discover. evolve. ascend.

introducing a new transformational success coaching experience for the unconventional woman who is ready to rise toward 6-figures with her freedom lifestyle business


discover. evolve. ascend.

introducing a new transformational success coaching experience for the unconventional woman who is ready to rise toward 6-figures with her freedom lifestyle business



A transformational success coaching experience for the woman who is ready to become a leading edge aspiring coach, teacher, healer, practitioner, consultant, leader, messenger

YOU'RE DONE waiting, pretending you’re small and inadequate, and denying your true self

YOU CRAVE THE ABILITY TO wriTE your own story and unapologetically livE your biggest, best life

SO Isn’t it time to say goodbye to the average and the mediocre, and rise into the world-class success you know is meant for you?!!


Guess what? You get to decide.

maybe it's...

  • Time to write your book?
  • Send your kids to a special school? Homeschool?
  • Go shopping on Rodeo Drive?
  • A personal organic chef?
  • Take your friends on holiday?
  • Train to be a world-class tango dancer?
  • Be a member of prestigious boards and foundations?
  • The money to take a taxi instead of walking?
  • The time to walk instead of taking a taxi?
  • 6 weeks to go on that tantra retreat?
  • The dress, AND the shoes?
  • Shop for art and rugs and antiques in exotic countries?
  • Shop small local businesses without worrying about the price?
  • Speaking on stage to thousands?
  • Running beautiful retreats in stunning locations?
  • Never having to leave home again when you don't want to?
  • Blazing a path for women and girls, and leading a global shift?
  • That yoga membership?
  • Fresh juice or flowers, delivered?
  • A new MacBook?
  • A book deal...and a product line?
  • Pay off your loan / mortgage...and build a real estate empire?
  • Being featured on TV, and in the biggest magazines?
  • An expansive lifestyle property for your gardens & animals?
  • Space for a grand piano? Your own studio?
  • Sexy date night once a week?
  • Afford special treatment or therapy for someone you love?
  • Build orphanages or schools for children in need?
  • Volunteer to save the rainforest?
  • Joining the ranks of the mentors you admire?
  • Learn how to make cheese or wine in France?
  • Sail the Caribbean in your 4-bedroom yacht?
  • A cleaner once a week? A gardener?
  • Unapologetically getting those tats you've wanted?


Maybe ALL OF IT. Maybe NONE OF IT (and make up your own). It's time to say YES. It's time to EXPAND.


you've got big potential and a message blossoming from your soul --

now you need the clarity, branding, content, community, packages & sales systems -- not to mention a kickass success mindset and manifesting power -- to bring it into reality.



goodbye mediocre, hello luminary.

goodbye mediocre, hello luminary.

I'm Liivi Hess, a Freedom Lifestyle Business Success Coach for YOU - the worldly unconventional woman with a big dream in her soul.

In 2015 I replaced my corporate income online and fulfilled my dream of full-time travel. I started coaching other women and created well over 6 figures in just 6 months, and continue to create mega-income with ease while living a designer lifestyle with freedom, intention and purpose.

I help women create fabulous success online as a coach, consultant, teacher, healer or leader. We work together using my unique alchemy of success mindset and money-making strategy, to create your premium brand and signature program, and confidently command high-end rates.

My specialty is creating the personal transformation that most women are missing, and which keeps them stuck and confused, even though they're frantically "doing all the things".

My peeps are highly intelligent, capable women who want to live a big, magical, conscious lifestyle in connection with the earth and the universe.

The Luminary Woman is my new top-tier coaching experience, which combines private coaching and personal support with an exclusive community, bringing together bright lights from around the world.

This is for elite insiders who are REALLY GOING PLACES.

You're not just creating a little online business. You're on a divine mission to create mega-magical affluence and meaning in the world.

does this sound like you?

the luminary womAn is perfect for...

  • The woman who desires to take her life story and expertise and create a premium online program. 
  • The woman who is stalled and is ready to do exactly what it takes to get to her first $5k or $10k month. 
  • The woman who is ready to rewrite her personal story and choose to create success! 
  • The woman who knows she has something BIG to do in the world and is so ready to take action, with a solid gameplan and support!
  • The woman who desires a wonderful, unconventional life and wants to command premium prices with a soulful high-value offering. 
  • The woman who is excited to contribute to a global movement of visionary goddesses breaking the mold!

you're ready for the next level...

  • You have the basics of your business set up, and have basic tech skills with website / social media / email OR be super-keen and capable to learn from me OR be willing and able to hire someone to do these things for you
  • You have your basic business idea figured out (and be ready to refine/revamp/polish/skyrocket it!)
  • You've worked with at least one free client, practice client or low-paying client. You're currently making $0-$2k per month in your business, and you've got the chops for $5k-$10k months and far beyond!!
  • You have the vision, desire and skills to offer a process or transformation to your clients, and you want to sell your flagship program for AT LEAST $2000 (ie you want to create a premium offering)

together we will:

  • discover your unique value and position you as a premium expert through authentic messaging and branding
  • grow your list and community so you're mega visible with ease
  • lock in your belief and confidence so you can become the biz queen who's rocking her life every day
  • dial up the value and attraction factor of what you're selling, so you deliver more satisfaction and transformation for your clients, while creating a bigger income for yourself



Success is inevitable

Success is inevitable

In our society, we believe we have to suffer.

We’re taught that life is short and difficult, success is limited, we can only get so far, we don’t deserve it, we have to work ourselves to the bone, and wealth is only for a limited few (mostly men)…

We think we need to work harder, stay ahead, outsmart the competition, make hard choices, CHOOSE this OR that (never both), do more, get more done, be more disciplined, sacrifice more, be more realistic…

This is all complete ballocks, and in fact will just keep you a dissatisfied and misguided bundle of mediocrity (even if you do manage to make a little money).

I believe that success is available to everyone and that if you simply decide, choose and commit to the process, you can absolutely get there — WITH more fun, flow and freedom.

I believe your success is inevitable, and i don't want any woman who has this desire to feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed or invisible.

In fact, somewhere in the deep, dark, glittering depths of your soul you’ve always known that big success was for you.

You’ve never been ok with just an average, mediocre, “normal” life, no matter how many times others tried to rein you in, or how long you tried to push your desire down.

You can totally see (and even feel!) the big shiny vision... but the problem is, it feels pretty darn far away most of the time. You feel removed from it, and stuck in a reality that is at a disconnect with what you know should be yours.

You want to step into your place as a leading-edge international coach, healer, leader and messenger — and in this program we create the unshakeable foundation of clarity, confidence, energy, purpose and belief to get you there. This limitless success mindset feeds into the strategic, tangible elements of your business, and makes them infinitely more effective!

Because it doesn’t matter how long you try to do all the right things and execute the right strategies in your businessnone of it works when you aren’t personally ready for success. 

i invite you to Become the person to whom success is simply a natural, and indeed inevitable, result of who you are

You have to energetically BE a successful 6-figure business owner before you can receive this situation into your reality. It doesn’t work the other way around — you can’t strong-arm your way in and force success to happen with strategy, without the personal transformation.

Right now you’re banging your head against the wall, trying to push or strategize your way through it, to no avail, as you get more and more frustrated and exhausted.

When you work with me, it’s like you found the hidden door to the secret garden. You release the struggle and begin to move in leaps and bounds, feeling divinely connected and guided in flow, with massive unstoppable momentum!


"Liivi, I just wanted to say that I can’t ever thank you enough.

I don’t think you will ever truly understand what you’ve done for me introducing me to so many of these concepts that have helped me back to this incredible state of well being. I know very soon I will have even more to thank you for, but right now this feeling of happiness, energy and contentment is so much more than I ever expected to gain. You’re truly a special person and an amazing inspiration. Keep spreading the magic!!! So much love for you right now lady!

Thank you, thaNK you, thank you."

- Ange Power, Online Success and Lifestyle Coach for Aspiring Entrepreneurial Mums angepower.com



"Liivi is an earth goddess who is here to heal the planet.

Her soul is so deeply connected to the earth, her clients, and what people need to move to higher ground in their life and business.

This woman is such a gift to the world and is absolutely going to the top."

- Ariel Frey, Intuitive Success Coach & Business Strategist arielfrey.com

whitley sisneros 2.png

Liivi is truly leading by example! She’s all about living the freedom-based lifestyle,

and not only has she done that for herself by traveling all around the world for the past year, but she has done it all while building a thriving 6-figure coaching business at the same time!

Liivi brings a unique combination of savvy business strategy and kick-ass mindset techniques into her coaching style,

so if you’re ready to get results fast in your business, she’s definitely someone you want to work with!

- Whitley Sisneros, Business Strategist + Success Coach, whitleysisneros.com


don't die hesitating

don't die hesitating

i spent 5 years as a wantrepreneur learning-junkie, consuming training after podcast after webinar, and never actually achieving much of anything. sound familiar?

I kept returning to the stories and the excuses as to why I couldn't be successful. I had to learn more about X, I had to wait for Y. Maybe you can relate!

The truth is that you are called here for a purpose. That burning desire you feel is actually a divine purpose that wants to manifest through you! But your logical survival-based brain makes you very good at standing in your own way.

And the longer that desire stays stuck inside, the more difficult and urgent it feels, and the more frantic and anxious you get.

Right now…

  • You feel pulled in a million directions
  • You're struggling in isolation and NOT having fun
  • You feel like you are eternally searching for the right things to do that will finally work
  • You go to bed feeling unsatisfied with a racing mind
  • You have a massive disconnect because you know you NEED to achieve your dream of income and impact with your freedom lifestyle business, yet things aren’t flowing, and you get increasingly frustrated, anxious and doubtful
  • You wish someone would just tell you what to do
  • You feel like there is a missing piece, and you have no idea what it is


Yet you’re totally craving…

  • To feel that your actions have made a difference
  • To feel clear and purposeful with how you spend your time
  • To take a deep breath and know you're moving in the right direction
  • To know that your message and story are important and valuable
  • To feel that you have an unstoppable momentum
  • To be aligned with other movers and shakers, and rising up into the ranks of the big players
  • To feel that you are on a mission or creating a movement and that others are compelled and inspired to join you
  • To know that you are a valued voice and thought leader, recognized and respected by your audience and in your industry
  • To feel connected to something bigger and know that you are on your path
  • To feel in your bones that you are rapidly becoming the woman you’ve always dreamed of being
  • To discover bigger and deeper desires every day and know without a doubt that you have the power to create what you want
  • To feel like you’ve discovered the secret and can finally have peace


Your coaching experience will be tailored to you, but here are some potential focus areas:


Stepping into Yourself

  • Discover the woman you've always wanted to be 
  • Give yourself permission to expand, blossom, thrive
  • Leave self-sabotage and playing small behind so you can claim your worth and feel comfortable taking up space
  • Allow yourself to relax into your natural feminine affluence

Irresistible Premium Packages

  • Shape your unique expertise into premium packages that magnetize your ideal clients and create mega transformation
  • Know without a doubt that your work is worth the mega-bucks 

Next-Level Visibility and Sales

  • Call your rockstar tribe toward you with strategies that feel fun, creative and authentic
  • Discover the inner truth that makes marketing and sales completely natural and effortless
  • Set up the systems to funnel ideal people into your programs while you focus on being the star of your business

Untouchable Success Queen

  • Dial into your mission and dismantle the fears that have held you back
  • Create the unshakeable success mindset of a worldclass leader
  • Create the environment and support you need to perform in your zone of genius with ease and joy every day

Unstoppable Results

  • Ditch the guilt-ridden need for self-discipline and discover your natural unstoppable productivity
  • Shed the busy work and create laser-focus on what actually moves the needle

Soul-Aligned Brand and Message

  • Steer away from cookie-cutter and get to the core of what you are actually trying to say, what you stand for
  • Upgrade your vibe from cute little newbie to the level of a powerful premium expert
  • Design the presence that really feels like YOU

Money Manifestation Makeover

  • Unearth and transform the wealth-repelling thoughts, beliefs and stories you’ve been inadvertently carrying around
  • Expand your financial comfort zone, map out the path to your ideal income, and KNOW that you can have it
  • Receive the simple yet infinitely powerful practices which keep you in money-receiving mode 24-7
  • Deeply know that you KNOW how to make BIG MONEY

Designer Freedom Lifestyle

  • Discover your Rich Values and create your Personal Calibrator to immediately raise the standard of your everyday life
  • Unapologetically set your non-negotiables and start living your best life now


You receive access to the full suite of in-depth yet laser-focused trainings in my unique 12-Element Success Alchemy System.

This allows you to learn the basics and complete transformational exercises on your own time so we can keep our coaching sessions for intensive problem-solving and strategizing.


the results? we do all of this so that you can:








become the woman you've always known you can be


make serious money


feel more aligned

have more time

unapologetically have the finer things

claim your value

experience more ease

tune into your flow

find inner peace


what's possible

Wondering what's possible? Just have a look at some of my figures since sharing my expertise as a coach.

You'll receive EVERYTHING you need, plus the personal intuitive vision and guidance, to make this your reality in 2016.

By Month 2: $12,475     By Month 4: $37,857     By Month 6: $96,013     By Month 10: $173,653


  • I reached my first 5-figure months with no paid advertising
  • Once I started using FB ads, I created a 8-9x return on the ad investment - doing my own ads (would you pay $1 to get $9 back? then keep doing it over and over again? uhh yup!!)
  • All of this has been created with no fancy systems or team

Rande went from sporadic one-off sessions to a fully-booked 1:1 practice & group program.

Since beginning to work with Liivi a few weeks ago, I have so much more clarity, direction, and momentum in my business. For the last year, I've absorbed every freebie out there on how to be a successful businesswoman and while I got a few basics down, I was definitely feeling like I was just flailing around hoping something big would happen. 

Now I feel like I'm on a solid path that's picking up speed right before my eyes.

My Facebook group is growing steadily, I'm WAY more visible to WAY more people, I'm learning how to monetize several areas of my business, AND I just signed up my first 3-month client. I knew hiring Liivi would be a good idea but watching it all unfold has been really, really magical. 

- Rande Moss, Intuitive Eating Coach randemoss.com



I’m totally inspired and creating content like crazy as I watch my business grow.

Thanks Liivi. Lucky to have you in my corner girl! 

- Lindsay Weisenthal, Transformational Business Coach soulrising.com

"Just wanted to drop you a huge 'thank you'. Your content makes sense to my brain (where so much other content overwhelms me), and signing up to receive your support was a huge shift in my path. 

For once, I'm SO excited instead of SO terrified / stressed / overwhelmed. 

I've been so freaking jazzed for DAYS. I seriously haven't felt this kind of shift in a long time."

- Private Client, Boston USA

Wow! What an incredibly talented coach Liivi is.

The moment I met her I was blown away by her charisma, determination and purpose. She’s clear on what she wants in life and carries that over in her business, encouraging her clients to do the same.

She’s built an extraordinary business while traveling the globe and is leading the epitome of a lucrative laptop lifestyle. 

If you want to learn from the woman who’s really living the dream, working from her laptop and traveling the world, she’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Liivi is a genius!

- Janelle Ladewig, Success Coach, janelleladewig.com


a person of prominence or brilliant achievement
a person who inspires or influences others

inspiration, leader, expert, master, superstar, legend

My clients are:

  • women who have woken up to a better life and the desire for something bigger and more meaningful


  • QUEENS WHO WANT TO LIVE BIG AND EXPERIENCE THE FINER THINGS UNAPOLOGETICALLY (read: you want to shed the ridiculous societal guilt around money & get really f*ING rich so you can live a fully expressed life)

  • highly intelligent, deeply feeling, worldly, multi-passionate, creative 

  • quirky, chic, earthy, mystical, feminine, BRIGHT, HILARIOUS

  • fast-moving action-takers who want to rise and excel, and will do whatever it takes to cut away from what is holding them down


  • ready to surround themselves with the best, elite, highly-committed mentors, colleagues and clients who are leading a global shift

  • savvy entrepreneurs who know that self-deprivation and indecision is the most painful place for a woman to be, because she is moving nowhere. my clients play big and make decisions quickly and intuitively


This is not right for:

  • The woman who wants to cling on to her struggle story and believes nothing will work for her.
  • The woman who wants to remain a victim or make excuses.
  • The woman who is committed to blaming others and looking for external solutions, instead of taking responsibility for her own success.
  • The woman who is shit-scared of computers and can’t tell a URL from a hyperlink.
  • The woman who just wants a quick fix and isn’t committed to do what it takes to build a REAL, SOULFUL, LONG-LASTING business.
  • The woman who is consumed by fear to the point where she won’t be ready to take action for quite some time.
  • The woman who wants tons of tech and hard strategy.
  • The woman who wants to buy another "magic pill" and sit back and not participate or do the work, then complain that "it didn't work".
  • The woman who doesn't believe in doing the inner work to affect the outer reality.

the luminary woman experience

the luminary woman experience


The Luminary Woman program is designed to meet you where you're at, and rapidly shift you into mega success.

You'll feel fully supported, inspired, transformed and in your element! My 360-degree success coaching system is here to show you what works, keep you focused and put your energy where it needs to be, with no overwhelm or time-wasting!



Signature Welcome Package so you can get started right after enrollment (this alone has created major shifts for clients, even before our first session!)

The Money Magnet Journal, a unique & simple tool I created to help you start manifesting your dreams RIGHT NOW! Just fill in one page per day!

12x 45min 1:1 Coaching Sessions, with screenshare capability. Schedule straight into my calendar! Use the sessions anytime over a period of 4 months.

The Unstoppable Success Queen Reading List of the teachers, mentors and thought-leaders it's taken me years to discover

Full recordings of our coaching calls which you can download after each session, so you never miss anything and can refer back to specific things we brainstorm!

Email coaching between sessions so you always feel supported and get in-depth personal feedback on your work (send me your mindset Q's, content & sales copy!)

Twelve rapid-fire video trainings, which are essentially a direct download of my brain! Learn directly from the videos so we can save our calls for personal stuff, transformational energy shifts, problem-solving and action steps!

Twelve super transformational workbooks, which support you to take action on everything you learn from the videos. These are truly life-changing and packed with wisdom! I have lovingly created these just for you for deep lasting shifts.

  • Behind the scenes of my best-converting Fb ad funnel to grow your list like hot cakes!

  • email system automation training to skyrocket the know-like-trust factor in your community!

  • ultimate webinar blueprint for deep connection & mega sales!

  • fill-in-the-blanks templates for your programs, packages & sales pages

  • genius list of over 40 hot writing prompts for social media / blogs / emails

  • launch calendar to make the promotion of your new package or program a no-brainer

  • specific outlines and scripts to make sales calls natural, warm, heartfelt & fun!


your cost: zero dollars.

A cost is something that is "sunk", that you never expect to see again. Investing in your business is not a cost. This is not a gamble. While there are never guarantees (duh, you have to show up, open up your heart and soul, and do the work!) there is no reason why you couldn't recoup your investment during this program, and in fact I fully expect you to do so. Plus, the ROI in personal growth and other non-monetary measures will be completely PRICELESS.

your investment

to hold yourself accountable to showing up as your greatest self, taking the leap and creating non-negotiable momentum and success under expert guidance:

4 installments of $2750 USD

$10,000 USD paid in full

Following this enrollment, the investment will be $15,000USD, so get in now.


  • Most of my clients sell their flagship package for at least $2500-3000. (We create the value, confidence, clarity, marketing strategies, content, visibility, success mindset to make this possible)
  • Do you think that you could sign 3-4 clients during our time together?? This would already cover our investment. (I know it's possible! I once signed 8 clients in 11 days, as a new coach)
  • And if you're aiming for $10k months, just one month of income will cover this incredible life-changing coaching experience. (Can you find / create $10,000 to invest in your 6-figure ++ business? Would you give $1 if you could get $10 back?)

Exclusive surprise private workshop trainings with experts in feminine embodiment and sensuality, intuition and energy, wealth creation, tech and automation, publicity, creativity and more!!

"Secret Shortcuts to Mega Publicity for your Message" with Publicity & Success Coach, livestreaming expert and TEDx speaker, Stacey Sargison Shawe

"One Hour to Unfuckwithability: Body Connection for Fierce Warrior Women" with Embodiment & Empowerment Mentor, Erin Busby

"Wealth Creation & Money Mastery for Women" with Money Mindset Mentor and High Performance Success Coach, Gabrielle Alexis Whitney

"Awaken Your Shakti Power for Expansion, Connection and Deep Peace" with Sensuality & Tantra Coach, Lillie Claire Love

"How to design a high-performance conversion process to book premium clients on autopilot & scale your business from 6-7 figures" with Online Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor, Amy Humphries

"Create a High Converting Webinar on a Budget" & "FB Ads 101" with Online Biz Strategist and Tech & Automation Expert, Whitley Sisneros

"6 Steps to Your Kick Ass Product Line: create additional income streams and build your brand" with Business Consultant for Creative Entrepreneurs, Emily Benson

"Access Your Feminine Creation Power & Connect with Your Intuition" with Transformational Intuitive Coach and Healer, Dara Steinberg

"Building and Maintaining a Community you Adore and Who Are Ready to Work With You" with Intuitive Business and Success Coach, Ariel Frey

...plus more amazing surprises to come (as if your mind wasn't already BLOWN!!!!)


A good mentor accelerates your success by sparking new ideas and holding you accountable. 




Have you ever wished you had your very own test audience so you could find out what exactly others perceive as being special or unique about you, what program or webinar you should create next, what’s the most clickable headline for your FB ad or freebie…

Or a safe space where people actually KNOW YOU and GET YOU, to ask personal questions like how to encourage support from your spouse or family, or maybe to vent when you've had a rough week?

Public FB groups don’t cut it. You want to maintain a certain expert status on social media, which isn’t achieved by asking for help or advice. So that leaves you with no one to confide in or talk REAL TALK with.

That’s exactly what you’ll get in this community. 

Ask each other to like or comment on your posts or ads to boost their visibility. Collaborate on projects, or do guest-expert trainings for each other’s programs. Have a space to shamelessly flaunt your wins, and ask for support from multiple bright minds when you can’t see a way through a challenge.

Lifetime  forever membership (complimentary, even after your package ends) in my premium community Wealthy Wild Women!!


Just when it couldn’t get any better...

For a limited time, your enrollment also scores you a ticket to a completely unique transformational 2-day retreat taking place at a private villa in California in APRIL 2017!!

We will use holistic earth-connected body-mind-spirit energy-shifting techniques and therapies to lock in your complete embodiment of the luminary woman you desire to be. Plus you’ll get to meet and bond with your kindred biz queen sisters from near and far.

This will be an unforgettable experience with far-reaching impact!

(transportation / accommodation / some meals not included)


4 installments of $2750 USD

$10,000 USD paid in full

Following this enrollment, the investment will be $15,000USD, so get in now.


how it works

Here's what happens next:

  • You complete the brief application form and click through to the booking system, where you'll choose a time for a complimentary 30-min Biz Breakthrough chat
  • We will map out your epic rise over the next few months, and get super excited about working together (if it's not a great fit or if I don't know for sure that I can help you, we part lovingly)
  • You receive your client agreement and payment link via email
  • You complete payment and send back the signed agreement, I sign the agreement too and send you a final copy
  • You receive your Signature Welcome Package and access to our community & my clients-only booking system
  • You book in your sessions whenever you want over a period of 4 months (slots in the calendar get opened incrementally)
  • We meet on Zoom for 1:1 sessions as well as monthly Luminary Women mastermind calls
  • Everything else happens via email, FB community and membership site

"Liivi exudes an amazing energy that's seemingly comprised of soul, art, poetry and transformation all in one. She defiantly holds her clients to the highest version of themselves, while guiding them through the process of finding freedom on their own terms.

Working with Liivi has helped me go from out-of-focus and out-of-touch with my business to re-inspired, re-energized and re-connected to what my passion and purpose are, and how to move forward in a way that feels amazing to me.

Liivi is uncompromising with holding your dreams in a space of reality, and she continues to lead by example in her own life. It's been a pleasure to connect with her." 

- Alexandra Covucci, Transformation & Success Coach alexandracovucci.com

Alex has since created a $10k month income with premium clients!


Liivi is a driving force that knows how to get you where you want to go with the exact steps and formula to attracting your ideal clients. 

Her expertise and experience is worth it all.  Liivi is a world traveler that represents what freedom is and she can show you how to have that too.  She is unique, down to earth, and stays true to who she is.  Without a doubt Liivi is your coach. 

- Valerie Luckett, Transformational Coach valerieluckett.com


Working with Liivi is like working with a personalized biz-focused mirror that is running at turbo speed.

For every small thought, idea and feeling I shared about moving my business forward she was able to jump in with an accessible action plan, ridiculously on-point branding words and so much motivation to inspire me to hustle!

She always heard me & agreed when I spoke about wanting every piece of my business & branding to be real, authentic and heart-centered. Liivi is a rockstar and worth the investment many times over!

- Deanna Deacon, Integrative Wellness Coach vitalitypure.com

Deanna has since booked out her 1:1 practice and purchased her dream home and property, where she plans to host workshops and retreats!


Why Work With Me

Why Work With Me

  • I understand where you’re coming from - I am an empath, intuitive and healer. My clients feel completely safe, supported and free to be themselves with me. I meet you where you are, hold space for you to rise, and unapologetically ignite a rapid ascension and alignment with your greatest vision. Plus, I am super friendly, loving, hilarious, and don’t take anything too seriously! :)
  • I do business differently - my approach isn’t about competition and discipline but rather about divine alignment, feminine creation power, flow and expansion. I won’t tell you to “be more realistic” or “do what the market wants”. F THAT! My approach actually FEELS GOOD and lights you up in a way you’ve never known.
  • I have a divine gift for bringing out the clarity and meaning in your presence and message, to help you shape it into a unique and irresistible brand and offering that fully reflects you and your gifts, and makes you feel super excited to be YOU!!
  • I see all the opportunities open to you, the possibilities within your challenges, the open doors behind your blind spots
  • Rather than influencing you to become a cookie cutter copy of someone else, I guide you to blossom as YOURSELF. 
  • I completely believe that anything is possible. Within a few minutes of speaking with someone I begin to receive visions of their talents and potential. I can already see you shining at the peak of your greatest life. I hold that vision for you and help you discover, evolve and ascend toward it.

“Liivi is a powerhouse combo of quick business wits, old soul wisdom and a fierce but feminine force that gives her a unique ability to unlock the potential in everyone she meets.

She’s able to fuse practical business strategy with the metaphysical in a way that's not only applicable, but dangerously effective. That’s why her clients get the results they do. 

But beware… beneath a glamorous shell is the kind of strength and insight that’ll peer straight through your bullshit and forge you into the kind of business woman you’ve always known was inside.

If you’re ready to step up and shine bright.. She’s your gal."

- Amy Humphries, Online Marketing Strategist & Mindset Mentor irunthisship.com


Liivi leads by example!  She stands for living a freedom-based life and has traveled around the world while maintaining a loving relationship and a thriving business! 

She has so much to offer her clients and truly walks her talk.  She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her desires and shares that determination, commitment and zest for life with her clients. 

She knows how to turn passion and authenticity into success while having fun and maintaining balance.  She’s a powerful woman and a powerful example of what’s possible!

- Gabrielle Whitney, Money Mindset Mentor + Success Coach, richsexyfreeentrepreneurs.com


Liivi is living on the cutting edge of life in a way that most of us could only dream of – traveling the world with her true love, creating her dream home in New Zealand, and changing the lives of women who have a desire to “live free”.

Liivi is chic and magnetic, and she is also fierce in her commitment to her life path.

Liivi knows the exact steps you need to take to reach your biggest fans on social media so that you too can live the life of your dreams from anywhere in the world. 

- Dara Steinberg, Transformational Energy Worker, heartofwisdomhealing.com


Your investment whenever you work with me supports a selection of carefully-chosen organizations which are protecting our beautiful Earth's natural places and creatures. A minimum of 10 trees will be planted in your name to symbolize your growing, blossoming business!



the long long version, for those who want to know :)

I grew up in a loving family with a perfectly adequate life, but with deep undercurrents of scarcity and victimhood (maybe tied to my grandparents being refugees in WW2). While I naturally excelled at academics and extracurriculars, I’ve always had anxiety about being different, not quite fitting in, and needing to do everything right. This led me to do the usual thing of trying to get good grades, go to a top university, and get a good job. Then my soul started to rebel. The first major step was ditching the law-school track after 1st year and making the bold move of transitioning to what I thought would be a super glamorous and creative vocation: interior design. Then, in 2nd year of design school I resisted the overwhelming pressure to land a sought-after internship at a local firm and resign myself to the long hours and minimal or non-existent pay. Instead I secured the opportunity to go on exchange to New Zealand for 7 months. I moved there by myself at the age of 21, and ended up staying for a year and a half, transferring all the credits from my university to graduate from a NZ one instead. I burned through a $45,000 student loan paying international student fees and living a super-fun dream life for a few months. I met my partner Will at a party through a mutual friend, and after I had graduated and we had dated for a while, we decided to move to the UK together. So after the loan dried up, I worked three minimum-wage jobs in retail and hospitality to save up some funds to travel across the world again. In the UK, after getting by for awhile with various odd-jobs like serving at a hipster pub, freelancing at fashion and design magazines, and bartending on the boats that cruise the River Thames, I got my first “real job” in an architect’s office as a Personal Assistant. Having trained as a designer and being an independent spirit, ending up relegated to this wench job sparked another soul-rebellion. I developed an anxiety disorder, complete with breathing problems and chest pains, from sitting in the office under the close eye of a tyrant boss and doing menial work. One of our flatmates in London shared how she had traveled Asia teaching English, and I began frenziedly researching different options for location-independent work (secretly on the office computer). This was when I first learned about online business - and I was totally hooked on the idea. That was 2010. I started an interior design blog and built it to a decent readership, and even created and sold a Groupon deal for interior design packages around London, but I was rapidly losing the initial naive enamorment with that industry. The blog fell to the wayside. Although we loved London and managed to travel several European countries, Will and I were over our stressful unfulfilling jobs and decided to move to my home turf, Canada. I looked for interior design jobs because I didn’t know what else to do, and part of me still wanted to prove myself by actually getting a proper job in my industry and making use of my degree. I jumped from selling furniture, to drafting retail store design drawings for big brands (another hellish underpaid job where I cried regularly), to quitting on a whim one day and going to work at a restaurant. Every day while walking to and from my shift I would listen to podcasts and interviews about online business. All the experts I followed were men, and they taught buzzy (sometimes gimmicky) strategies like niche sites and affiliate marketing products from Clickbank. It sounded so easy, and I even managed to make $1200 or so with a site that I built, but it didn’t resonate with me at all. I tasted success when I returned from a holiday and found my sites had made about $300 while I was away (WOW!) but I wanted to hide my identity so no one would know it was my site. I craved authenticity and drifted away from those strategies. That was 2012. Meanwhile, I was also designing and making cool boho stone jewelry, a temporary business which, again, I stopped when it was just on the brink of success. I had an Etsy store that was building up, and my stuff got carried by a boutique in Toronto. And then I just dropped it. (can you relate to the serial entrepreneurship, seeking the perfect fit?) ** Side note: seriously loving shout-out to my amazing partner Will who never poo-pooed any of my pursuits even when I was obsessively trying things, taking rash and impulsive action, or couldn't stop talking about this or that idea... and I know we will always be there to support each other's dreams and missions however we can. THANK YOU WILL!!! Back to the story.... Eventually I got fired from the restaurant I'd been working at because I refused to work on New Year’s Eve, and floated around for a bit feeling like a failure. Then I got a job at a small interior design firm as their office manager. Again, not a REAL designer job, plus the pay was the same pittance I’d been making as a student, despite the fact that I now had years of experience under my belt. I just KNEW this money situation wasn't meant for me - it felt so small and cramped. But I didn't know how to shift it. While working there, I discovered a new passion for holistic health and nutrition, which was stronger than any passion I had known before. I constantly researched nutrition articles secretly at the office, igniting a deep guilt and shame for pursuing my dream. But the drive was so strong that I took the leap and signed up for a health coaching certification with IIN, which Will paid for (bless his wee heart), and I paid him back all of it, bit by bit as I could. I was obsessed with the concept of actually being able to control your own well-being, rather than just aging, deteriorating and medicating. I had been brought up on a steady diet of conventional junky food and antibiotics, so taking control of my health was so empowering! I had discovered the concept of conscious living! I also continued to study online business, marketing and branding. That was 2013. After finishing the health coaching certification, I unwittingly (but to my relief) manifested being fired from the crappy office manager job — which was great, but also highly traumatizing to a lifetime high-achiever and good-girl. I wanted to launch my health coaching business, but got super tripped up with the whole idea of needing to have a specific niche or target market. I was paralyzed with indecision, and once again looked for a job in the interior design industry by default. I ended up working as a project management admin assistant for big construction projects. It was a really good job on paper, and I even thought about reigning in my wild frivolous desires and getting certified as a Project Management Professional so I could climb the ladder in that industry. Shouldn’t I just be happy with what I have, be reasonable responsible and realistic, sit down shut up work hard and live for the weekend like everyone else?? Well, needless to say, my anxiety disorder reached a new height; I began feeling physically and emotionally ill, and having panic attacks on public transit. I was so out of alignment, sitting in meetings as the minute-taker and feeling mute and invisible. I was so undervalued and uninspired. My back ached from sitting all day, and my eyesight actually started to fail from the fluorescent lighting and long hours of computer use. I did some weird behaviors, like sneaking out when my boss was on the phone and running full-tilt away from the office building. At lunch breaks I would shoot down the stairs and hurry to a nearby park area, throw off my shoes and shove my toes into the marvelous grass, connecting with the earth and shedding the stifling office energy (even though I worked in a new, modern, hip office with a Google-style multi-storey slide, which most people would be stoked about). I physically and spiritually rejected the corporate environment. At one point, I vowed to myself that this would be my last office job ever. I literally had no idea how I was going to make it happen, but I just knew it in my bones. During that job, I continued to pursue side businesses. I started various blogs and websites, tried selling natural cosmetics, and dabbled in network marketing. I spent ages brainstorming ideas, researching, making graphics and logos, buying domains, and generally stressing about what I was going to do next. I tentatively put a few things out there but quickly gave up when I didn't get immediate results. At one point I even created a website for a dog-walking business I thought of starting, so I could at least spend more time outside! None of it fit and I felt like a failure on all fronts. I hated my “real job”, and I couldn't make it as an entrepreneur. I continued to binge on information, learning more and more about personal development, conscious living, holistic health and online business. I even trained as a doula — an extension of my passion for divine feminine embodiment. My resume was a mess, with a zillion disconnected jobs and certifications: a few actually tied to my design degree which I carried out through guilt and obligation, and many others which reflected my actual passions, plus smatterings of random things I had done to get by (ie hospitality and retail jobs). I had no idea how to make it all work, and meanwhile I was spending all of my commutes listening to podcasts and trainings, and hiding in the bathroom for long periods at work scrolling through my Pinterest boards with images of hippielicious travel and freedom. At the same time the money was always running out by the end of the month, and I was constantly running figures in my head worrying about how I could stretch the pennies to cover my everyday costs. I got heart palpitations and sudden sweats whenever I would be waiting for my card to approve when buying lunch or groceries. I rode my bike to work in frigid winter temperatures with several inches of snow on the ground, to save the few bucks for a transit ticket. When I was supposed to be doing activities I enjoyed, like going out for dinner with friends, I would just sit there stressing the whole time about when the bill was coming and whether I should just get an appetizer instead of a main. It was truly champagne taste on a soda budget. Many times I had surreal "is this really my life?? WTF am I doing here?" moments. Around that time, I had just had ENOUGH, and I made a divinely-inspired decision to stop struggling. At one point a friend of mine recommended I just commit to building up a blog about my passions, like conscious earth-connected living, natural remedies and ancestral nutrition - so, in the spirit of having had ENOUGH, I told myself to stop questioning everything and just commit to SOMETHING. I decided I would devote 60 days to writing articles. I did a major push, creating content alongside my full-time job and other commitments. I wrote 42 articles in two months, and built up a reasonable readership using social media. I don't remember how this happened, but I decided to submit some of my articles to online publications. Lo and behold when I put myself out there with this new energy of no-more-struggle and opening up to opportunity, I landed a few big freelance writing gigs in just a few weeks, plus manifested unexpected monetary gifts and a big tax return. Things turned around FAST when I shifted my energy and decided to look for open doors rather than lament my current situation. I realized how much energy that constant soul-level clenching and resistance had been sapping! This was early 2015. Will and I had been dreaming of long-term travel and wanted to ditch our jobs and split. He had saved tons of money from his well-paid job, and was going to pay for all of our travels (which made me feel grateful of course, but also like an incapable dependent loser). I was scrimping and pinching to AT LEAST be able to pay my student loan payments during our upcoming travels (yup, still THAT loan!). I even canceled my cell phone to save $40 per month (I know, first-world-problems, but still, that was a big sacrifice for me). Landing a steady flow of work as a writer and blogger for various health and wellness companies allowed me to save over $16k in about 3 months (when I had NEVER previously had ANY savings to speak of, EVER!) and then quit my job! We sold everything and moved into a retro RV. We left Toronto on July 6, 2015 and traveled Canada and the States for 4 months before putting the RV in storage in Phoenix for the winter. We continued on by backpacking Central America for 5 months. I was living the dream of the laptop lifestyle, supporting myself by writing about 20-25 hours a week, and then adventuring the rest of the time! I was super stoked to find that my life literally looked like my Pinterest boards (some of the photos being eerily similar!)…I had manifested my dream life! After several months of writing, I started to feel that familiar burn of wanting to shift to something new, and I knew I had to share this message of cracking the code to freedom. I knew that so many other women had dreams of breaking out of the cage, traveling, or just have time freedom and being able to earn a living from their skills and expertise online. I decided to teach other women how to discover their magic and leverage their gifts online, to be able to live a conscious freedom-based designer lifestyle. This time, I wasn’t depriving myself and playing cheap. I said “SEE YA” to fear, and dug into the only savings I’d ever had to work with an amazing coach who guided me through launching this new venture. I realized that everything I had done had led me to this point. Even though my various pursuits didn't line up on the surface, the underlying emotional aspects and passions totally made sense. For example, you could say that interior design taught me appreciation for the finer things, storytelling and emotional connection through experiences, and the ability to see another person's big vision and bring it to life, using creative communication. Health coaching taught me a holistic, empowered approach to life, taking personal responsibility for the outcome. The doula training taught me the beauty of the divine feminine, faith in natural processes, and how to support others with mindset coaching through a seemingly-impossible situation (giving birth to a business can be paralleled with that of a baby, from the mindset and self-belief perspective!) And of course all the practical learning I had done about marketing, content creation, social media, web and graphic design, and online business was going to pay off when I finally applied it. All these things come together perfectly under my multi-faceted success coaching business where I help women make the choice to step into their power and bring their vision to life come hell or high water! So after investing in a coach and working tirelessly on my own clarity, I took even more leaps of faith setting myself up with my dream entrepreneurial gadgets — a new iPhone 6S and MacBook Air, purchased in Vegas and Mexico City respectively! I committed fully and intensely to succeeding as a coach, and within 60 days of launching I had a $12,407 month! I blew my own mind and immediately receded into fear and anxiety that surely this was a fluke! But by then I knew that this is my mission (no more flip-flopping and dabbling!) and invested HEAVILY in mentorship and guidance to continue the process, with a mix of personal development, mindset and strategy. From that point I created over $115k in the first 6 months of my business! I built a following of thousands, sold out my 1:1 coaching practice and launched two successful group mastermind programs. I’ve had 5-star photoshoots and traveled across continents to attend exclusive high-level trainings in world-class cities with well-known mentors. I've met other incredible driven entrepreneurs from around the world, who I now mastermind and collaborate with. And this all happened while living out of a suitcase galavanting around 11 different countries! I'm not going to pretend it was EASY running an international business and creating a MASSIVE personal transformation while traveling, but I did it, and now I have a FUCKTON of wisdom to share for it. When people say things like "you're so lucky!", I love to point out that all of this was NO ACCIDENT, and I very intentionally created and constructed all of it, on purpose, from the ground up, all on my own. In March 2016, as a symbol of really stepping into myself, I got a large tattoo on my arm, on a whim during a trip to LA. It features 4 different types of flowers, chosen by me and my 3 sisters. I always wanted tats but had denied myself as part of my confusion in forcing myself to conform to the conventional corporate world. Now I know I’ll never work in an office (or for anyone else) again, so that’s not a problem! :) Most recently Will and I have been in Asia for a couple months, and are now in the process of settling back in New Zealand, where we plan to invest in real estate and create our dream home, a resort-inspired sustainable permaculture lifestyle property. My goal is to have a 7-figure business before Will and I choose to start our family, so that I can create the home and lifestyle I want and be there to raise my family with love, spaciousness, peace and intention — all while making a massive purpose-driven income! The future looks like a multi-7-figure lifestyle business empire — both online and offline, writing books, raising a family the way we want to, and jet setting to enjoy time in homes around the world. Sounds good right!!

So— it’s been a long and at times painful road to get here, and basically my job now is to help save YOU much of the confusion, isolation, frustration and struggle. I do this by guiding you through the discoveries, milestones and trial-and-error MUCH more rapidly, with the unique specialized 12-element process that I’ve created.

As I said before, I’ve always had anxiety about being different, not quite fitting in, and needing to do everything right (ie, getting approval from others and avoiding conflict).

It’s taken a long process as an adult to peel back the layers and reconnect with my innate sense of ease, true desires and divine abilities as a leader, healer, and messenger. It’s been a journey of relaxing into affluence and the actual unlimited abundance and autonomy that this awesome universe has for all of us, when we finally decide to open to it.

Are you ready??


bright lights from all over the world

bright lights from all over the world

Liivi, Thank you so much for motivating me to get things moving in my coaching business and I appreciate your flexibility, patience, support, honesty and wisdom.  You are a brilliant woman, and I am so glad our paths have crossed.

- Mihaela Nan, Intuitive Empowerment Coach mihaelanan.com

Liivi Hess is a just simply put an amazing human being. I really love her insightful ideas, and fresh way of thinking... She is able to take me from mentally overwhelmed and cluttered to streamlined and in back into my state of ease in my business.

She has this unique way of tweaking your mindset and can come up with clever answers to what seems like complicated ideas. Thank you for everything Liivi!

- Angela Neufeld, Creative Business Strategist ditchyour9-5.com

After working with Liivi I have more clarity around my ideal client, I have developed my offerings and have a much clearer vision of where my business is heading.  

Liivi is a ray of sunshine when you are in the state of overwhelm and stuck on how to move forward.  I would highly recommend Liivi to anyone wanting to up level their business or just getting started, she is worth her weight in gold.

- Jasmine Kratz, Wellness Coach inspiredimpact.com.au

I’ve loved my time with Liivi! Not only has she helped out my business and mindset, but almost more importantly my own well-being. Liivi is 100% her authentic self and it truly inspires me to be me and not a carbon copy of anyone else. I love how she can give me business advice without trying to change who I am or my brand identity.

During our brainstorming sessions she really digs in deep to pull the answers out of me! She has such a way with words. Everything she teaches is so duplicable and she breaks it down into steps that are easily digestible.

I was a little nervous to make the initial investment, but am so glad I did! I am super excited to continue working with Liivi!

- Kayla McWills, Online Business Strategist kaylamcwills.com

Liivi embodies an incredible combo of mindset & manifesting magic and nuts & bolts how-to when it comes to setting yourself up for success in your online business.

Literally my first session with her completely shifted my mindset around money and skyrocketed me from a scarcity mindset to an abundance one!

She has also patiently guided me through setting up my website, navigating mailchimp, and launching my first freebie within a couple weeks (something I had previously been stuck on for months).

And did I mention Liivi is totally no nonsense? She lovingly calls me on not living up to my potential, tells me when something doesn't match my brand, and then guides me in exactly the direction I need to go!

I would encourage anyone to work with her in a heartbeat.

- Moriah Helms, Conscious Relationship Guide moriahhelms.com

When I was looking for a business coach it was important to me to find someone that had the same values that I have.

I was instantly drawn to Liivi for her love of adventure, her hard work ethic, and of course, her commitment to creating an amazing service for her clients.

Though I cringed at the original investment I was going to have to make I can honestly say after 3 sessions it was already totally worth it.

I’ve loved having a guide in creating my business and learning from someone who has done a killer job in her own business. She is an excellent mix of positive and practical.

I walk out of each session with a plan and the mindset that I am going to change the world. <3

- Katherine Melot, Chiropractor, Wellness & Happiness Coach vibrantlifecc.com


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