How often do painful moments from the past, stop you from taking joyful, inspired and aligned action now?

And how much are these wounds totally FUNKING UP your power and attraction energy to get to the next level, even if you REALLY want it and believe you’re ready?

Like the time you told everyone you were launching your best business idea ever, but 6 weeks later it was side-lined once again and you had to explain...

Or when you invested in a course you swore would be the magic ticket, but didn’t take any action and felt disappointed in yourself and embarrassed about wasting the money...

Or when you put something out there to the public or on social media, got no response, and, mortified, promptly retreated back into your shell...

The problem is that as humans we’re programmed to make our past experiences translate into MEANING. It’s how our brain keeps us SAFE.

We don’t want to experience that pain, discomfort, embarrassment again… so even though the past is long-gone, we carry around the programmed patterns and responses.

We make our past results mean something about ourselves. We assign not only meaning but IDENTITY to them.

“Because I didn’t make any sales of that package, that means I suck and am not good at what I do”

or maybe “No one understands what I’m trying to say”

or it must mean “There’s too much competition in my market and I don’t stand out”

or “I don’t know the right trick yet and I’m missing something and can’t figure it out”.

I have to say, I pretty much thought and believed ALL of these things when I first wanted to turn my expertise into a coaching business!!

That’s the problem, we observe what is “real" and think that what we see in the external world is true, that it's the limit, that we have to play within those lines, that that’s “life”.

THE TRUTH IS we are energetic beings and 99.9% of reality is unseen.

We just have this shitty paradigm at the moment where we have to “see it to believe it” and that’s the end of it. But is it the end?? I choose to play by different rules.

Why do we live by the 0.01% of the universe that we can actually perceive? With our limited senses and filtered perceptions? You KNOW there is more to you, and more out there for you.

We can choose to become aware of the programmed patterns and responses and emotions. If you can see them, observe them, and choose to respond differently, you literally become a different person.

You quantum leap onto a different timeline where your experiences don’t repeat themselves but you can actually CREATE what you want.

You can build your future based on your desires, not on what you currently believe is true about yourself or your past results. What has gone before doesn’t have to MEAN anything about you, or your abilities, or your path.

And you don’t have to go through some long process to get to that different dimension. All it takes is to see those patterns, and in observing them, they are dissolved. In the present moment and in the infinite possibilities of the future, wanting and believing something makes it real.

You want enquiries flowing in every day?
You want to have multi-5-figure months?
You want to feel on fire and magnetic in your own skin?
You want to be an admired leading expert in your field?

If you want it, and you’re not pulling up that tired old evidence of why you can’t be, then IT IS, YOU ARE, NOW.

The truth is you already have access to EVERYTHING you want now, if you can detach from the 0.01% of visible reality and those ingrained past stories and rules.

You can’t always see these things yourself, and you can spend years looking for them, chasing the missing piece.

Join me for an IGNITE intensive to shine the light on the unseen vows, rules, identities you’re tied up in.

I can intuitively see your energetic state, where your BS is currently lording itself over you…and how to flip it and reverse it (as Missy Elliott would say).

It's a bite-sized, low-priced, rapid-impact new way to work with me.

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:: Map out your income streams
:: Become bigger than your BS and get out of your own way
:: Believe everything you want is possible for you, like for real
:: Know what you’re doing every day and that the momentum is BUILDING
:: Snap out of the defeating mindset and discover your magic
:: Have a game plan that feels powerful & exciting
:: Get your actions into integrity with what you really want
:: Turn your everyday life's stories, passions & interests into an endless stream of magnetic content that sells your offers
:: Dial up the impact of everything you write, say and do

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