If you've been interested in doTERRA but cringe at the thought of "hassling" friends and family to build your business...

We've created a (mostly passive) income stream from doTERRA using ONLY our blog and social media, which pays our rent and more! 🤩🤑

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.29.57 PM.png

We do things very differently from most network marketers!! We have not approached, sold to, or convinced a single person - all of our team members come from online, from people who willingly join with no stress, effort or pressure from us. Then if they are keen we teach them our fully-online approach so they can make income too, with complete integrity and no ick factor.

Also, this is only ONE of our many income streams... it's kind of like a bonus or an icing on the cake. Our lives are in no way fully devoted to this, we're not evangelists! It just provides a steady trickle of income which has helped us through times when we're not creating a whole lot of active income (like when traveling, or when we had our baby Isla!)

I think this is the ideal way to do network marketing, and a smart way to add an income stream to your business or lifestyle, with a super cool natural high-vibe product to boot.

Although I will still never actively sell to anyone, I think it's my duty to share that this is an option, which anyone can do, from scratch.

If you're interested in joining us and learning from us, check out some details here or send me a message.