We firmly believe that when a woman sees something she wants, she makes it happen no matter what.

Money is never the PROBLEM - it's actually a symptom of other problems - such as a fear that you can't follow through, or a lack of self-worth. (These underlying issues are things we work on in our programs!)

Money is always available to you, it just depends what story you're telling yourself about what's possible for you. The most successful people don't let anything stand in their way - not fear, not naysayers, not life circumstances, and certainly not money. If you really want something in your life, you find a way to make it happen, right?

Setting a strong intention and BELIEVING that it's possible for you, then releasing the "how" to the universe, is a great way to open yourself up to receiving what you need to make your dreams happen.

TIP: Listen to The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace D. Wattles) or Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker) to help you get in the wealth manifesting mode.

Here are some ways you could investigate to get things flowing. Keep in mind that getting different results from what you've had before, requires different behavior than you've done before! Which might require a new level of "risk" / courage, commitment and faith.

• Take money out of savings

• Current Credit Cards

• Applying for new credit cards

• Increasing the limit on current credit cards

• Zero interest credit cards

• Splitting the amount between a few credit cards

• Tax return

• Money that might be in a Roth IRA or other investment fund

• Private Loan - Avant, Sofi, Prosper, Lending Club ...just to name a few in North America

• Bank or credit union loan - these are usually pretty low-interest compared to a credit card

• Sell things that you don’t use - clothes, electronics, your car

• Garage Sale

• Sell a product (related to your business, or not - one woman I know did this by selling paleo power bars at her crossfit gym!)

• Offer a Teleclass to sell a product

• Husband/Boyfriend/Partner

• Put the money on a family member's credit card with the non negotiable that you will pay it off before there is any interested accrued (inspires you to TAKE ACTION, and this will be much easier with the clarity that we create through coaching!)

• Family Member, as a gift

• Inheritance

• Collect money from someone who owes you

• Side job - Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant, Organizer, Find side jobs on Task Rabbit

• Increase your hours at your current job

• Become an Uber or Lyft driver - make $1000 a week

• Take on a part time job with care.comfiverr.com, or upwork.com or find freelance writing work with problogger.com

• Friend or colleague lending you money, with the non-negotiable that you will pay it back by a certain date (this puts a fire under your ass to REALLY take action on your program!)

• Getting a line of credit

• Stocks

• 401k

• Increase the amount you charge for your current services or products


Also, my free mini-course is a great source of inspiration showing you that YOU CAN DO IT.