you might hum and haw for a bit but in the end you'll schlep across a poop-covered field when you're 9 months pregnant wearing a silk gown and carrying flowers, in hardly-above-freezing weather.

I asked Will to take this all-too-real behind the scenes photo just for you :)

Yup, that's a giant poo.

Here are a couple (un-touched!) sneak peek photos...

Aren't they fun?? We got some really varied shots!

So -- the important point here is that you need to be able to KNOW what's really aligned and important. When it's better to say "F*** it" and chill out... or when you should show up and push through.

I have the perfect tool that you can use to tune into your inner voice that tells you what's important and what's not... to find your inexhaustible inner power... to keep that unshakeable confidence and determination FLOWING... not to mention, shape your work intentionally so it fits with your life.

This is all part of what we do in the 7 Day Success Breakthrough.

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