Are you a coach, consultant, teacher, healer offering services online? DO YOU WANT MORE CLIENTS? 

Here's how to find coaching clients on Facebook for free, without paid ads.

Putting myself out there really felt like a challenge at first. I’ve noticed that this is a tough one for a lot of people and many of my clients have been entirely clueless about this (until I got to them, that is!)

As much as it feels fun to create a beautiful website and an amazing product or program, and then sit and wait for people to come, that gets old pretty fast.

You have to actually show up where people are, share good stuff and become perceived as an expert consistently.

Wondering how to do that?

Here are the basic steps to achieve consistent visibility. This is exactly what I did to create a $12,407 month within 90 days of deciding to create a coaching business.

• choose your platform - for most people this should be Facebook groups! And you need to be in other people’s groups, not just your own! (Also, hint: Posting on your OWN Facebook business page does NOT get you visible on Facebook!)

• show up 2-4 times per day in a few different groups - don’t just choose groups where it’s obvious that your people are. Think about underlying problems your client could be having which would lead them to work with you. For example, a health coach shouldn’t just hang out in enlightened healthy living groups where the already health-conscious ladies are. They would be better off finding their peeps in weight loss, acne or digestive support groups, since these immediate pain points expose their need for a health coach, even though they may not know it yet.

• create posts in Evernote before logging into Facebook, rather than sitting there getting overwhelmed seeing what everyone else is posting. Write your posts after reading or meditating and getting in the zone with what you want to say.

• rotate posts between groups, and keep track of where you’ve already posted them. Tweak them a bit to suit that group, change up the headlines, change up the images. But don’t reinvent the wheel every single time!

• re-use good Facebook posts for other things, such as blog posts, newsletters, freebies and even paid course content

• save great posts that you love and use them almost like an auto-responder sequence when you join a new Facebook group!

When I finally got over myself and really put an effort into getting visible on Facebook, my business took off like a ROCKET SUPERNOVA. I get 100% of my clients from Facebook!

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