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  • set up your business from scratch including systems, packages, marketing and mindset (or revamp your existing "meh" business with a juicy feminine vibe)

  • finally figure out your thing & how to capitalize on it

  • get excited and aligned with your purpose

  • destroy procrastination forever & find your inspired flow

  • distill your genius into marketing hot-words that explain what you do, so people get it, see the value, and want to pay for it

  • get confident with creating content that is easy for you and sells your stuff

  • feel professional in your business with the set-up you need (and nothing you don't)

  • go location-free with your new awesome high-value offerings

  • create multiple income streams so your life can stay flexible

  • change your money mindset so you can welcome in abundance

  • break through & create your first big income months!

Dream Biz Bootcamp

  • 8 weeks February 6th to April 2nd, 2018
    • Get my full Success Alchemy System of 25+ trainings - Set up your biz from scratch including systems, packages, marketing, mindset all with a JUICY FEMININE VIBE
    • Weekly coaching and Q&A call - for Personal Intuitive Instruction of what is tripping you up and what you should do next
    • Weekly Biz Clarity / Guidance / ACTION-TAKING module,
    • AND weekly Spiritual Queen Mindset module
    • Specific worksheets, templates and fill-in-the-blank guides to get you clear and getting shit done effectively and efficiently (no more million-hours-a-week working on your business with nothing to show for it)
    • Weekly office hours Q&A thread in our private FB group, if you need extra support
    • ENROLL BEFORE DEC. 25TH and receive lifetime bonus access to the Money Magnet Journal and 7-Day Success Breakthrough programs! You'll be able to already create mega shifts with these programs before our official start in January.
    • Receive transformational intro work as soon as you enroll
    • INVESTMENT: $5k paid-in-full, or 3 monthly installments of $2k
      • Unlock more content with each installment!
      • Pay in full and get a private 60min deep-dive coaching session!

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