For a long time I felt like there was a missing piece. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and never work for anyone else or be told what to do every day.(Working in an office with a boss really got under my skin!!!)

But I really thought there was some secret strategy I needed to learn, or ultimate clarity that I needed to wait for, or perfect idea I needed to research and plan out.

Turns out I was MEGA standing in my OWN way...but I didn't know it.

Turns out my WHOLE APPROACH, my every action, my very EXISTENCE was way off the mark, and basically REPELLING SUCCESS.

At one point I got so desperate to be free and make money using my skills and potential, that it became a NOW OR NEVER situation. Like I had physical PAIN from keeping myself away from this dream. I thought I was trying everything... but turns out all of that was a total waste of time!

Wanna know how I finally escaped that STUCK & FRUSTRATED point, and got to actually thriving in a business based on my most joyful skills and gifts?

There are specific shifts you need to make which will take you from WANTREPRENEUR, to the woman for whom success is INEVITABLE.

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