HOW ARE YOU SPENDING THE DAYS OF YOUR LIFE (and how do you WANT to spend them)

(((And before you say “well that’s nice for some” - STOP, because you DO ultimately have the choice and the power to make a change.)))

Most people’s priorities and values probably look something like: 

spend time with family, eat good food, look after yourself, spend time outside, travel and spend time in beautiful places, do hobbies… 

and somewhere near the bottom of the list is: do work that feels like work, ie the work that you just have to do to “get by” and sort of settled into because of necessity or just how life seemed to go

But if you compare their priorities vs the proportions of how they spend their time, THEY ARE PRETTY MUCH COMPLETELY OPPOSITE.

A typical lifestyle these days looks like: inordinate amounts of time spent working (not to mention the time spent getting to and from work, and time thinking/stressing about work), and everything else just sort of gets crammed in, in depressingly tiny quantities, and inadequate quality. Like just a few weeks of frantic holiday-ing a year, and guilt-ridden “me-time” once a month if you’re lucky, and the minimal “quality time" spent with the people you care about MOST actually feels FORCED because your brain is elsewhere, lamenting or stressing about whatever.

And that’s what we’ve been taught and trained to expect and accept, and we’ve just gone along with it.

Well, I’ve dared to believe that something different is possible, and have demanded that and done the work to create it. 

IMG_0947 2.JPG

The way I spend my days is pretty much in line with my priorities! And the time I spend “working” is sort of just “chronicling” the rest of my life, because that’s what it’s my job to do.

BUT — the typical way of life is what you have to do to be “responsible"

And you have to be responsible to be successful.


BUT — if two of the main measures or indicators of success are money and happiness…

And you can get MORE of BOTH of those with my way...

Then —

Why not short circuit the system. Pattern interrupt!!

Come unlearn other stories and false beliefs, revamp your mindset, your energy, and your LIFE…