Let's end the fear and overwhelm, and get started on an action plan, NOW!

You know you're SO ready to escape that soul-crushing 9 to 5 and start living your dream life working from your laptop.

But you need a clear roadmap to success.

Maybe you're not sure what your business will be about, or how to get started the right way so you don't waste any more precious time!

This is your ONE LIFE - let's get this shizz rolling, girl!!

On the call we will:

get to know more about you, your vision and your natural gifts,

clarify your goals, questions and roadblocks, and uncover your next steps!

If we are resonating beautifully, we will talk about the possibility of further work together!

You'll walk away with a massive HIGH VIBE, and a fabulous outlook for the future, knowing you can make your dream life HAPPEN, FAST!

step 1: fill out the questionnaire below, and click "SUBMIT".

step 2: on the following page, you will see a link to schedule your call time.

IMPORTANT: Complimentary Clarity Calls are reserved for women who are serious about working 1:1 with Liivi and are ready to invest now. 

In order to qualify for a session, you must:

1. Desire to create and run your own business as an online coach, consultant or blogger.

2. Not have registered for a session previously (one per person please).

3. Have reviewed Liivi's private mentorship program page and determined that you really want to work 1:1 together!!

4. Be a badass queen who is ready to step into her power and do what it takes to make shit happen!!

Clarity Call Questionnaire

Thanks for taking a sec to fill out this quick questionnaire!

It'll help me get to know more about YOU in advance, so I can come to our call ready to serve you to the best of my ability! If we resonate well together and I know that I can help you, I may offer you the opportunity to become one of the clients I take on 1:1 this month.

Do you desire to become an iconic coach, consultant or blogger, and are ready to invest in the 1:1 support you need to grow your business?
If you answered "not right now", please do not proceed with the questionnaire. At this time, sessions are reserved for women who are READY to make BIG MOVES!!
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