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Reclaim yourself and your #divinegenius


As a little girl you were bright, lively and well-rounded. You were a high-achiever in school and you ate up all the praise and attention. You might have been popular or you might have been a quirky 'smart kid', either way you did everything right and put on a smile and went to all the lessons and extracurriculars, and did what it took to win the approval of peers, teachers, parents. You had a promising future ahead, all the doors were open to you.

Now you're 20- or 30-something and you're starting to find (or maybe vaguely suspect) that those survival skills that made you a lovable star of a child, are now exactly what is cutting you off at the knees. 

You chased something that looked good on paper (because you're really good at a lot of stuff, and a resourceful chameleon and can make it work with anything)

But, in your heart of hearts, this doesn't really feel like YOUR life.

Sometimes you feel like you are just going through the motions and you are crumbling. You almost don't know yourself or wtf you REALLY want anymore.

You have mega gifts and a big vision,

and NO DOUBT that there's more to life and that you're meant for something amazing, 

...but your basic sense of safety and self-trust is shot. You LITERALLY don't know how to be your own person. Without the approval of others you feel lost and directionless. You know you're smart and capable but you wonder where your passion and fire went.

Cerebrally you KNOW that you can mothereffing "have it all"  (DUH!) and you fly around trying this and that (because you're a determined AF badass!) and loop back to getting really critical and frustrated with yourself as to why it's NOT WORKING...

but when it comes down to it you're not fully completely sure of WHAT you want or what the right path is, and you chop and change too often to really have any measurable movement forward.

You're working on tons of stuff like networking, branding, marketing, perfecting your website... but you suspect all of these things might just be a cover-up for a deeper issue (aka, the symptom, not the problem)

You're a MAKE SHIT HAPPEN PERSON so you high-vibe affirmation yourself into just doing it anyway!! ---

But you keep coming back to feeling crippled and disconnected.

You CRAVE the feeling of being a real WOMAN. But you're always waiting... for SOMETHING.

Like, when will this happen? When will it lock in? Is there a switch you can flip? WTF is the secret??

This is why you need what I call Good-Girl Recovery. You need to Reclaim YourSELF.

If these words turn you on, this program is for you:


*Everything* you want, is on the other side of this work

Visibility and magnetism to the people you want to impact with your work

Emotional connection to - and emotional freedom from - friends, family, clients and the people around you

Confidence and clarity in your work

A deep sense of peace, safety and rest

Juicy authentic self-love, appreciation and connection - the WHOLE YOU, even the embarrassing, challenging, shameful parts - AND!! the blindingly brilliant infinite magical parts that you have been DIMMING.

Creativity joyfully bursting from your core

REAL intimacy with your partner

Delicious fulfilling natural self expression -- Alignment as a FEELING, not just a vague overused Buzzword

The ability to design and choose your lifestyle NOT from a place of flashy forced bravado but for your actual SELF 

MONEY, support and resources on tap - your are divinely Provided For at all times and you feel this deeply


I only work with clients who have already decided they are visionary leaders -- and are ready to do exactly what I tell them, to create massive permanent results quickly.


How do you know if you're ready to work with me?



*11x the rates you charge your clients

* long-term travel across many continents (optionally while running your business)

* moving to your fantasy country (for a while, or permanently) and having the freedom to live where you want, in a beautiful place

* traveling around the world more than once a year (hello Europe!)

* turning your work into a high-end signature program (and no longer booking low-price single sessions)

* taking maternity leave as long as you want without needing to ask permission

* having the time and resources to pursue things you’ve always wanted to do, like singing, designing jewelry, or paragliding

* being able to travel to attend events that inspire you, for personal growth or just for fun

* running a retreat in Bali

* having the freedom to go to the beach with your baby and have ice cream on a Wednesday afternoon

* creating well over 6 figures within a year of starting

* getting published in a big-name publication and add a big PR logo to your site

* collaborating with a celebrity

* receiving enquiries asking to pay MORE than your fee ("I NEED to work with you, I have this many thousands to spend, what can you do for me??")

* booking out your practice and buying your dream property where you can run retreats 

* finally hitting 5-figure months after working through childhood and relationship stuff (after over a year doing random strategies other coaches told you to do) 

* 4x your income in a year

* selling tens of thousands of dollars of your passion work on a single live training

* building a global following of thousands

* receiving unexpected "found money", raises and promotions (for my non-entrepreneur corporate badasses)

* receiving unexpected opportunities and invitations to contribute, collaborate and be featured (interviews, summits, joint ventures!)

* replacing (and then multiplying) your corporate income with a location-free passion business

* bringing your gifts and passions together into a meaningful and profitable business, with a personal brand that is just about being YOU

* creating and selling thou$ands-worth of passive income products

* creating a recurring-payment membership

(these are all things I and my clients have experienced and I will guide you to create your own version)



* Questioning whether you’re valuable, hearing that voice that you're not good enough

* Scrambling to up-level yourself to give enough value and prove you know your stuff (read: never good enough!)

* Always coming back to, “But who am I to do this or to claim I’m an expert"

* Constantly questioning yourself, leading to procrastination and going in circles

* Trying to REASON or PRODUCTIVITY your way out of the issues you’re facing

* Constantly searching for THE THING that will finally make you feel grounded, safe and like everything is solved

* Not being sure about your specific genius / skills / gifts

* Trying to get all the pieces together, like the package the marketing the visibility - it’s so overwhelming (HINT you don’t need most of that stuff)

* Exhaustion, burnout - because staying mediocre is not an option for you (duh, you're smart and motivated AF) but the way you’ve been doing things just feels like such a PUSH and it saps ALL of your energy

* Having “crisis days” regularly where you feel you’re back to square one and need to re-convince yourself and get “high vibe” again (no it’s NOT normal or required to need to do an hour of mindset journaling to convince yourself to take action every day!)

* Resenting others for how they treat you and everything they need from you

* Feeling misunderstood, desperately needing real intimacy

* Feeling a deep longing to be loved for the real you

* Constantly evaluating how you’re appearing to others, what others might be thinking of you

* Constantly comparing yourself with and measuring yourself against others, or an ideal

* Putting other people’s opinions and comfort ahead of your own opinions, comfort or desires

* Sabotaging yourself when you experience happiness or success

* Not feeling satisfied or able to celebrate when you have a win - like it’s never enough and you’re still not safe

* Having weak boundaries and an inability to say “no”

* Self-blaming and low self-esteem

* Needing outside approval to make decisions, changes or commitments

* The feeling that you don’t know who you are, what you want, or what makes you happy

* A feeling of emptiness

* Feeling like you’re waiting for something on an unconscious level to truly live your life

* A wish that someone would just discover you and recognize your genius and give you permission

* If you really dive in, there’s a core belief that “There is something wrong with me”

* Minimizing yourself, your smarts, your gifts, your true self, to be likable and accepted and not make anyone (or yourself) uncomfortable

* The inability to speak up authentically and express your emotions fully

* Avoiding any conflict or tension

* Acting differently around different groups of people, censoring and molding yourself


requirements for working with me:


You are...

* Awakened and conscious and believe in developing YOURSELF to create true soul success (rather than just doing different strategies or marketing to try to change your results)

* Highly motivated to take action and do what I tell you to do (ALL of what I tell you to do, even the parts that don't feel good - because freedom is on the other side)

* Super determined and solutions-based, but at the same time ready to give yourself compassion, space and time to go deep, heal and allow things to unfold naturally (with my guidance and process)

* Ready to trust me fully, commit to and follow through on a process that will take you further and deeper than anything you’ve ever done (but you WANT something different than you’ve ever had, so you’re ready to DO something different than you’ve ever done)

* Independent and make your own decisions (you don't rely on outside sources)

* Ready to invest in yourself and make it happen now

* Willing to take full responsibility for yourself

* Desiring to make lots of money and are (or want to become) comfortable with receiving lots of money - multiplying your investment at least 2-3x over during the program

* Have a truly wonderful skill / talent / passion / ambition / mission that you are super jazzed about and committed to, you know you will never stop, you are really good at what you do and you love it

* Want to be famous and known for being yourself and bringing your divine work to the world

* Have already proven yourself in some way with some measure of success (you have an upper limit problem, not a struggling problem)


If this sounds like you, and you are ready to do what you've never done, to have/feel what you've never had/felt, apply now.



shed the false identity you've been clinging to & UNLOCK YOUR FULL POWER

DISCOVER WHAT IS DRAINING & DISTRACTING YOU, identify & dissolve your destructive patterns


finally get completely clear on your unique #divinegenius, ALIGN WITH YOUR TRUE MAGIC






MAP OUT AND INITIATE YOUR AMAZING YEAR with your exact offerings laid out to bring in the income that you want 



  • 8 weeks
    • INVESTMENT: $8000 USD paid in full, or 3 installments of $3000 USD
    • First session is a 2-hour Unravel|Unlock|Unleash intensive, followed by weekly 60-min sessions 
    • Downloadable recordings
    • Coaching sessions will include guided exercises, visualizations, energy work LIVE together on the session, and very specific actions assigned for you to do after each session
    • Private email coaching access throughout, including inspirational voice messages, and screen-capture video feedback when you want me to review your work
    • Private FB messenger for additional problem-solving support and loving kickassery coaching from me
    • Receive an introductory package to kick off transformation immediately as soon as you enroll


    An additional bonus...

    • Our 1:1 work is supported with full access to my library of proprietary clients-only trainings, which breaks down every detail of monetizing yourSELF.
    • I will prescribe these trainings to you as and when you need them and when I deem that you are ready.
    • You will earn access to more of my proprietary resources as you demonstrate commitment and show up for the work, and as you are ready to implement business steps AFTER we've anchored in all the foundational personal work.

    who is this for

    Any ambitious creative woman who wants more from life and is ready to do what I tell her to do in order to reclaim her Self and her #divinegenius.

    My specialty is in working with women who want to create or grow their multi-6-figure business doing what they love, either fully location-free or using a strong online presence to share the message of your brick-and-mortar business.



    If within 7 days following our first session, you've completed all of the actions I've assigned you, and your mind is not FULLY BLOWN by our work together,

    You receive 100% of your investment back. The end.

    I am that confident that this program and my power and intuition will serve you to take you to your next level. You're used to industry-standard success coaching and online business teachings...this will blow the lid off of EVERYTHING you've ever done and you will be feeling completely different and showing up as a bright star in your life after just one session. Who knows what you'll achieve after 8 weeks.

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    Do not apply if you don't already have the finances ready to enroll immediately should your application be accepted.

    Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 2.24.36 PM.png

    PROGRAM PREVIEW / Session breakdown

    The Reclaim YourSELF process

    Session 1

    2 hours - Unravel|Unlock|Unleash Intensive

    First we will do a complete assessment of where you're at now with my specially designed tools. Then we will change your biochemistry and your energy instantly by doing these unconventional unexpected counterintuitive things, that were previously invisible to you in your paradigm, that I will guide you through.

    The experiences and results you can expect from this session:

    • Give you a safe place to "put down" all your worries, fears and stories and stop carrying them around
    • Regain your vital energy by identifying what you've been resisting (the blind spot that's burning all your energy before you even start your day)
    • Discover the invisible identity that you've been clinging to and which is crippling you and keeping you small
    • Unblock your #divinegenius and creativity by physically releasing what you're holding in your body with counterintuitive exercises and allowing what you've banned for so long
    • Let go of all your false safety mechanisms
    • Set new boundaries and standards for what you receive in all aspects of your life
    • Appoint yourself a brilliant genius
    • Stop the draining of your power and juiciness by harnessing your integrity and femininity 

    All of this unleashes your power so you should expect MASSIVE changes and results in the way other people and the universe responds to you this week. (ie, big money, great sex, heart-opening beauty, true intimacy, ecstatic freedom)

    Session 2

    1 hour - Revealing and Healing Wounds & Fears, Cultivating Forgiveness, Inner Safety and Trust - Root Chakra

    In this session we will identify and heal past hurts and ingrained fears that you are holding on to and which are affecting your self-perception and how you show up in the world. 

    Healing these helps release areas where you’ve been holding back and acting from subconscious patterns, so that you can learn the lesson this experience has been trying to give you, and then choose how you want to behave from a place that makes you feel powerful and true (rather than acting from automatic rules that continue to erode your confidence, integrity and worth).

    You will take back all the energy that is attaching you to other people and past events. You will get into your body, learn how to take care of your inner child and what power this gives you, and cultivate deep inner trust and safety.

    We will do this through multiple discussions and exercises, culminating in real-world experiential actions that will seal the deal by giving your body (the densest part of your being) a DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE - a Pattern Interrupt.

    Session 3

    1 hour - The Worthiness to Receive Everything You Want - Sacral Chakra

    In this session we install the kind of self-worth that makes you know and truly feel that you can ask for and receive anything you want. You no longer tolerate or accept less because you're afraid of losing love if you demand more.

    We will do this by understanding what has chipped away at the feeling of basic self-worth and lovability and doing specific actions which restore and rebuild it. 

    Session 4

    1 hour - Rediscovering Your Lost Self & Your Genius - Solar Plexus Chakra

    In this session we identify and change subconscious programming, which naturally dissolves “blocks and limiting beliefs” and frees you to be yourself. THIS is where your genius comes from and you see how you've been living as a tiny piece of your brilliant self.

    We will do this by using clever tools that counterintuitively unveil the parts of yourself you've been trying to hide or edit, and then reclaiming them.

    Session 5

    1 hour - Open Your Heart to Infinite Love - Heart Chakra

    In this session you will get the feelings, intimacy, satisfaction you want from your relationships. This starts with yourself, then your personal relationships, and extends to work and client relationships too. All of this will completely shift with this work.

    We will do this by shining a light on where you’re holding others at arm’s length, and cutting off your own authenticity and happiness with how you’re operating in relationships. After finding where this is going on, we complete and assign specific  actions to change these patterns.

    Session 6 

    1 hour - Stepping Out With Your Genius - Throat Chakra

    In this session you gain the confidence and clarity to become a self-appointed leader, knowing what you do, how it works, and why it’s unique and powerful. 

    We will do this by recalibrating your ability to own all of your positive attributes, clarifying what’s special and powerful about you, and putting your genius into words so YOU (as well as everyone else!) see your value without question and you never hesitate to say what you do or show off your brilliance again.

    Session 7 

    1 hour - Your Vision and Manifesting Clarified - Third Eye Chakra

    In this session we see where you've been operating in loops which constantly keep you below what you really want. 

      You learn how to get out of your mind and trust yourself, and actually manifest what you want (not just endless journaling month after month).

      Session 8 

      1 hour - Your Lifestyle and Life's Work - Crown Chakra

      I share my intuitive downloads on your highest potential.

      • the exact layout of your body of work
      • what you look and act like at your ultimate potential
      • high level events you attend or speak at (or tv show, or book)
      • exactly what publications you need to write for and what you write 

      We design your perfect lifestyle that is full of pleasure and abundance and exactly how you will execute and receive it.


      Why you need this program

      The problem with most coaches and programs you've worked with is one of two things:

      They either say their strategy is the best and this is totally the thing you need to know and it will save you!!!!

      But then either you:

      - eagerly learn it but then discover you don’t feel aligned with it and feel icky 

      - you buy it and it feels good for a hot second but then you don’t actually do it, and you keep seeking and buying more stuff because you have to find THE THING

      - you try to do it but it’s too complicated or you just lose steam, or somehow sabotage it or it doesn't work out (because, it felt icky but you didn't admit it to yourself)

      - you fully do it but it totally does NOT work because your ENERGY is totally off, because you've copycatted someone else's thing and let's face it you actually always knew that was never going to work, at least not for your REAL work which you're meant to be doing


      They are totally not about strategy! Nope not at all. They are all about being creative and feminine. They win you over with their everygirl story, and promise all sorts of fun bright things... but then the sessions are CLIENT-LED which essentially leaves you in control of the "coaching" process (huh?) and you just sort of flail around and wrestle with various things and yes you might eventually figure some stuff out... but there’s no specific or measurable or repeatable thing.

      The "coaching" is basically just a ticket to “ask them anything”, so you can "do what they did!!" Which just lands you desperately trying to imitate them (you notice you're self-censoring to dress more like them, and your goals are starting to look creepily similar too, but if you're really honest it doesn't feel that good, and actually exhausting). It leaves you wondering why it's taking you so long, all while you're trying to be more like them (and less like yourself) so you can make it work... and although you might find some success through imitation, after an initial flare it ultimately leads you to feel lost, confused, disconnected and burnt out.

      Or it's about how to become the most "high-vibe" version of yourself, and choose and declare and create the life you really want... which sounds pretty nice but in reality, energetically, is like pushing a 10-ton bag of sh*t up a steep hill. 


      My work goes way beyond theory and affirmations and journaling and accountability... and we don't waste time on false hope just piling sparkles on top of Sh*t.

      We actually DO THE WORK and change the way you exist in the world. To dig out all the painful judgement-laden stuff you're carrying around and connect you back into yourself. Your real next-level self. To heal the girl (who's freaking out) so you can become the powerful woman you're craving to be. 

      The truth is, you already know what you want to do and how to do it. But you can't hear your #divinegenius because you are SO CONDITIONED by your good-girl past. You've done lots of mindset work and you're spiritual AF but it's still just not working. I've designed a process that revamps and rewires YOU from the ground up, so you can Reclaim YourSELF.

      If you're ready to get temporarily uncomfortable (over and over again) so that you can completely reprogram your mind, body and BEING, and relax into your utterly fabulous abundance, this is for you.


      This is what I do with/for my ambitious visionary clients:

      (aka this is my #divinegenius and how it works for YOU)

      The core of this program is an extensive in-depth 8-session process I've designed for you to reclaim your whole self.

      On top of that I work with you intuitively including the following...


      • what publication you need to write for, and what to write
      • how your behavior relates to how you are treating yourself and how they see yourself / what you believe about yourself, and how that is blocking your business
      • the exact layout of your body of work
      • what you look and act like at your ultimate potential (take steps toward this now to start to embody it)
      • events you need to attend or speak at (or tv show, or book you will create)
      • true desires that you want that light you up
      • the emotions that your clients want to feel, underneath the surface result - so that you can speak to those
      • language that highlights your gifts makes them possible for others to understand 
      • exactly what posts you need to write - taking “random” things just from your normal life but which speaks directly to your clients in a relatable way and doesn’t just get skimmed over
      • seeing the energy behind what you’re currently doing/writing/saying, and knowing what’s really going on for you - how you feel about what you’re currently doing, how you NEED to be feeling, and how to shift toward that 
      • where you need to draw boundaries in your life, in a way that breaks your flawed perception of yourself
      • what foods / supplements / plants you need to consume in order to get your body and energy in tune 

      uncovering you

      • I see you at your highest potential - the REAL YOU separate from the heavy stories and distorted identity that you currently carry, which have accumulated from all the experiences you've been through in this human lifetime and which you're wearing like a weight on your shoulders and a dirty pair of beer-bottle-glasses.
      • I see you CLEARLY and guide you through a process of shedding everything you think you need to be, and coming back to yourself - which allows you to stop burning MOST of your energy on keeping up appearances, and instead re-access your innate creativity, energy and power (and JOY. And, wealth!)
      • I see your energetic state - beyond just what you think is going on or what you're saying
      • I identify what is soaking up your vital energy (ie usually fearing or resisting something)
      • I see the heaviness and blocks in how you’re treating yourself and the way you’re living - the patterns and habits that are keeping you at your current (low) vibration - I shine a light on it so you can see it as being so much simpler, you remove yourself from it and see yourself as separate from it - it immediately feels lighter - I give you ideas/habits/work-arounds to make NEW patterns
      • I identify waste of time activities that have no impact
      • I sort out your relationships, rituals, activities, life environment, habits, lifestyle so that everything is in tune with what you want ie in integrity with vision / desires

      your divine life's work

      • I see your power, gifts and value and highlight it to you - so you can stop critiquing, start accepting yourself and turn your already existing personality (just as you are) into a money making brand and presence, instead of thinking you need to / trying to change yourself into something (which is such a struggle, leaves you self-criticizing and second guessing, delays you doing anything for ages - and is one of the real reasons for procrastination)
      • I guide you to look at what you do and make adjustments so it really lights you up, jives with your gifts, and is what you ACTUALLY want to be doing. This means you feel masterful, joyful and FREE. No more making promises for things you think you need to be.
      • We look at HOW you do what you do and ensure it's a clear, repeatable process, because when you know that what you do DEFINITELY WORKS, and understand how it connects with your clients or audience, your whole belief and energy changes, and you SELL. 
      • I put what you do (your awesome divine work) into words beautifully so that you feel proud of it, can explain and sell it confidently, and others understand it and want to buy it
      • I show you how to quit trying to be a perfect expert and just be you - take off the striving, the stress, the competition and unleash what it natural for you - it is already valuable
      • I see the whole vision for your business or life's work - your whole body of work, mechanism and process and how you will get there
      • As we are speaking I get downloads of lots and lots of exciting ideas for you, from outside of your sphere of reference that you've never thought of in relation to yourself
      • I show you how to get started with new ideas, and how to take your existing ideas and materials to the next level
      • I guide you to identify which ideas you're truly excited about i.e. what is aligned with your gifts and purpose and what will actually work for you, feel easy and fun, fulfill you, attract others and provide the lifestyle you want
      • (and, on the flip side, identify which ideas you keep flogging cuz you think you have to, or are pretending to want, because you don’t believe that what you actually want will actually work)
      • All of the above therefore taking your vibration, glee for life, and magnetic soul attraction factor to the next level (energetically, but also literally through my gift with branding and words)

      uplevel to premium

      • I guide you to spiff up the stuff you’re currently selling so it’s more fun for you, feels more special, highlights your gifts, has more perceived value, attracts the people you want to work with, and sells for more!!!
      • I guide you to your intuitive energetic pricing that reflects your value and sets you up with a high perception from clients i.e. Makes them value you - so you can stop resenting, wishing, questioning and wasting energy on this

      exactly how to get there

      • I break down your big ideas and desires into a clear vision and real action steps, like a map / plan so you can see how it's possible, doable and EASY
      • I identify your three highest leverage quantum leap priority action steps each week / after each session so you know what to get on with
      • I map out the phases of growth for your biz - like what’s the fastest step to get you going NOW, then other steps that will lead to your ultimate goal lifestyle


      • Feel emotionally FREE. Finally let go and enjoy your juicy real self and the flow of LIFE. 
      • Finally know what your natural gifts and purpose are, and what you’re here to do
      • Ditch the thing where you know *what* to do but you're either not doing it, or you are but not enjoying it - feels like pulling teeth, slash getting no response and just feels exhausting and pointless ...
      • ...and shift into the space of energetic marketing - which just means that you get to choose what feels good to you and it WORKS (instead of trying all the things and being exhausted)
      • Finally discover why you’ve been struggling to come up with content ideas and procrastinating like it’s your job, and shift into a completely different space of natural creativity & productivity (hint: it’s NOT because you need better self-discipline or time-management)
      • Stop working so hard, buying fancier systems and looking for the thing
      • Create something that sells easily and is actually fun plus is priced higher - you'll know exactly what to sell next AND have the exact income you desire all mapped out for you for the year
      • Discover the goldmine of marketing content in your story and lifestyle - you don’t need to change anything or become anything or wait for anything - I find it for you now


      Questions? send a message



      Here is the client agreement which comes into effect with enrollment. By enrolling you agree and accept in full.

      By enrolling you agree to the client agreement and all Terms&Conditions