You can make this year the year it ALL CHANGED!!

In the second week of October 2015, I had only JUST started working with a success coach to finally bring all of my ideas and skills together into something cohesive that I could communicate and sell.

I had no brand, no website, no list, no community, no package to sell, and obviously no clients. NADA!!

So, how the freak did I get from there... to here??

I remember talking to my first-ever personal coach around the beginning of October 2015, and asking questions like "who the F is going to want to buy what I have to offer?" and "shouldn't I get another certification first for more credibility?"

My brain felt like a mushy mess and I totally couldn't see the path ahead of me. But, one thing was FOR SURE. I was completely 100% determined.

Come hell or high water, I decided that it was my time and I was going to make this happen. I dug into my emergency savings and invested the most I'd ever spent on anything at that time, to work with a coach who had done what I wanted to do.

I was going to turn my lifestyle, my beliefs, my message and my divine gifts into a lifestyle coaching business that I could run from anywhere, on my own time, with unlimited income potential.

I knew I had a lot to offer, having rapidly built a blog and online writing business to the point of quitting my job and traveling full-time. Will and I were living in our retro RV roadtripping Canada and the States.

I knew that other people wanted to leverage their skills and expertise online so they could earn their worth on their own terms, and since I'd just done it I was in the perfect position to help people wanting to follow my footsteps.

I'd spent the previous 5+ years as a "wantrepreneur", using free blogs, podcasts and webinars to try to patch together a business. I had training and experience in creative industries (interior design, publishing) and in holistic empowered living (health coaching, doula) plus a TON of self-taught learning on tech and online marketing...

But I didn't have the confidence in any of my ideas to actually invest time or money in taking the right steps forward.

Now as a paid journalist and writer I had a solid basic business model which I loved but the income was very limited, tied to the hours I could spend writing. I was ready to go bigger. I had a bigger message and I was so excited about sharing it with other visionary women looking for a way to live an unconventional life.

Through a serendipitous Facebook ad I discovered a fresh approach to coaching which combines business strategy with lifestyle, spirituality and femininity. I knew this was the perfect culmination of my skills and gifts, and that I could bring my own twist with travel, holistic earth connection and my other personal passions.

In discovering the concept of online coaching, it was like something I had always known came to life before my eyes. I loved the idea that it's possible to be a sensual, creative, juicy, fully expressed, divinely feminine WOMAN, and also be luxuriously RICH.

(and the beauty is, ANYONE who has a story/life experience, and therefore resulting expertise to share, can do this to help others on their journey)

I had never wanted to be any of the 3 common types of woman you see in our society these days:
:: the harried, frazzled high-powered type-A masculinized corporate mom who "does it all"
:: the "kept woman" who sacrifices her dreams to take care of the house and kids while the husband does all the providing
:: the "free spirit" who ditches societal norms (I dig that part) and lives on scraped-together pennies and good vibes (I DON'T dig that part)

So - long story short, I became ignited with an intense desire to share everything I had learned with others and create a coaching business so I could do that.... and the desire was so strong, I finally overcame my own fear and humming&hawing and decided to hire an expert to help me. It became a now-or-never situation!!

Something finally pushed me over the edge - I was going to get over myself and get help with this. I dug into my emergency savings and moved heaven and earth to work with a coach whose message excited my soul. I remember I was sitting in a camping chair near our RV when I pressed the "Pay Now" button...and I could literally feel the energy of the universe pulsing around me as I did it. I was so excited!!!!

Working with a coach was the best decision ever, because I could finally get out of my own head, voice all of my ideas, have a dedicated space to work on my dreams, and learn from someone who had been there.

I finally got dragged out of my shell and forced to take action on my desires. (isn't it amazing how we hold OURSELVES back??)

The months that followed were filled with soul-searching, desire-defining, money mindset reprogramming, crying, mantras, journaling intensive work on creating my brand, message, website and signature program, and cranking hardcore on visibility.

And then by December 29th 2015 I was sitting at the dining table at a villa we rented in Mexico, staring at the calculator on my phone and saying "OMG, I made over $12,000 this month!!!!"

So less than 3 months after the idea of creating a coaching business blinked into my awareness, I had created over $12k.

I continued to doggedly pursue personal expansion and business growth, investing over $70k into training, coaching, personal development and events in just a handful of months.

This commitment allowed me to:
:: Make over $175k within 10 months of starting
:: Sign 8 clients in 11 days
:: Book 53 breakthrough sessions in one week
:: Launched 2 group masterminds and a membership
:: Fully book my 1:1 coaching practice
:: Travel to world-class cities for retreats, conferences and masterminds
:: Have incredible personal branding photoshoots
:: Make awesome friends in the industry - my current program has 9 guest experts!
:: Run my business from 12 countries this year
:: Spend a month in a Mexican surf town and a month in Thailand
:: Move to New Zealand on my own schedule, not because of a job or financial limitations
:: Pursue my passion of learning about lifestyle business in New Zealand on my own schedule
:: My next dream is to take the vision EVEN BIGGER with an immersive earth-connected oasis retreat here in NZ, plus books, a product line...

The point is - you can do this too.

Maybe not on the exact same timeline, or with the same steps - but with my guidance you can certainly navigate the journey!!

You just have to break the initial friction, that paralyzing fear that works against your big-dreamer soul to keep you small and safe.

I'm not special, or lucky, or uber-smart (although I AM pretty freaking cool ;)) ... I don't "know people", and I certainly wasn't given "handouts" or shortcuts...

The only thing I did was finally realize / admit that:
:: I couldn't get clarity and navigate the action steps to my dream freedom business on my own (I had tried for over 5 years and had little to show for it) -- I needed someone outside my crazy brain to help me! Not just to clarify my message and strategy, but also see where my MINDSET & BELIEFS weren't serving me, and help me reprogram them (this is exactly what I now do with my clients!)
:: My fear wasn't of spending the money to get professional business help. My fear was of MYSELF... fear that I wasn't good enough, or fear that I couldn't follow through.
:: I realized that all my fears weren't fears of anything REAL, but in fact just fears of uncomfortable feelings, and that I had nothing to lose but my own fulfillment and joy...and more days of my life.

I realized that waiting to have the perfect idea or perfect plan before getting feedback and dedicated help from an expert was the dumbest idea ever. As I waited and waited, the pain and disconnect between my desires and potential, and my external reality, kept building and building.

It's just about deciding you want it bad enough!

One year (or less!) from now, you could be here! I'm here to help. For breakthrough personal development, clarity, confidence and marketing strategy... Check out my success programs for visionary entrepreneurs and let's get started.

Have a beautiful upcoming week gorgeous!

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