For creative unconventional entrepreneurs, creators, healers, leaders



For creative unconventional entrepreneurs, creators, healers, leaders



Wealthy Wild WOmen is a leading training resource, catalyst & community for UNCONVENTIONAL ENTREPRENEURS WITH A BIG VISION.



I work with entrepreneurs, creators, healers, leaders who want to make a great living location-free, helping others and doing what they love. I specialize in bringing:

  • personal development
  • mind-body science
  • success psychology
  • spirituality & the divine feminine
  • the law of attraction
  • smart online business strategy
  • lifestyle design

...all together into a potent mix that allows YOU to really transform as a person, find your place as a powerful purposeful and successful messenger, design and create your conscious lifestyle, and find immense fulfillment in doing work that’s aligned with your purpose.

My mission is to help you see that everything you want is possible for you, and to provide you with tools to find the self-worth, belief, abundance mentality and smart strategy to create that totally amazing life, whatever it looks like for you.


This is what I do with/for my ambitious visionary clients:

(aka this is my #divinegenius and how it works for YOU)

  • As we are speaking I get downloads of lots and lots of exciting ideas for you, from outside of your sphere of reference that you've never thought of in relation to yourself
  • I show you how to get started with new ideas, and how to take your existing ideas and materials to the next level
  • I guide you to identify which ideas you're truly excited about i.e. what is aligned with your gifts and purpose and what will actually work for you, feel easy and fun, fulfill you, attract others and provide the lifestyle you want
  • (and, on the flip side, identify which ideas you keep flogging cuz you think you have to, or are pretending to want, because you don’t believe that what you actually want will actually work)
  • All of the above therefore taking your vibration, glee for life, and magnetic soul attraction factor to the next level (energetically, but also literally through my gift with branding and words - details on this below)
  • I see you at your highest potential - the REAL YOU separate from the heavy stories and excuses and distorted identity that you currently carry, which have accumulated from all the experiences you've been through in this human lifetime and which you're wearing like a weight on your shoulders and a dirty pair of beer-bottle-glasses. I see you CLEARLY
  • I see your energetic state - beyond just what you think is going on or what you're saying
  • I identify what is soaking up your vital energy (ie usually fearing or resisting something)
  • I see the heaviness and blocks in how you’re treating yourself and the way you’re living - the patterns and habits that are keeping you at your current (low) vibration - I shine a light on it so you can see it as being so much simpler, you remove yourself from it and see yourself as separate from it - it immediately feels lighter - I give you ideas/habits/work-arounds to make NEW patterns
  • I identify waste of time activities that have no impact
  • I sort out your relationships, rituals, activities, life environment, habits, lifestyle so that everything is in tune with what you want ie in integrity with vision / desires
  • I see your power, gifts and value and highlight it to you - so you can stop critiquing, start accepting yourself and turn your already existing personality (just as you are) into a money making brand and presence, instead of thinking you need to / trying to change yourself into something (which is such a struggle, leaves you self-criticizing and second guessing, delays you doing anything for ages - and is one of the real reasons for procrastination)
  • I put what you do (your awesome divine work) into words beautifully so that you feel proud of it, can explain and sell it confidently, and others understand it and want to buy it
  • I show you how to quit trying to be a perfect expert and just be you - take off the striving, the stress, the competition and unleash what it natural for you - it is already valuable
  • I see the whole vision for your business - your whole body of work and sales funnel and how you will get there
  • I guide you to spiff up the stuff you’re currently selling so it’s more fun for you, feels more special, highlights your gifts, has more perceived value, attracts the people you want to work with, and sells for more!!!
  • I guide you to your intuitive energetic pricing that reflects your value and sets you up with a high perception from clients i.e. Makes them value you - so you can stop resenting, wishing, questioning and wasting energy on this
  • I break down your big ideas and desires into a clear vision and real action steps, like a map / plan so you can see how it's possible, doable and EASY
  • I identify your three highest leverage quantum leap priority action steps each week / after each session so you know what to to get on with
  • I map out the phases of growth for your biz - like what’s the fastest step to get you going NOW, then other steps that will lead to your ultimate goal lifestyle


  • Ditch the thing where you know *what* to do but you're either not doing it, or you are but not enjoying it - feels like pulling teeth, slash getting no response and just feels exhausting and pointless ...
  • ...and shift into the space of energetic marketing - which just means that you get to choose what feels good to you and it WORKS (instead of trying all the things and being exhausted)
  • Finally discover why you’ve been struggling to come up with content ideas and procrastinating like it’s your job, and shift into a completely different space of natural creativity & productivity (hint: it’s NOT because you need better self-discipline or time-management)
  • Stop working so hard, buying fancier systems and looking for the thing
  • Finally know what your natural gifts and purpose are, and what you’re here to do
  • Create something that sells easily and is actually fun plus is priced higher - you'll know exactly what to sell next AND have the exact income you desire all mapped out for you for the year
  • Discover the goldmine of marketing content in your story and lifestyle - you don’t need to change anything or become anything or wait for anything - I find it for you now

If you’re craving a life of freedom,

earning a fabulous living on your own terms,

and being valued for your amazing natural gifts...


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You know there is more out there for you and you feel an enormous inner drive to make it happen.

But figuring it all out on your own has got you overwhelmed and burnt out. You’re consumed by self-doubt and confusion about what exactly you should create, and want to be sure that your efforts are worth the time.

In 2015, I was there. I was running on that hamster wheel in a 9 to 5 office job that had me feeling undervalued and stuck. I had been experimenting with various business ideas for several years and was starting to feel crazy for continuing to PUSH and RESIST and TRY SO HARD.

Once I made a key mindset shift, which was to simply DECIDE to stop struggling, I was able to literally turn my life around in just 3 months. I started earning more than my corporate income from my own business as an expert writer/blogger for popular health sites, and left the office behind forever.

I knew this message needed to be shared with other women with big, shiny dreams. I launched my coaching business from my laptop while traveling in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, Asia and New Zealand, and created over 6 figures in 6 months, and more than $215k in a year.

Now I travel with my biz in my bag and create from wherever I want! The balcony, the beach (although let's be real, who actually risks getting sand on their macbook), a sidewalk cafe, the campground, on the plane. I have multiple income streams, some more active and some more passive, that support the lifestyle that I want. I literally do what I want every single day.

Our latest stage is that we're settling in a beautiful resort town in the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand, with the goal of creating a sustainable lifestyle property and building up a real estate portfolio. We welcomed our first baby in July 2017 and are so happy to both be running our business from home to support each other and start our new family. It's all about having the freedom and abundance to do what feels aligned and exciting for YOU.

Are you ready to finally talk to someone who really hears you, understands you, and DOESN'T think you're crazy for having big dreams and going against the grain.

Often for women like us, this is THE ONLY space in our lives that's fully devoted to letting you talk about your vision and ideas.


Giving Back

Your investment whenever you work with me supports a selection of carefully-chosen organizations which are protecting our beautiful Earth's natural places and creatures. Trees are symbolically planted in the name of each of my clients, to represent their growing, blossoming business!