I've spent a lot of time focusing on what I lack (or think that I lack).
Wishing I was more like ___ whoever.

This is something that comes up again and again.

And each time I have to remind myself that EVERYTHING is within my reach and within my power.

If I find myself moping around feeling stuck and wishing I had more creative ideas coming to me...


I can ASK for alignment, clarity, inspiration, opportunities, divine downloads, intuitive connection, clairvoyance.

I can ASK for the way I want to feel (inspired and on fire!)

If I'm feeling disconnected with my message or my audience and wondering why I'm not seeing the results I wanted --

I can ASK for the people I want to work with, and the response to my work.

I can ASK to express my unique gifts.

I can ASK to be uber valuable and in demand.

If I'm feeling jealous and discouraged when I see what another entrepreneur has achieved --

I can ASK for my audience to grow by tens of thousands this year.

I can ASK for my stuff to go viral.

I can ASK for massive book deals.

And the list goes on.

You just have to flip that mental switch from "woe is me", feeling that you're downtrodden and "without" and stuck and incapable...

...To HOLD ON A SECOND I have the divine power to ask for and create and experience WHATEVER I want.

It's SO MUCH EASIER to do that when you know who you really are, know what you really want, and what your gifts are in this lifetime.

I know that the right people (the most incredible, creative, READY TO ROCK talented women) will see this.

I’ve just been guided to open up 3 spots for a VERY exciting 1:1 transformation for the month of August.

We will hone RIGHT IN on your truest divine gifts, your hottest immediate action steps, and the deepest belief in your worth & value which will EXPLODE your attraction factor and create instant results.

This is the deepest, highest, most freaking awesome way to connect and we will be creating BOOM instant breakthroughs and you will not recognize yourself come September.

  • 5x 1:1 sessions
  • Recordings
  • Intuitive downloads, ideas, journaling exercises, meditations, inspiration and no-excuses butt-kicking sent to you between sessions to LOCK IN your quantum leap
  • Detailed trainings, inspiring masterclasses and resources laser-prescribed from each session (although you’ll get ACCESS to all my Transformational Treasure Box goodies, you will NOT need to wade through tons of content, because when you’re ALIGNED you have ALL the answers, just like SNAP)
  • 30 days of email coaching support including written help with your sales pages, content, promos etc. to dial up the attraction factor
  • Personal audio/video/written feedback on your brand, content, website, sales page
  • Private mastermind: You’ll get connected with the other 2 ladies for mastermind support and you’ll become an inseparable posse who RISE TOGETHER — we will mastermind together on a private FB messenger thread that will be life-shifting AF

Enroll here, 3 spots only. GO.

(When you enroll you'll receive pre-work to get started on NOW!!)

So -- quit looking for what's wrong, and start CREATING what's RIGHT!

Lovingly and fearlessly,

Liivi xx

PS - And if a more bite-size package feels right for you right now, check out the IGNITE intensives.