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Holistic, happy & Healthy Podcast

with Deanna Deacon from Vitality Pure and The Soulful Sisterhood

Balancing your feminine & masculine energies to receive more abundance in every way

Inviting in abundance is an incredible tool to welcome more happiness, health & wealth into your everyday life.

Gone are the days that we need to work our assess off simply to ask for a raise from our boss who will likely point out 10 reasons why we don't yet deserve it.

It's no longer about working the hardest to earn the most money...things have shifted and it's time us sisters shift with it too!

Abundance is a soulful practice; an opportunity to connect deeply within yourself, trust in your faith and open yourself up to receive.

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The Feminine Purpose Masterclass

with Meagan Ruppert of Ascending Circles

7 Steps to Your Soul-Powered Success Breakthrough

  • How to STOP frantically throwing spaghetti at the wall and desperately trying "all the things"
  • How to take control of your mind with simple actionable steps
  • How to get unstuck by aligning your energy and mindset with what you really want

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Wild and Creative Masterclass

with Sarah Marie Thompson of Wild and Creative

  • My journey and making the big leap
  • Benefits of recalibrating your energy and clearing out as much as you can regularly
  • Being an abundance magnet
  • How to add more magic into your life
  • Creating brilliance in your life with abundance, gratitude, creativity
  • What doubts and fears I come up against

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She Bosses Interview Series

with Jenn Morgan from Soul Filled Yogi

  • When did you first know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? 

The first inkling was one day in the first year of university, when I was sitting on the floor of my dorm room studying. I had enrolled for a range of courses that were intended to lead into law school. I'm from a very doctor-lawyer-engineer type family, so I just sort of followed suit by default. But then I had a 'flash of knowing' that I was going to be desperately unhappy in the lawyer rat race, working long hours under someone else's dominion. I hate being told what I can and can't do, so that was the launching point from which I decided to pursue a more independent and creative path. I became an interior designer, then a health coach, then a conscious living, personal development and online biz expert! It was far from overnight success (I worked multiple jobs in many industries and different countries as I continue to work toward my dreams) but the most motivating factor was having to sweatily beg my bosses for days off to do family/social stuff or travel. That kept the frustrated fire burning and pushed me to continue trying to figure things out, until I finally got there.

  • What has been your biggest failure? What did you learn from it? 

Last year I planned a weekend-long workshop event in San Diego, and went to some major effort to market and prepare for it, including crafting sales materials and booking a suite, a photographer and a guest speaker. I was traveling in Asia at the time and was planning to fly to the States for a mastermind retreat and a conference, and I decided to do the San Diego event to earn the money to "pay for" my trip. Basically I was motivated by scarcity that I couldn't afford the trip, and that I needed to 'punish' myself or make up for my spending by filling my schedule to the absolute brim and hosting this event. Well, surprise surprise, NO ONE signed up for my event. I had several people interested and even some personal calls, but no commitment or payments. I was bummed and self-critical.... but then I realized that I had planned the workshop out of guilt, and what I felt I 'should' be doing in my business, not what I really wanted to do. What I WANTED to do was have that suite all to myself, relax for the weekend, and do a nice new branding shoot with the photographer! And that's what I did! So, the big takeaway is, be honest with yourself about what you really want, take action out of love not out of fear, and don't beat yourself up about 'failures' which actually align more with your true desires. :)

  • Do you consider your business a sacred business? Why?

I definitely do, for a few reasons. Firstly I recognize in myself the questioning and relentless boundary-pushing of an 'awakened' person. That desire to do something different, more free and more wonderful than just fall into step with the norm of society and convention. If you're reading this, you probably know what I mean! So, through my business, it's definitely sacred to be able to connect with other like-minded people, and also validate and support those who are just discovering these ideas and bigger possibility. We're all forging a movement together and every person and little bit of effort counts toward a larger change. Also, I consider it completely sacred to be able to inspire and support women who have a bigger vision for their lives both as an individual and as a leader, partner and parent. I think it's so special that I might be able to help some gorgeous wee kids have their mum / parents at home with them to be able to raise them with intention, while also being aligned with purposeful work and making great money. Each conscious and loving relationship that I can somehow inspire or foster can have an endless ripple effect. 

  • How are you planning to grow your business in 2017? What are you looking forward to? 

My plans for this year are four-fold. I'll be expanding my brand presence by updating my website and graphics, and rolling out a multi-faceted content plan (read: more visibility with less work by re-purposing content in smart ways). I'll be working with just 2 enrollments of 1:1 private clients, one starting in February and one in August, to work around our baby who's due in July! I'll also be leveraging my FB ad and email funnels to sell passive income products, and grow my membership posse. I'm most looking forward to growing my audience and reaching more awesome peeps out there!

  • What is your #1 piece of advice for an up-and-coming female entrepreneur? 

My best piece of advice is to drop everything and work on your personal growth and mindset FIRST. Nothing you try to do (no strategy or push-button fancy tech thingy) is ever going to work if you're stuck in a poverty, lack and fear mindset. It's just so self-defeating. I didn't know that I was doing that to myself for years - and when I finally stopped trying a million strategies, and worked on myself first, everything fell in to place. I could totally harness the magic of the universe and bring people, opportunities and money toward me! And I could finally give myself permission to do what I really wanted. That's my #1 tip!


Drop the Money Struggle

with Emily Benson from Stylish & Successful and the Boost Your Boutique podcast

Fear, desperation or struggling with money? Stop worrying about money all the time with simple, actionable steps you can start doing today.


Authentic Entrepreneurs Summit

with Sazzu Hope, Success Coach

5 ways to shed fear and shine as the authentic you, so you can break through to dream clients and mega income

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Wonder Less Wander More Summit

with Kristi Candelario of Wanderpreneurs

The Success Mindset for Creating a 6-Figure Business From Your Backpack


Success without Burnout: Self-care & Holistic Health for Ambitious Women

with Niki Wells from Vibrant + Divine