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wealthy wild women success mastermind


wealthy wild women success mastermind

if you're so over ACCUMULATING FREE TRAININGS THAT DON'T REALLY GIVE YOU THE ANSWERS... and ready to actually get down to business

join my insider posse

Just $97/month


You'll immediately receive:

A WELCOME PACKAGE OF MY BEST SUCCESS TOOLS FOR spirited unconventional entrepreneurs. just 7 days to big results!

plus weekly & monthly exclusive content:

weekly inspiration email + monthly behind-the-scenes call with coaching + new fresh exclusive training every month + private community with access to me


Yes I want in!!

$97/month. No contract, cancel anytime - although we think you'll want to stay!


Feel supported, inspired and on-track with:

  • biz & personal success coaching in your inbox every single week

  • a fresh new training every single month: actionable info on what's working NOW

  • a monthly mastermind coaching call: get 1-on-1 support and see behind-the-scenes of my multi-6-figure biz

  • plus a welcome package of my absolute BEST success trainings


your wealthy wild women swag

your wealthy wild women swag

When you join the posse for just $97, you immediately receive:


The unstoppable success queen reading list

  • It's taken me years to discover the leaders, mentors and thought-leaders featured on this list. Get all my top recommendations and go-to sources of wisdom to yourself RIGHT NOW, and watch your mind and spirit EXPAND.

The full download of my incredible 7-day success mindset bootcamp

  • Download the daily audios & worksheets to your hard drive with one click so you can keep them forever and listen daily as part of your mindset practice! Growth and inspiration at your fingertips!
  • Clients have seen results in 7 days or less, blasting through blocks they've been carrying around for years, shifting their finances and relationships, and signing their first premium package clients!


Bonus Intro Day Vision & Decision - Day 1 Decluttering Fears - Day 2 Reprogram Your Brain for Success - Day 3 Make Friends with Money - Day 4 Your Designer Lifestyle - Day 5 Opening the Doors to Success - Day 6 Create Unshakeable Confidence - Day 7 Rituals for Success


Your monthly membership scores you:

Weekly bite-sized Mindset and Action inspiration

straight to your inbox to keep you fired up and on track. It's easy to maintain a strong success mindset practice, and tick off powerful steps in your biz each week, with these actionable emails! You won't want to live without them! Plus there's a weekly thread to discuss & get feedback. 

Monthly live call with exclusive behind the scenes access

to what's working in my business, guided success exercises & visualizations, plus specific success training and coaching hot seats for 3 members. We also do a monthly session hosted by one of our members so you get to learn the incredible wisdom and craft of the ladies in our tribe.

Monthly new value-packed training

so you can ditch all the waste-of-time overwhelming BS, stop trying everything, and learn what ACTUALLY WORKS NOW, straight from me! Adapt it to your needs by asking your personal questions in our FB community, and get coached through it on our calls so you can start seeing results SOONER

Private Wealthy Wild Women FB group

with regular access to me, plus your global posse of leading-edge biz queens on a mission! It's like having a private board of expert biz & life advisors in your back pocket. This is your safe space to ask questions, get feedback, talk about your business, try out ideas, and find besties who are totally on your wavelength

...plus surprise members-only bonuses & exclusives!


Yes, I want in!!

$97/month. No contract, cancel anytime - but we think you'll want to stay!


Each month in the posse will provide you the inspiration and support you need to grow your dream lifestyle business.


PLUS - It's about creating priceless soul connections with visionary women near and far, on a regular basis, so you never have to blaze this path alone.


There's always something inspiring to join in on!

  • WEEK 1: New video and workbook training from Liivi, sent straight to your inbox. A potent mix of feminine success mindset plus smart strategy to skyrocket your business. Stop trying everything, and just copy my steps to do what WORKS!
  • WEEK 2: Posse mastermind call led by Liivi, with energy-shifting exercises & visualizations, behind-the-scenes of Liivi's multi-6-figure business, specific biz & success training, and personal coaching hotseats for 3 members each month
  • WEEK 3: Community presentation & discussion circle led by one of our members - Learn from the other wise, juicy women in the posse, PLUS get the opportunity to do a presentation yourself, where you can polish your message and pitch, and get priceless feedback & ideas
  • WEEK 4: (OPTIONAL) Small mastermind groups with 3-4 members where you can support each other in-depth, and feel connected with like-minded women! Connections to form these close-knit groups are facilitated in our FB community

You'll also love these bonuses:

  • You'll get invited to occasional surprise special guest expert sessions with leading ladies in wellness, business, marketing, publicity, relationships and personal development - helping you become a more developed, capable and deeply satisfied woman and entrepreneur
  • Intimate Wealthy Wild Women mastermind call groups with people in your area or industry are facilitated so you can bond, support each other, keep each other accountable, have a posse that gets you, and have FUN!!! (this is OPTIONAL and not required)
  • As my elite posse, you'll score exclusive pre-access and discounts for EVERYTHING I create, including courses, books, products, coaching experiences, intensives, retreats and more!
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your exclusive invitation

your exclusive invitation

your rate is LOCKED IN at just $97/month, even when the price increases

No contract, cancel anytime - but we think you'll want to stay!



Secure the inspiration & support to create the income and lifestyle you want THIS YEAR...




Is there any contract or agreement?

Absolutely not - you can cancel anytime. If you cancel you'll be able to keep the content you've received so far, but you won't be able to participate in the community or live calls anymore, and you won't receive any future trainings, updates, pre-access or discounts. If you choose to re-join later, it will be at the going rate at that time.

Have a question?


$97/month, cancel anytime


See you inside!!