For me, making conscious informed choices and creating my life experience exactly as I want it to be is a very HOLISTIC thing -- it's not just about business, not just health, not just lifestyle, not just money, not just spirituality... it's absolutely all of those things and pregnancy is obviously an important part!

Being able to raise a family with unapologetic, joyful freedom and abundance, in alignment with our unconventional earth-connected values, is one of the CORE motivators for why I've created my business -- and that possibility, that choice, is something that is so important for me to share with other women who also have their own bigger vision and don't want to settle for the norm.

A really important part of this journey for me has been to purposely create robust physical and emotional health so I could handle pregnancy, birth and recovery like a boss, and set baby up with the best start possible.

I believe that if you create a good foundation with nutrition, education, mindset work and the right support environment, then you have that much better of a chance of having the pregnancy & birth experience that you want. That way, it's not leaving it up to "luck", or "good genes", or some other element of chance. It's purposely setting up the body and mind for success.

I've been completely bold and stubborn AF in saying how I want things to go and not letting any element of this become negotiable.

So for me/us that looks like absolutely prioritizing nutrient-dense clean food and home cooking (to the point of spending what some might say is a ridiculous amount of money for 2 people, and an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen, feeding ourselves the best we know how)...

It looks like reading and referencing probably at least 20 books about healthy fertility, holistic midwifery, safe natural childbirth, conscious parenting, and such topics...

Researching countless articles on what supportive practices are harmful or beneficial, like herbs, essential oils, teas, supplements, self-care rituals, exercises, etc...

Completing doula training, antenatal classes, hypnobirthing classes, and going to lengths to find a midwife who resonates with our research-based non-interventionist philosophy (aka, a woman's body knows what it's doing so respect it and let birth happen)...

Deciding on home birth even though we live a 3.5-hour drive from the nearest hospital and have been subtly and not-so-subtly told by people who care about us that it's a stupid idea...

And finally spending many hours journaling, visualizing, meditating and collecting inspirational stuff on Pinterest to cultivate a mental state of complete trust and surrender.

(of course I'm not in denial that my soul path / the universe may have different plans that I don't know about, and things might not go "to plan" -- it's ok, you don't need to warn me :) but while acknowledging that, I'll continue to strongly keep my sights on what I want, proceed with the assumption it will go that way, and then surrender to the flow of what is)

Here are some of the specific things I'm doing (some of them I've been doing for months) to take great care of myself and create the most wonderful, peaceful, safe experience:

:: eating 6 dates a day during the last weeks of pregnancy (many women swear by it)

:: using an organic skin-nourishing oil to prevent stretch marks and prepare the perineum area

:: applying 12 sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium spray daily (prevents cramps like nobody's business, and I reckon sets up muscles for strong effective performance)

:: drinking a whole pot of Preggo Tea each day, after leaving it to infuse for at least 8 hours overnight (a blend I made with organic raspberry leaf, nettle, alfalfa, peppermint, dandelion leaf - this blend supports effective uterine muscle power, prevents hemorrhage, and does about 268 other good things)

:: sleeping 8.5-9.5 hours a night (thank you freedom business for allowing me to do this!)

:: drinking homemade bone broth a few times a week

:: sitting on a large swiss ball to strengthen my core and align my pelvis

:: doing a bit of casual yoga each day being sure to incorporate cat-cow, child's pose, and breathing exercises

:: wearing orange glasses every night to increase my melatonin production (which supports good sleep, balanced hormones, and the best healing & recovery possible for the body)

:: taking supplements like prenatal DHA, vitamin D3, kelp, a zinc blend, a high quality probiotic, food-based vitamin C (and no I don't take folic acid or iron!!!!!)

:: drinking water that has been filtered, re-mineralized, alkalized, hexagonalized, energized by our Waters 500 Bio filter

:: going for walks nearly every day

:: wearing natural fiber clothing as much as possible

:: using no conventional commercial cleaning or bathing products (just clean, crunchy homemade stuff)

:: cooking in cast iron, ceramic, glass and using stainless or wood utensils (trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible)

:: eating a ton of fats like avocado, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, nuts and seeds, free range eggs, olive oil

:: finally, choosing not to have any ultrasound scans, doppler, cervical/vaginal checks, or invasive testing (just one set of initial blood tests, and then peeing on a stick, manual palpation and listening with a pinnard at each midwife appt). And of course NO drugs will be entering my or baby's body during labor/birth!!!

I guess the point is, if something is important to you, or you WISH you could have some outcome (in any part of your life), don't stop at any lengths to get it / create it!!

Don't leave it up to chance, don't settle for something less than what aligns with your values and best potential.

Do what it takes to educate and prepare yourself, and support your body, mind and energy to create the result you want. Doggedly and non-negotiably, to the end, amen.

I hope this is in some way useful or inspiring to you, and feel free to pop into our Wealthy Wild Women community to share some of your practices that help you create the health / lifestyle outcomes that you want :)