You KNOW you're an awesomely talented bizlady and have SO much to offer.

You've read all the books, you've attended the webinars and done all the free trainings. (Or maybe you just saved them somewhere and never actually did them...)

But your stuff isn't selling. And you're starting to doubt that this can ever happen for you.


It's time for that to change. No more disappointing months and occasional trickle of interest that never really materializes into anything.

I'm going to show you how to get your first (or next) clients, and heat things up so you have tons of momentum and a steady stream of incoming business.

Magnetize Your Ideal Clients & Make Bank With Your Signature Program is a 6-week group coaching mastermind starting Wednesday February 10th, where we will PERSONALLY work through the EXACT steps you need to:

  • finally get YOUR signature program out there (that one you've been searching for!!)

  • be super visible and memorable as a go-to expert in your niche,

  • and ATTRACT PAYING CLIENTS without icky selling.

It's not shameful to desire wealth. Money is just an exchange of energy that allows you to live a fully expressed life. You DESERVE to receive value back for all the good stuff you're putting out into the world! So let's get that exchange flowing and happening for YOU.

Here's what we'll be covering in our 6 coaching sessions! 

I'll have material prepared on the topics outlined below, but we will also be masterminding together and answering your personal questions on each call!

You'll leave with clarity, inspiration & specific action steps!

  • Week 1: Creating a biz queen mindset and manifesting consistent 5-figure months. Making sure your idea & offering is viable, marketable and profitable! Finally get clear on the structure & pricing of your signature program!
  • Week 2: Magnetize your peeps; speak to the heart of your ideal clients with your iconic brand and irresistible offering. Quit chasing after clients and instead have people enquiring and lining up to work with you! Copy workshop: Writing your website and social media so your stuff sells itself!!
  • Week 3: Mastering time and all the moving parts of your business so that you're not just working IN your business but also ON your business.
  • Week 4: Get super visible as a sought-after expert and gain traction on social media. Firing up success FAST rather than taking forever.
  • Week 5: Momentum, leverage and list-building for a steady flow of paying clients. 
  • Week 6: Doing less to achieve more: secrets to passive income and steady growth. 

The Logistical Stuff

  • As soon as you join, you get access to your Welcome packet, Mindset Workbooks and special secret gifts!
  • February 10th - First group call! Calls will be every Wednesday evening at 4:30pm PST / 6:30pm CST / 7:30pm EST. Calls will continue through March 16th!
  • Calls will take place via video/audio conference with AnyMeeting, so everyone has the chance to speak and ask questions.
  • All the calls will be recorded and posted in our private FB group, along with worksheets and resources.
  • I'll be collecting questions from everyone before each call, so even if you can't attend live your questions will get answered! 
  • Then you can listen later when you're available, and interact live to get personal support and feedback in the FB group!
  • The group is capped at 20 women so it will be intimate & personal. Your voice will be heard & questions answered!

What You Get

  • 6 x weekly 45-minute in-depth and actionable group calls!
  • recordings of all the calls in case you can't make it or so you can easily refer back!
  • illuminating worksheets to go with each call which will get you blazing forward on the path to biz domination!
  • lifetime access to an exclusive Facebook group where you'll be able to mastermind with your fellow bossladies and yours truly!
  • the exact how-tos for magnetizing a steady stream of your ideal paying clients with the signature offer straight from your soul!

BONUS: 2 Super-juicy Orientation Workbooks to create a success mindset & boost your wealth consciousness!

BONUS: Get your sales page personally reviewed by me! I'll provide feedback notes & direction to uplevel your copy & skyrocket your sales!

BONUS: Secret gifts that will help you blast through blocks and become THAT woman you're wanting to be!


Are you feeling alone working in your business and trying to figure it all out without support?

How many hours have you spent with your eyes melting in front of a screen wondering what the hell to do next?

How much longer are you available to be living this way, wallowing in overwhelm and second-guessing - with no income to show for it?!

No lady with big dreams gets left behind!

We already have so many mega awesome women in the program from lots of different backgrounds such as Health, Fitness, Fashion, Photography, Parenting & Babies, Relationships, Self-Love, Confidence, Spirituality, Business, Personal Development & Marketing!

  • Join this crew of action-taking ladies and you will totally get swept up in the momentum! You'll have an endless source of feedback in a tight-knit group setting where people are on your level! (No more posting in impersonal FB groups and hoping to get some proper help!)
  • Not only will you be in on our private mastermind community but our calls will have everyone "un-muted" so that we can all speak, share and ask questions. It's personal support at a fraction of the investment!
  • You'll also get personal support from ME - I'll be hanging out in our Facebook group answering your questions and keeping you accountable to ACTUALLY achieve your goals.

This is NOT going to be a theoretical, paper-pushing exercise of throwing lots of stuff at you that you'll never take action on.

This 6 weeks is all about actually GETTING CLEAR and DOING THE WORK. It's a huge quantum leap for your business!!

YES!! I'm SO ready to magnetize my ideal clients & make bank with my signature offering. BOOM! Let's do this...


Pay in Full $497

Make 2 Payments of $297

*All pricing is in USD

Working with me = HUGE RESULTS!!

*SPECIAL SHINY NOTE: By the next session, Rande had already signed up ANOTHER 3-month client and was about to sign a third! She signed up her first 3 clients EVER, within a month of working together!

I've had such an amazing AHA moment with today and yesterday's workbook! Thank you so much Liivi for this amazing content!!

- Anika C.

Liivi, the recording today was so phenomenal! Seriously good stuff. Things I've really been overthinking that you've made seem like a no brainer!

- Connie D.


I've done other group programs but never ended up wading through all the material. will it be the same with this one?

This group mastermind uses a different format of LIVE GROUP COACHING. It's not just about a "lecture" and then "homework" that you have to do. There is no "course work" or things that you must send back to me. There aren't hundreds of pages of stuff to wade through, leading you back to overwhelm and spinning. The only material you'll get will DIRECTLY uncover your blocks, build your wealth & success mindset,  and help you ACTUALLY create the pieces you need to sell your products and services in a way that is broken down for you into bite-size steps (my clients love this stuff - it's the antidote to overwhelm!!). No busy work, no fillers, no useless theory. Just action!!


On our weekly calls I will share golden nuggets of actionable tips and wisdom, and each person who has sent in a question beforehand, or who attends live, will get to speak! You can ask your burning questions (I know you have some right now) and receive personalized coaching just for you. This is where you get un-stuck and destroy overwhelm and get clear specific action steps. 

Will I actually get results from this mastermind?

I am going to hold nothing back - I'll be sharing the exact steps and details I used to create consistent 5-figure months in my coaching business very quickly. I strongly encourage you to buy in whole-heartedly and take action on what you learn in our sessions! Don't just make the investment and then not show up. If you show up, ask your questions and implement the coaching, this mastermind will work for you.

have a question?


I can't wait to mastermind with you and see you make quantum leaps in the next 6 weeks!

It's YOUR time to get the income & impact you deserve!

See you inside, lady!!





I'm so ready to magnetize ideal clients with a signature program that I love, and make the income that I deserve!

Get the personal & high-level community support you need to make this happen!

Pay in Full $497

Make 2 Payments of $297

I understand that by signing up for and purchasing a group coaching package that I am agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.