Masterclass Series:

Your Roadmap to 6-Figures From Scratch in 2017


Masterclass 1

Discover Your Unique Value & DESIGN YOUR Premium OFFERINGS

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Why listen to this masterclass?

If you say YES to any of the following, definitely check it out:

  • if you feel overwhelmed by the competition in your niche
  • if you don't know how to stand out or what makes you special
  • if you're not confident about why people should buy from you
  • if you feel like you don't have a stand-out brand, memorable personality or unique voice in your online presence
  • if you wish you could do exactly what you want and get paid for it
  • if you're selling something small and/or underpriced and you'd rather sell big sexy premium experiences
  • if you tend to have CRISIS TIMES where you totally doubt your value and what you're even doing
  • if you want to create & sell a premium package this month!!

Masterclass 2

6 Steps to Get Seen by your perfect Clients

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Why you NEED to check out this class?

  • So many women I've worked with spend a ton of time creating a beautiful brand, website and package... and then wonder why NO ONE IS BUYING?? Well, you need to get your stuff SEEN!
  • You need to grow your audience, create great content, and get a marketing system working FOR you
  • There's sooo much generic boring stuff out there about how to market your biz, but very little for modern, soulful, stylish ladies like you and I
  • I'm going to show you how to get your message and offerings out there in a way that feels good and really WORKS
  • Get more eyeballs of the awesome peeps you want to work with, and more OMG YESes to working with you!

Masterclass 3

Simple Systems & Soulful Sales for Multi 6 Figures

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what you'll discover in this class:

  • The reason why you're not ready to receive paying clients - and how to get ready now!
  • The exact tech setup pieces that save me hours every week, so I have more time to play and create (nothing fancy, I'll show you how to get it in place!)
  • How to ditch douchey sales forever and switch into classy soulful sales-lady mode
  • The single email that made me $24k (and how to create one too)


Masterclass 4

6 Subconscious Keys to Confidently Command Success

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some of the hot points of this value-packed class:

  • The money mindset practices and rituals I used to allow myself to receive 4x income in one year
  • How to truly believe you're meant for success and work through those CRISIS MOMENTS where you wonder what the F you're even doing (and get right back on track like a boss! Boom!)
  • Quickly shift from the slave girl who is desperate for clients, to the queen who magnetizes everything she wants with confidence (because desperation is NOT sexy!)
  • How to deal with fears and doubts so they don't stand in the way of what you want and your true purpose
  • Plus 6 specific exercises to go with each of the 6 Keys, which you can do TODAY to start shifting your energy and attracting more inspiration, momentum and success!

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