If you're here, you're obviously a multi-talented creative woman. Maybe you write, or knit, maybe you create beautiful recipes, maybe you build or carve things, or plan events... whatever it is.

Making your passion and your craft into your BUSINESS is such an amazing thing to decide to do for yourself - HOWEVER there's also a major dangerous TRAP you can fall into.

Recently I noticed I was funneling or FORCING all of my creativity into being JUST for my business.

I wasn't "allowed" to do anything else fun or creative unless it was making graphics, coming up with content ideas, writing inspirational pieces, etc...

It burnt me out and I felt like the spring had run dry. I learned from my reading meanderings and was told by a few different spiritual practitioners that I was basically SWEATSHOPPING my inner child, my creativity... which has the exact opposite effect that you'll hope it has.

IN OTHER WORDS -- sitting in front of your screen hammering yourself to come up with something clever, unique, creative, inspiring, meaningful...

It's NOT going to work.

So -- you have to let yourself make and do and play just for FUN as well.

Like, allow yourself time to do something that is NOT connected to money-making! GASP! I know!! How will you EVER catch up and get everything DONE??

Well, if you give yourself (and your inner child) space for this you'll find the juice flows a lot easier when it IS time to write that daily post or whatever it is. In fact great ideas will probably just come to you randomly and you'll be needing to scribble them down before they escape you.

Lately I’ve made fun tassel earrings, ordered other jewelry-making supplies, set up my electric piano & ordered some music books, made an herbal salve, done some coloring, and made some stone chakra healing bracelets.

It's 100% crucial that you allow yourself time and space for this, NO GUILT ALLOWED.

Choose one action step and SHARE BELOW!! Will you go out and buy some supplies? Set up a creation area? Book some time?

Do you already do this for yourself? How do you find it affects your satisfaction, productivity and happiness?