I'm tired of seeing women sharing their achievements with this element of "surprise" and using this almost-apologetic gratitude to make others more comfortable with witnessing it.

Like "OMG, I'm sooo grateful that this happened, and then this too, wow, I can't believe this is my life, how did this happen?? Teeheehee, I'm so lucky and blessed and privileged and honored!!"

I'm not saying we shouldn't appreciate everything good we have and receive and create (OF COURSE we should appreciate the F out of it, all the time!!) but there's a difference between only being allowed to express it via this gushing-gratitude type of message...and truly owning it, without apology.

What about saying "YES I DID CREATE THESE RESULTS and this life, and I know exactly how I did it and I invested the energy and the PUSH and worked through the fears, doubts, blocks, and OF COURSE THIS IS NOW MY LIFE." #owningit!!!

The other thing that's annoying is using achievement or results as a veiled sales tool. LET'S COME OUT WITH IT! YES WE ARE SELLING STUFF. That's how we support ourselves and our families, and share our gifts and allow others to experience them. There is nothing wrong with that! Loud and proud!

The more we own it and are ok with sharing it, the more we communicate that there is ENOUGH TO GO AROUND. It's not shameful to HAVE. We all want abundance in all areas, can we show each other how we ROCK IT and therefore open the doors for others to follow in our path?

I KNOW you want the same results that I've created, or at least a similar level of BELIEF, POWER, CHOICE, FREEDOM, so that you can create your own version.

And thus I'm taking it upon myself to shamelessly share my results and freedom here, to inspire you, and show you what's possible, and transfer the YES to you!!

((Even though, as I write this, I'm feeling the shame and guilt come up! What will they think of me, showing off and flaunting and repeating myself over and over? I've told these stories so many times! What will people who DON'T have this think? Some people aren't ready to hear it, they want to stay in victim mode and make excuses about why it's never possible for them! And what about people who are MORE successful (by whatever measure) who read this, will they think I'm an unjustifiedly arrogant idiot?))

But whatever, yup, I'm doing it anyway.


I've gone from a full-on desperate unhappy office worker, counting pennies and hating life, to...

:: Creating multiple income streams online, some automated some not, to keep money coming in and maintain flexibility

:: Just under a quarter-mill cash received, in 18 months

:: Experiencing multi 5 figure months, weeks and weekends

:: Funding 15 months of travel to 12 countries, NOT on a shoestring, actually enjoying ourselves and being free and spontaneous

:: Being able to move to my country of choice (New Zealand!) with my business running seamlessly

:: Providing my partner an income and platform to grow his passions and interests, and allowing him to be at home with me and baby shmoopy who will be born any day now!

:: Being invited to participate in multiple online summits and being interviewed (aka feeling super cool and being recognized as an expert and leader)

:: Launching and selling 1:1 coaching, a membership community, mastermind groups and passive income products

:: Having the freedom to experiment in my business and adjust and change course to do what feels good (no being stuck with one thing that get tedious or uninspiring)

:: Doing fancy photoshoots and traveling to high-profile events with industry experts (although now I'm VERY happy to just chill at home for awhile, it's ok for desires to change!)

:: Investing in all the courses and books that I want #learningjunkie always learning!!

:: Working with women everywhere, and growing an audience of thousands

:: Travel around the world to celebrate special events with family

:: Live my life the way I want as I've been growing a human these past 9 months (no shlepping to work! I don't know how people do it!)

>> Importantly, underneath all of these "tangible" results, becoming someone who is self-aware, awakened to my own emotions and eternal being and truth and wisdom, in touch with the universe, tapping into my power, and constantly stepping closer to full alignment and flow and potential! (THIS is the best part, the underlying magic, that NEVER gets old and which always leads to the next magical step in life!)

And yes I'm SUPER STOKED and it is amazing to have created this, and sometimes I look around and think HOLY F!! But most of the time I think "OF COURSE I CREATED THIS". On some level I always knew it was possible and it was coming. There was no other way, in fact. And I feel that way still now about everything else that is coming, even though it feels far away and I have no idea how to get there. IT'S MINE AND IT'S INEVITABLE.

Now, as a closing thought -- sharing success without shame or apology does NOT have to be about huge big crazy stuff!! It's just about boldly stepping to another level that might challenge the norm for others. And yes it might invite confusion, criticism, or any number of other uncomfortable responses. It can be as simple as "I'm not drinking for 6 months because I love and respect my body". Or (this one is topical) "I had a GREAT birth experience, it was beautiful and no I'm not traumatized".

Basically we are breaking the trend of relating through suffering and fear and hardship and struggle...and instead making it ok to relate to each other through ideas, expansion, joy, love, possibility.

NOTICE YOURSELF this week - are you censoring from sharing your successes?

Joining in on the complaint and pity party because it's more comfortable for everyone?

Immediately "apologizing", justifying or downplaying in some way when someone recognizes something good, admirable, powerful about you?



PS - if you want to OWN IT, right now, like this week, I mean all of it, your energy, your power, your vision, your accomplishments... GET IN THE 7 DAY SUCCESS BREAKTHROUGH.