Here’s how to stay stuck & frustrated. Most likely, chances are, you're doing it!

Here's a hint:

Your breakthrough WON’T come from finally figuring out what's wrong with you.

How much time have you spent trying to figure out what you're missing, lacking, doing wrong??

And because of that constant circling and searching, ou're feeling confused, tired, unproductive and not having any FUN at all. (not to mention not creating results)

The truth is, if you want to break through in terms of your art, your creation, your lifestyle, your productivity, your mindset, your belief, your purpose, the people you attract, your income, and how you FEEL every single day...

You do NOT need to know what the "problem" is first.


Because what you look for you’ll find.

Because then you’re self-identifying as having "A PROBLEM" which creates exactly the wrong effect on the mindset and the direction you WANT to be moving in.

Because you simply don’t need to know what it is or to put a label on it in order to fix it!!

We just loooove to look for …

- our ‘blocks’ - against creativity, money, whatever

- the right thing to focus on and the right thing to do next

- the gaps in our message

- what’s wrong with our sales pages or other bits & pieces

- what we're missing in our self care

- where we’re not really reaching our audience

- where our ‘target market’ is wrong 

- what's the “right price” to make pricing comfortable for others

- why we're tired, burnt out, not inspired

- what’s out of alignment

- what else we need to know

- what we need to be keeping up with

- what MORE we need to be DOING

It's likely you've been spending MORE TIME looking for the gaps and problems with all of the above, than actually doing anything that feels inspiring, that expresses your art or your purpose, that serves your people, or that brings you income.


You don't need to tear the old house apart bit by bit, and find all the issues, and renovate every room.


(the house = your life, your reality, your daily experience!)

I know that the right people (the most incredible, creative, READY TO ROCK talented women) will see this.

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So -- quit looking for what's wrong, and start CREATING what's RIGHT!

Lovingly and fearlessly,

Liivi xx